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Simple Nights, Complex Sights


They give each other a great time in bed, yet they only meet at night. People say that one should never meet their one-night-stands yet one day, fate leads them to see each other for who they really are. Bae Joohyun, the woman next-in-line of becoming CEO of Benard Corporation, and Kim Taehyung, a kindergarten teacher, are about to find out that the world they live in is definitely small. Though they know each other in and out sexually, things go different when their lives intercept because of one child - Joohyun's adopted son.

Romance / Erotica
go placidly
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"Hey, beautiful," the raspy voice, evident of the new morning that has dawned the naked couple still lying on bed.

Joohyun glances over her shoulder and whispers back, "Why are you still here?"

The man behind her wraps an arm around her waist, softly pressing his bare body against hers. "I...I was hoping to see you clearly..."

The 30-year old shifts a bit on bed, starting to feel aroused for the first time today as she notices the hard-on of the man she has been spending some of her nights with for the past month.

They do not know each other personally. She likes to add with humor that they only know each other sexually.

They do not know each other's names, but they know each other's favorite positions. They do not know how old the other is, but they know how long they can last in bed.

"Baby..." she murmurs, her eyes fluttering shut as the man behind starts to knead her left breast and even teasingly pinch her nipple making it go hard. "Not now, baby. I have work." Still, she moans and swears under her breath.

"Taehyung," he whispers into her ear. "My name is Taehyung."

"Well, Taehyung, if you expect some morning action, then I'm sorry if I would have to cut the fun short." Joohyun groans and jabs at him behind, causing him to move away with a grunt. She gets on her feet and grabs the blanket to cover her naked body. She does not even bother to take a look at his face, scared of the possibility that the person she might have been sleeping with for the past month is someone she might know.

Joohyun finally finds her dress from last night and her panty (almost ripped into half). She mumbles incoherently under her breath and grabs her shoulder bag on the desk beside the hotel bed.

"Will you tell me your name?" Taehyung suddenly asks, sitting up on the bed as he watches the woman fix her hair looking at the mirror. He could see her side profile from where he is and completely falls for the sight of her in clear daylight.

She is fucking gorgeous.

The way her hair cascades down her shoulders even if it is still a bit messy. Her plump lips which he loves to tease and suck. Her eyes that could tempt him in any way and make him fall to his knees. And the curve of her body, those curves that he holds tightly as they fuck each other needily.

She is a walking temptation.

"I'm not going to tell you my name..." the woman drawls.

"Aish," Taehyung sighs then bites his bottom lip. "How about you let me look at your face? 10 seconds is enough."

Joohyun lets out a soft giggle. "Desperate much? You know my face."

"I know your face when you cum."

"Taehyung!" She hisses in warning.

"I know your face when you spread your legs for me, wanting to get railed," he continues, quirking an eyebrow up as he smirks. "I know your face when you moan out my name and beg me to fuck you harder-"

"Fine!" Joohyun exclaims in anger, making Taehyung finally shut up. She sharply exhales and turns to look back at the man sitting up on the bed. The sheet covers the lower half of his body but she could still see the hard muscles poking from his abdomen, his flexed biceps, and his face...

His face that looks like it was sculpted by God himself.

Finally seeing each other in daylight seems like a very normal situation for both.

There is nothing wrong with it.

But perhaps, it was merely the beginning.
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