The Sleeping Paramedic


23 years old, trying very hard at his job, but still no avail. 23 years old, behind her tough personality hides a fragile soul. 19 years old, tear gas shooting across the sky, instead of fireworks or stars. Three lives, two cities, 11670 kilometers in between. But when two of them got swapped with each other unexpectedly, it creates a story that pulls them away from their troubles, and saving them at the same time. "What does a paramedic mean to you? A Lifesaver? A Firefighter? My answer to this is : a person who pulls you away from an accident, and try to patch you up, or supports you until a doctor takes over." - Jackie Man *Please be aware of slight violence and blood in some chapters* For the guys at Royal Road: this is the very first version of this story, posted on Wattpad since April 2020 This story will be posted on Royal Road:

Romance / Action
Jackie Man
Age Rating:

Jack Begins

“Jack? JACKY? Wake up!”

“Uhh... what? Where... where am I?”

“You are on a Rescue Ambulance. What are you thinking Jacky?”


“You’re a paramedic of the LAFD. You lose your mind?”

“No no no that can’t be possible I am studying at University...” I stuttered when I saw the badge on my blue uniform.

“What the fuck? Oh, and you do look like Aisha Hinds...”

“What on earth Jacky. I’m Hen.”


A sharp beep interrupted me while I am still trying to figure out what happened.

“He’s going into cardiac arrest. Starting compressions” I said, and went on with doing CPR.

“OK He might need intubation. Excuse me.” Hen swiftly intubated the patient while I am still doing CPR on the patient.

The ambulance stopped, and we moved the patient into the emergency room.

“Great work out there Jacky. Someone clueless as you won’t be that quick...” Hen asked me.

“I work for the local St John’s Ambulance during my holidays (actually I watched 9-1-1 a few times)” I replied.

“Hen? Jacky? Get on. Let’s go back to the Station.” Chimney waved at us.

“Alright coming in.”

Back at Station 118

“Looks like we are back at the right time.” Chimney said. It’s Lunch Time at the Station.


This is what I could recall...before I fall asleep again...

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