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A Star | JK FF


Author’s POV

“First you bend backwards but keep the basketball in between your feet. Then keep your posture, look at me so you know how to do it.”

You bend backwards and scream.

“AHH!! A guy’s dick was just near my face!”

You quickly get up and turn around.

And there stood an amused, the one and only Captain of the Boy’s Basketball and Soccer, Jeon Jungkook.

He was looking at you with amused eyes yet no smirk, huh? He smirks. There it is. Pervert.

“Watch where your face is,” He comes closer and whispers the rest so only you can hear and no one else. “Mr.Jeon Junior tends to stand up tall and proud for girls like you.” He says as he licks your earlobe and kisses your cheek. He walks away while I wipe my cheek and earlobe harshly. Only one word can be said to describe his actions and him, disgusting.

What the f*ck just happened?


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