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Neighbor - Minjoon


Jimin becomes friends with the new neighbor and fun things happen

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Jimin watches from his bedroom window as a big truck pulled up to the house next to his. The house has been empty ever since he could remember, so Jimin was excited to know who it was that decided to buy the house. He hopes it would be someone his age so that he could possibly become friends, even tho he’s horrible at social interactions. Plenty of guys wearing uniforms hop out the truck and start taking out furniture and placing it inside the house. Jimin just continued watching, waiting for the people that bought the house to arrive.

It takes a little while but after the movement of furniture is done and the big truck is gone, a car arrives at the house. Jimin curiously and excitedly props up and watches as a group of 4 guys get out of the car, stretching out their limbs and running their hands through their hair. Jimin looks at all of them, but one specifically caught his eye.

He is tall, very handsome with light blue hair. He also looked buff, wearing a nice tight black shirt and jeans. He really looked attractive and Jimin couldn’t stop staring. So he watches as they brought their suitcases and a couple of boxes inside the house. Once they stopped coming back out Jimin sighs and lays his head down on the window sill.

Jimin proceeds to think about the tall boy with blue hair, how amazing he looked just being so simple. He couldn’t believe he had such an attractive neighbour. But Jimin also knows that as much as he would want to talk to him and create a wonderful relationship, he would never have the guts to utter a single word. Then before he knows it he would lose his chance.

[an hour later]

“Goodbye mom! I’m heading to work!” Jimin exclaims as he slips on his shoes “have fun honey and be safe!” His mom yells back. Jimin then heads out of the house only to hear some laughter. He looks over and sees the boys who had moved in playing around in the garage.

Butterflies quickly appear in Jimin’s stomach, realizing he’ll have to walk past their house everyday. He takes a deep breath in and starts his walk. Immediately as he gets on the side walk all the boys quiet down and Jimin can’t help but look over and make eye contact with the one blue haired male. The man smiles a charming smile and Jimin simply looks away and quickens his pace.

Once out of sight the boys all start sharing their opinions on Jimin, talking about his butt and pretty face. Jimin could hear them and felt embarrassed, not knowing that they were also attracted to the same sex like him. He felt the butterflies in his stomach grow as he realizes he might actually have a chance then. If they’re all bold enough to quiet down as he walks by then loudly talk about his ass then they are probably not as chicken as Jimin to talk to someone new.

Jimin sighs and bites his lip, hoping that when he walked back home they wouldn’t be outside in their garage ready to admire him.

[after work]

Jimin turns onto his street nervously, looking afar at his neighbours house and feeling even more nervous. Jimin wondered if they were still outside as it is sunset and pretty late. But he really badly wants to go home so he knows he just has to deal with the anxiety of walking in front the house.

As he approaches he takes a deep breath in and simply walks. He doesn’t hear anything so out of curiosity he looks over, only to see the blue haired male smoking a cigarette as he leaned against the garage entrance “come here” he says in a surprisingly deep voice and Jimin stops in his tracks a bit taken back. He points at himself and the man nods “let me talk to you” he says and so Jimin bites his lip with a nod and walks over.

The boy smirks as he tapped the ash off the butt of his cig and stood up straight. Jimin felt very intimidated and the butterflies in his stomach go crazy. “What’s your name cutie?” Namjoon asks “I’m Jimin” Jimin replies and Namjoon hums as he took a puff and blew it aside “I’m Namjoon, your new neighbour” Namjoon says and hands out his hand for Jimin to shake, so a bit hesitantly Jimin shakes his hand, realizing it was really big and rough compared to his own.

“So how old are you?” Namjoon asks as he then holds Jimin’s fingers and rubs his thumb on the top of his hand. Jimin looks down at their hands and blushes before looking up at Namjoon “I-I turned 20 last month” Jimin says and Namjoon hums “you’re pretty young, do you go to school?” Namjoon asks and Jimin shakes his head “then you must go to work?” Namjoon asks while continuing to hold Jimin’s hand and Jimin nods.

“Well I’m 26 and work too” Namjoon says before stepping up and bringing Jimin’s hand closer to his mouth, leaving a kiss and Jimin can’t help but smile “but you’re more interesting” Namjoon says “may I ask you if you’d like to go to dinner with me?” Namjoon then asks and Jimin’s eyes widened a bit in shock as he wasn’t expecting to be asked on a date right away.

“I- u-um maybe another time” Jimin quickly rejects and pulls his hand away as he stepped back, so Namjoon lets go with a nod and puts his cigarette back in his mouth “then have a nice evening Jimin” Namjoon says and Jimin nods and quickly walks away, heading to his house.

At the door Jimin looks to his side and makes eye contact with Namjoon who gives him a wink before stepping into the garage. Jimin felt a bit panicked so he opens the door and quickly gets in.

Namjoon closes the garage door then blows out one last cloud of smoke before letting the cig fall and squishing it. He then heads inside the house and to the living room where the others sat “guess what” he says “what is it?” Hoseok asks as he looked over “I talked to that cutie we all saw walking today” Namjoon says and all the boys gasp “really? What did you say?” Yoongi asks intrigued and Namjoon chuckles “well, his name is Jimin, he turned 20 last month, has a job and isn’t interested in a date” Namjoon explains and the boys burst out laughing.

“You got rejected right away!” Jin exclaims in laughter and Namjoon just sighs a bit annoyed as the others keep laughing. “Maybe one of us will get a chance with him” Yoongi then says and Namjoon rolls his eyes “let’s bet on it” Hoseok suggests and they all agree but then Namjoon stands up and catches their attention “whoever gets to go on a date with him first gets 30 dollars, but if I’m the one to get him you all ow me 10 dollars” Namjoon says and the boys all look at each other as they thought to himself.

“Ok I’m good with that” Jin says and the other two boys nod “perfect, let’s see who wins this” Namjoon says with a smile “it’s probably gonna be me” Hoseok says and stands up, heading to the kitchen “no no, it’s gonna be me for sure” Yoongi says, leaving back into the couch feeling confident only for Jin to scoff “guys, you seem to have forgotten who’s the most handsome in this group” Jin says and Yoongi rolls his eyes “we get it Jin, you think you’re number one” Hoseok says from the kitchen and Namjoon chuckles before making his way to his room only to hear a argument start between Jin and Hoseok.

In his room he closes the door and plops on his bed, looking out the window only to see Jimin’s bedroom window and Jimin himself sitting at the window and looking out looking so pretty. Namjoon tries not to make himself obvious but he feels his heart warm as he admired Jimin’s pretty face, wondering of what he was thinking about.

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