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The story of a boy and his problems in life and his love story

Drama / Romance
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It was a regular day, when our Hero’s parents informed him that their house was to be shifted. He was at first very sad to leave his friends and his school. But he could not do anything about it. They were going to shift to a apartment. It was not that he didn’t like the house. Our Hero was afraid to meet new friends and talk to them. But they started talking to him the next day itself. He was so happy and relieved. He was studying only 5th standard and he was not that matured. He started to play with them and it was working out for him. He was teased by nearly everyone, but he took it as just a way of fun. He didn’t know then that they were talking many things behind his back. He thought that he was one of them and he could be just like them. But they never saw him as one of them from the start. It took Our Hero 4 years to see their real faces. Slowly he stopped talking to them. He knew that they were bad company for him. Soon the only friend for him in the flat was JACK, his closest friend in the world. But for JACK, he saw good in everybody. He was the same to everyone without any discrimination. Maybe that was what made our Hero to like him. Our Hero could not tolerate if JACK speaks closely to anyone other than him. He would think in his mind that he want to tell him not to talk to them, but it was not up to Our Hero to tell him whom to talk and to whom not to talk. So our Hero would keep it in his heart itself. But when JACK started to talk closely to the persons whom Our Hero had avoided these years, it started to hurt our Hero. But he knew that he was always close to JACK. After some months, JACK started to talk more to them than our Hero. Our Hero started to think that JACK didn’t even see him as his friend. Our Hero wanted to leave this problem behind. He started to talk to his other friends happily and with more interest. From the start Our Hero had many sisters in his flat. He loved the fact that he always had someone to share his feelings. During this distress times, a girl got close to our Hero. She was a unique character. Our Hero would often say “NOBODY CAN TELL THEY DON’T LIKE HER”. As he got to know her, Our Hero started to like her. She reminded Our Hero of his long lost friend, JACK. But he got even closer to her. Our Hero felt that he never will have a friend like her. She would tease Our Hero and he always enjoyed it. Then one day, He never knew he would say it, Our Hero proposed to her. Even though he knew that she would not accept his proposal, he couldn’t keep it in his heart. Our Hero has a habit of telling everything to her, he couldn’t keep something in his heart without telling her. Our Hero still remembers the one question she always asks him “HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN LOVING ME”. It’s a little joy for Our Hero to not answer that question. His answer will always be “ITS A SECRET TO THE GRAVE”. However Our Hero was still guilty about proposing to her. Everybody tells many things about Our Hero to her. But Our Hero knows that she knows about him very well and she would not believe anything about him unless it comes from his mouth. It’s the same thing for Our Hero also. He has high trust in her and knows that she would not hide anything from him. She would always be his closest friend and he would always love her.




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