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Based on the song-dusk till dawn by Zayn Malik and Sia.

Thriller / Other
Shreya saha
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Sirens blaring, people running around, chaos, blood-curdling screams along with the sound of a bomb going off in the near distance could be heard.I wish there was a better word than trepidation to express the amount of horror, anxiety and worriedness that shone on everyone’s faces.

I could no longer feel my body, it had gone numb from all the bruises and glass hits. I don’t know how was I even walking with all the deep cuts with blood flowing continuously from them. I just could not feel anything. I felt as if I have gone deaf, only a very deafening ringing sound was the only thing I was able to hear. I could just see everyone screaming and running for their lives.

A pole had gotten detached from the wires and had fallen upon the woman who was trying to move desperately and protect her child, despite her face having deep cuts and all blood splattered everywhere, she quickly moved him and no sooner did the pole fell on her and she went still….Just lying there in the pool of blood by the side of her child who was crying out loud.

No one there to help them. People were just moving over each other to reach on the other side of the bridge to save themselves and their loved ones. Some were just suffocating under the other's feet….No one bothered to even look down and see that there was someone’s life underneath their feet.

I just let myself get dragged by an anxious Jungkook, who’s earlier smile, which he had when we were just sitting out in the lawn, happy and contented in each other’s embrace, listening to our favourite songs had now gotten replaced by a horrified expression on his face which had blood flowing in a single strand of line from his head. It felts as if I was in a bad dream if only I tried to wake up everything will get back to what it was like earlier, I and Jungkook would be sitting there, chilling and listening to the birds chirp in the surrounding and us just being there in our little bubble of serendipity but, this was a nightmare which was true and nothing could be changed now.

Another bomb went off followed by the whole bridge getting shook with the side pavements getting completely destroyed, breaking and then falling causing the people along the sides to fall and getting crushed under the heavy metal and concrete. The road underneath shook vigorously causing cracks to appear on it as if about to break apart into two. “Tae! You are hearing me right?! Tae we need to get the other side! We have to be safe! I don’t want you getting hurt! We need to move quickly!” I heard Jungkook say, though the ringing could still be heard by me in the ear.

I broke from my trance, we were running as fast as our legs could support us. Suddenly the bridge got broken from in between. The concrete slipping along with some people screaming and holding onto it for their life but they slipped and fell.

I was holding onto his hand in a tight clasp as if not wanting any one of us to go through the same. I want to be in this together and survive. I can’t lose him.....I can’t let him go, if this happens then I want to die together with him if he goes then my reason for living would be gone. I would be dead from inside even if I would be alive. Within a blink of an eye, the road underneath shook and got broken into two makings, my hand slip out of his and he fell.

A quick rush of reflexes and I held his hand, screaming his name. A gap had formed and he was hanging off it. In no time I was lying there with my head hanging off with one of my hand flats on the ground for support and the other one in his tightly clasped together and his other clasped tightly on the concrete for support. I was holding his hand as tight as humanly possible and with all my strength trying to lift him.

At that time I could feel or see no pain, no nothing, I was getting scared….I was just able to see him hanging there and all the blood suddenly rushed out from my face. I can’t let this happen! We must survive! This can’t happen….But how much strength could I have alone?

I tried to usher him upward which only caused him to get down and hang off more. I was shaking from using this much strength. He attached his forehead on my and said “Don’t cry”, I didn’t even notice that tears were there in my eyes until this….And indeed warm liquid was flowing from my eyes making my vision slightly blurry.

“I know you are strong like you always say….You know that I love you, Right?” I was sobbing and no words were coming out of my mouth. I wanted to say ‘I love you too, I really do’ but I just could not. “I’ll be with you from DUSK TILL DAWN…..I’m sorry”.

Everything was moving in slow motion, his grip loosened on my hand and he pushed me back. Before I was even able to process anything, a lamp post fell right in front of me and broke the road in that area, causing his grasp on the concrete to lose and he fell!

Right there in front of me! I quickly reached my hand forward to catch his hand in mine but couldn’t....I was just screaming his name and ‘no’ repeatedly with my hand hanging there in the air. The glass from the lights broke along with the concrete and fell. He just fell deeper and deeper until I couldn’t see, my vision got blurry with tears and I became a whimpering and sobbing mess hanging off on the side.

The only thing which I was able to let out in hushed tones was ‘Baby! I'm right here...

I literally cried while writing this.😭😭

Hope you all have also cried along with me.

Hope you all are doing well. Stay healthy and safe.


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