It Won't Work | A Short Horror Story


Little Jimmy meets Todd Howard and experiences the cold embrace of death.

Horror / Humor
Incognito Penguin
Age Rating:


One moment I was in my room, suddenly darkness engulfs my figure and I found myself awake having been strapped to a chair inside a decrepit damp warehouse, whereupon the only source of light around came from a sizeable hole at the roof where dim moonlight seeps.

"Hey you, you're finally awake," a voice speaks from within the shadows, his statement laced with malicious intent. "You've been naughty, little Jimmy," he continues.

I could hear the stranger's steps, yet I couldn't pinpoint exactly where he's coming from. The fear of a premature death transpires within me causing my heart to beat faster and faster in unison with the footsteps, which grows in volume at each passing seconds.

Then, a hand lays itself on my shoulder from behind, surprisingly fluffy and gentle. The stranger in question lowers his head and I notice his lips are just a breadth of hair away from my ear as I sense his warm exhalation.

"You tried refunding Fallout 76 didn't you, little Jimmy?" The enigmatic figure whisper, his statement cold and filled with contempt. It was this specific moment that I knew who this person was.

"Oh lord, Todd please no!" I welp.

"Oh, Todd Y E S!" He shouts, before menacingly repositioning himself ahead of me revealing the tellatubby outfit which he wore, and the shotgun in his hands.

"I'll be a good-boy, I'll buy all the season passes and subscriptions," I beg, "Please, just let me go!" I add, my voice frantic and barely discernible.

"Sorry, kid, but your pleas ain't gonna work on me," Todd raises his gun, pointing it at me; at this moment I struggle to escape my bonds, yet to no avail - realizing my inevitable imminent demise, I wet myself and break into tears.

"Truth is kid..." Todd says whilst cocking the gun, "The game was rigged from the start." Todd fires, and my sight goes blank.

[The End?]
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