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The madness in the world


Her best friend is about ready to be stolen away from her previous engagement she cannot allow that, her friend is about to get stolen by a demon if it were your friend would you do the same would you try to protect her?

Horror / Humor
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Chapter 1: prologue

Samantha got up from her bed, fixing the covers,She stretched, giggling at the picture that she had, she put it around her neck a picture of her best friend, hopefully it would soon be her lover she kissed it, as two steps followed

" morning Sam!” an energetic preteen said

" good morning Thomas how well did you sleep?” Samantha asked

Thomas giggled getting himself up onto the bed

" I slept well say sam, where’s Ma and Pa?” Thomas questioned

" probably getting eggs from the chickens! We should probably get ready to do our chores! Come along!” Samantha said helping Thomas off the bed, their chores are simple, Samantha and Thomas would do outside work and inside work, it was simple, for half the day they would work outside, and the rest inside, because Thomas is a year younger than Samantha

" good morning big sister and brother!” a six-year-old said giggling

" good morning Annie!" Samantha and Thomas said at the same time lifting up the six-year-old as their parents walked in

" good morning Papa good morning Mama!" Annie says

" good morning lovelies!" the mother said wiping her brow making several wheezing noises

when a soft baby cry can be heard

" looks like the baby is awake."Samantha said going to the little cradle, they are Daisy is, the 16 month old squirmed, Samantha gently rocked her humming a lullaby, giving her soft forehead kisses, as little Daisy drifted off

When a little boy walked by

" Sam can I hold Daisy?" the little boy said extending his arms

" be careful with her Davis" Samantha said giving Davis the baby he was extremely gentle with her gently rocking her backwards and forwards

" what chores do you think she'll be able to do when she's older?" Davis whispered putting her back in her cradle

" she looks like she could help me with the hay" Samantha said getting Davis out of the room Davis is 4 years oldWhen a knock at the door comes

" I will get it!" Samantha said opening the door, to reveal the whole entire Frankenstein family waiting for them

" what a pleasant surprise!" Samantha shouted hugging William and earnest as the rest of them went in

" what brings you here?" Samantha asked holding the door open for them

" thought we stop by! And you know just hang out for a bitSo we can finally finish up this one thing that we've always wanted to do since we were younger but we never had the time to" the boys said Samantha nodded informing her parents on where she is going and they said off into the woods. And they did not return until late afternoon

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