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this book focuses on the life of 18-year-old Sam Gardner, who has autism spectrum disorder. He needs to figure out what the essence of a penguin is while also dabbling into politics with his art, a small mishap happens that has the power to change Sam's life forever. Meanwhile, Casey and Izzie develop a relationship. Casey's life shifts significantly as she signs up with Coach Crowley to join UCLA after a convincing win on track. What that means for her current relationship with Izzie isn't fully clear.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1: Introduction


life has been very interesting, very little to do around here. Casey and Izzie have been hanging out and i’ve been seeing Paige. nothing much has been going on however, since this whole quarantine started, online classes, not seeing people a lot, going out to grocery stores with a face-mask on (even though i don’t go as much with mom.) i kind of miss going to school, no matter how stupid it was to go. i think this quarantine is changing everyone for the better, mom and dad haven’t argued in a while, i think it’s because they haven’t been cheating on each other. Casey is still annoying as she always was, nothing changed about her, she still punches me, sits on me like i’m her egg and she’s the penguin, she always thinks she has to protect me.... about everything, but i get it, she’s my sister and her job is to be there for me. people don’t necessarily like me still, but Zahid told me to not worry about it and he’s been helping me with that. he’s the first person i talk to about anything, of course i eventually tell paige, casey, mom, maybe dad but i can trust Zahid the most since we are “bromies.” Casey and i got into an argument as usual, she messes with me, i’m used to that by now.

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