His Knife - Minjoon


Jimin gets kidnapped and tries to escape over and over again. Will he ever succeed?

Adventure / Horror
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Jimin walked around town, heading back home after hanging out with some of his friends. The sun was setting and there weren’t many people outside, so it was calm and actually enjoyable. As Jimin kept walking however, someone bumps into him from behind. Jimin stumbles over his feet and before he could even look to see who it was, his hand gets grabbed and he’s forced to run with whoever had just bumped into him.

“Hey!” Jimin exclaims confused as he trips over his feet while trying to run. However the only response he gets is the sound of police cars and sirens approaching them. Jimin looks back down the street and sees some of the police cars swerve into the street. Jimin looks back at who he was running with and realized they were holding a gun in their hand as well as a mask that covered their face.

Jimin then attempts to stop running but a white van speeds up next to them and Jimin is shoved in the back part of it. “Wait no!” Jimin exclaims and tries to rush out of the van but the guy shuts the doors and the van starts speeding away. Jimin sits up and holds tightly onto the front seats as the whole car was swerving around. Jimin couldn’t believe this was happening.

He starts to think of something he should do and decides to pull out his phone to try and call someone but right then the guy grabs his phone and tosses it aside before grabbing a handful on Jimin’s hair and pushing him to the floor. Jimin cries out in pain and tries to sit up but then the car made a sharp turn and his body slide against the cars wall. Jimin groans in pain but then the guy grabs some scissors and walks over towards Jimin.

Jimin quickly tries to get away, scared of what was going to happen but the car swerved again making his body slide over to the guy. So the guy grabs him and starts cutting Jimin’s shirt in the middle. Of course Jimin panicked and grabbed the guys hands, pushing away the scissors as best as he could, whining with fear and tears forming in his eyes.

Then man however slaps his right across his face as hard as he could, making Jimin’s face turn to the side as well as make him freeze in shock. His shirt gets cut opens and ripped off as well as his pants, but with the car speeding from the cops and swerving around, Jimin gets cut from the scissors a couple of times. He cries out in pain, continuously trying to push away the guy.

After a while he was just in his underwear, cold and bleeding as well as hitting wall to wall of the car. The guy laughs as he stumbled around the car, and Jimin couldn’t believe this was happening. Then suddenly the car breaks, making Jimin fly across the car and bang his head against the seats extremely hard, leading to him losing consciousness.

[couple hours later]

Jimin hums as he feels someone pick him up and wrap a rather warm blanket around him. Jimin opens his eyes, bringing a hand to his head and looking at who was carrying him only to see a man with a strong jaw and fluffy curly black hair that covered his eyes. Jimin rubs his eyes and then looks around his surroundings only to see that they were in a parking garage.

“Where, am I?” Jimin asks in a mumble. “Don’t talk,” the man replies sternly and lowly. Jimin goes to say something else but then stops as closes his eyes again, leaning his head against the guys chest as his head starts to hurt a lot. They continue to walk for a bit and then arrive at another car. The guy puts Jimin in the back seat on top of someone who grabs his hands and starts tying them.

“Hey, no-” “shut up” Jimin gets cut off and then the car door slams closed and the car starts driving. Jimin whines a bit while the guy tightly tighter the rope around Jimin’s wrists before taking out a bottle and pulling out a pill from it. Jimin quickly closes his mouth and looks away but the guy grabs his face and forces his mouth open. Jimin cries out as he didn’t want to but the man still puts the pill in Jimin’s mouth and makes him swallow it. Jimin knows he can’t pass by this so he lets himself swallow it.

Almost seconds later Jimin starts to feel very woozy and his eyes closing by themselves. “Just fall asleep,” the man holding him says. Jimin couldn’t find the words to reply so he lets his eyes shut and next thing he knew he was unconscious once more.

[hours later]

Jimin wakes up to getting thrown onto a cold marble floor, “this is him,” he hears a man say. Jimin slowly opens his eyes and starts trying to prop himself up but his arms felt too weak. “How did you come across him?” Another man asks. “One of our dealers was running away after killing the guy who didn’t pay us in time and ran into him, I don’t know why he decided to bring the boy with him but he did. He said he thought you might like the gift,” the guy explains and the other one hums.

“Make him sit up,” the other guy asks and so the guy walks over to Jimin and sits him up, fixing up the blanket around him too. Jimin tries to lift up his head but it felt like it weighed a thousand pounds so he couldn’t. “Do you know his name?” The other guy asks. “I don’t know boss, and he’s drugged so we won’t get anything out of him soon,” the guy explains and the supposed boss nods.

“Alright, then bring him to the room and I’ll talk to him tomorrow morning,” the boss says and the guy nods. Next thing Jimin knew he is picked up again and brought down to a little room that contained a small creaking bed and a little window close to the ceiling. Jimin is placed on the bed and gently tucked in, to which he quickly falls back unconscious at.

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