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A Star | JK FF


"What just happened?"......"I think the captain of the soccer team and basketball just......just smirked at you.......and he winked.......but he never does that to anyone......he likes you?!!!!"

Humor / Romance
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Little Note

Hello, so this was originally published on Dreame but I have since taken it down and have published it on here.

There will be adult theme jokes, and such, so if it makes you uncomfortable please kindly exit this book.

I do not own any of the people in this book. This book is simply FICTION and if you think that this will actually happen in life, you are mistaken. Maybe someone will have a similar life experience but not with the same people included.

This book is rightfully owned by me, and if anyone is seen or reported to be seen copying any part of this book, you will be held accountable by your actions. Please remember that it is ILLEGAL to copy word for word from this story, and post it anywhere on this site, or on another. Only I can do so, post it on sites for you guys to read, not to copy and paste. If you want to translate it, please inform me and give credit, as well ask for permission.

Please do

Have fun reading, and this book is only to make people laugh and have fun :))

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