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1 girl 7 boys how will she escape Ps:- my first book

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- one day y/n was walking back home it was late afternoon when she felt someone following her. Y/n was a 18 year old girl and she was only a senior in high school. Y/n was a brave girl who’s parents died in a car crash and ever since then she lived alone she’s been sad and she didn’t have any siblings so it was kinda boring for her, she always wished she had a brother so he can protect her from something bad. Y/n had a gut felling something was about to happen to her so she started walking fast, when y/n picked up her pace and started running, their was a man that was in all black wearing a black mask a leather jacket and black jeans with some black combat boots. Y/n was running and accidentally fell on the concrete, her heart was pounding and she was scared, y/n had cut herself, when she noticed the man that was in all black had caught up to her, he was standing there looking at her, he was breathing hard. Y/n had noticed something suspicious about him she noticed his eyes and his mask was down, y/n looked closely and she saw that it was the biggest mafia king in the world jeon jungkook, y/n had screamed and tried to run but it was to late, jungkook grabbed her and he picked her up bridal style and she noticed a white van coming. Jungkook had ran to the van and he put her in there she saw all the members that was on his team......
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