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The prospect of Revenge

Chapter 2: America's late night texting Squad

3 a.m. Eastern standard time

Ernest : Robert r u awake?

Robert: yeah I’m up, can’t sleep

Earnest: me too, I have a test tomorrow but my body is refusing to it asleep

Robert: yeah it’s a shame we have to live so far away

Ernest: I have never seen your face before, face reveal party at three freaking in the morning?

Robert: sure, I’ll do mine first

( insert picture of Robert Walton because I’m lazy and I don’t like going out to the gallery)

Ernest: okay my turn

( insert picture of earnest)

Robert: now I know what you look like so I can pick you up for school tomorrow so we can get boba!

Earnest: YAY

Robert: look for the blue Mercedes with a pirate sticker on it if you can’t find it I’ll be waiting out for you in front of the school

earnest: okay

~ Professor Waldman has joined the chat~

~ Professor James has joined the chat~

Robert: who gave Professor James access to this chat

earnest: I don’t know how they found access to this chat

Professor James: so this is why you’ve been falling asleep in class lately Robert!

Professor Waldman: and this is why you’ve been doing poorly in your classes I expected more from you

Ernest: how did u find us?!

Waldman: I confiscated your phone a couple days ago and I saw a message from Robert he said, are you ready for our late night ritual that we’ve been planning on for 2 weeks

Robert: why are you taking adults phones?! I’ll get you out of there earnest, it’ll be you and me

Professor James: I don’t think so, because you’re going to Twilight!

Ernest: that’s it! I’m going to get you out of there Robert and none of these stupid teachers are going to be holding me back from you

~ Professor James was banned from the chat~

Professor Waldman: who did that

~ Professor Waldman was banned from the chat~

Robert: that was a close one

Earnest: yeah

Robert; I’ll text you tomorrow now that the professor’s know that I’m awake they’re probably going to come knocking on my door

Earnest: lol same here

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