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His Knife - Minjoon


[Next morning]

Namjoon stands at the doorway of the little room, looking at Jimin who was sound asleep. He’s always had people bring him girls who either just was at the wrong place wrong time, or girls who owed him something. He never got boys, since they would be killed and not sent to him. This case was very different and Namjoon didn’t know if he should treat Jimin like the girls, in which he would manipulate him into falling in love, then kill him. He would get him pregnant but Jimin isn’t a girl so he can’t really do that. Or he could just get his information, get him more drugged and have some fun then kill him. However he doesn’t know yet since he doesn’t know how Jimin is like. In fact he has never seen Jimin before so maybe he’ll just spare his life.

Anyways, after a while of thinking Namjoon walks over to the bed and sits on it which creaked. Jimin wakes up at that but keeps his eyes closed and his body still, feeling sore and in pain from everything that had happened. Namjoon scoots closer to Jimin and lifts the blanket up a bit, but Jimin was quick to bring it back over his body as it was cold. “You’re awake?” Namjoon asks, ignoring the fact that Jimin didn’t let him lift the blanket. Jimin hums, not knowing who was talking to him and frankly so far he didn’t care.

Namjoon nods and clears his throat, Jimin opening his eyes at that and looking over only for his heart to drop as he made eye contact with Namjoon. His dark piercing eyes shot right through his soul, striking immense fear in him. Jimin quickly closes his eyes and turns away, his heart beat quickening. “What’s your name?” Namjoon asks and Jimin very quietly mumbles his name. “Speak louder,” Namjoon demands and Jimin bites his lip, “Jimin,” he says louder and clearer.

“Jimin, interesting. How old are you?” Namjoon asks and Jimin didn’t know if it would be a good idea to say his age or any more information about himself. He stays quiet and looks around the old room with spiderwebs in every corner and a crack in the ceiling as well as some in the walls. Jimin slowly sits up from the bed that creaked immensely. He then turns to Namjoon and wraps the blankets around himself tighter, Namjoon looking at him with a terrifying gaze.

He looks at Namjoon um and down, he wore some black pants and a white shirt that was rather tight and showed his muscles and toned chest. It also showed his arms that were covered in tattoos as well as scars and some still healing cuts from probably a fight. Jimin then looks back at Namjoon’s face, his serious face. He looked really tough, and his hair was pitch black and cut into an undercut.

Namjoon looked back at Jimin and realized that he was a very adorable boy, his eyes a bit wide as he looked at Namjoon and his lips parted and plump pink. Namjoon looks down at Jimin’s body that’s wrapped in the blanket and also realizes he was pretty small and he might be younger than he thinks. However Namjoon also felt as if he shouldn’t be rough or mean towards Jimin.

“How old are you?” Namjoon asks again and Jimin shakes his head. Namjoon quirks his eyebrow and Jimin bites his lip as he looked away. “Why don’t you want to tell me your age?” Namjoon asks confused. “B-because,” Jimin mumbles, “because what?” Namjoon wonders, scooting closer to Jimin who brought his legs up to his chest and hugged them. “Because, y-you’re bad, right?” Jimin replies a bit uncertainly making Namjoon lowly chuckle. “I’m not bad, unless I have to be,” Namjoon says, looking at Jimin who looked back at him with big doe eyes.

“17,” Jimin quickly mumbles and then hides his face in his knees. Namjoon smiles at his cuteness and then scoots even closer to Jimin, placing his hand on Jimin’s leg. Jimin lifts his head up and his eyes widened more as he saw how close Namjoon was. “So you’re really a special catch,” Namjoon says which confused Jimin. “What do you mean?” Jimin asks. “Well you see, I usually only get girls brought to me, I’ve never had a boy and especially a young one,” Namjoon explains which makes Jimin blush a bit.

“So, so you just kidnap a bunch of people?” Jimin then wonders and Namjoon shakes his head. “No, I don’t, but my crew does,” Namjoon says. “But why?” Jimin asks, “because they either see something they shouldn’t have seen, or they owe me something,” Namjoon explains and Jimin nods. “But, I didn’t see anything, someone ran into me and just pushed me in a car,” Jimin then says, a little whine to his voice.

“I know, that’s why you’re very special,” Namjoon says and gently grabbed Jimin’s chin. Jimin felt his heart beat quicken with nervousness and he looked at Namjoon who admired his face more. “What am I gonna do with such a perfect boy,” Namjoon then wonders as if he was talking to himself. Jimin pushes his hand away and pouts a bit, “let me go back home,” Jimin says which surprised Namjoon. No one ever pushes him away, even the girls who were the brattiest or angry against him.

“That won’t happen anytime soon darling,” Namjoon says and Jimin feels his stomach flip even tho he should’ve known that he wasn’t going to let him go anyways. “Then, then give me some clothes,” Jimin demands, bringing his legs down and crossing them as well as crossing his arms. Namjoon couldn’t believe how bold Jimin is, and it makes him really want to hit Jimin and put him in his place but he holds back. “Alright, I’ll get you some clothes,” Namjoon says and stands up, leaving the room.

Jimin takes a big deep breath and starts to look around the room more. It really wasn’t in the greatest shape and Jimin wondered if the rest of the building was the same. Right now he’s in the basement, so it made sense that things were crumbling, but the rest of the house was not the same of course. Anyways, it takes a little while before Namjoon comes back with some clothes in his hands. He places the clothes down on the bed and looks at Jimin who looks at the clothes.

“Put these on, and then someone might come and see you,” Namjoon says and Jimin nods, grabbing the clothes and slipping them on. It was just a white shirt and some very big jean shorts that barely fit him. Namjoon goes to grab the blanket but Jimin grabs it too and pulls it back towards himself. This throws Namjoon off his patience and he grabs Jimin’s throat and pulls him closer to himself. “I’m the boss here and if you keep up with this behaviour bad things will happen,” Namjoon sternly says, looking into Jimin’s wide eyes. “Got it?” Namjoon wonders and Jimin nods.

Namjoon then grabs the blanket and rips it out of Jimin’s grasp. He gives him a stern look and then leaves the room, closing and what sounded like locking the door. Jimin huffs and brings a hand to his neck that hurt a bit from how Namjoon grabbed it. He then looks over at the window close to the ceiling and gets out of bed, walking over to it and trying to look out of it. However he was too short so Jimin being the curious boy he is, starts bringing the bed closer to the window.

Once he did that he got up on the bed and walks to the window, barely being tall enough but he was just tall enough on his tippy toes. So Jimin looks out the window and that’s when he realized he was in a room in a basement. He continues to look around and sees some people walking by but he didn’t see many interesting things.

Just then he hears the door knob rattle so he turns around and watches as the door opened and two guys showed themselves. Jimin gulps as they both looked intimidating and like if they mean business. Jimin sits down on the bed which creaked, watching as the guys looked at each other before walking towards him. Jimin recognized one of the guys that had the strong jaw and fluffy curly black hair. The other one had a small scar of his cheek as well as his hair long but the sides of his head shaved as well as his hair tied back.

They sit down and Jimin stays still, unsure of what was going to happen. “We didn’t actually think the boss had a boy in store,” the one with the fluffy curly black hair says, his voice surprising deep. Jimin just looks at him and doesn’t say anything. The guys look at each other and then the one with the little scar on his cheek reaches out and grabs Jimin’s arm but Jimin quickly pulled it away and slapped the guys hand. The guy with the scar on his cheek looked at Jimin shocked and Jimin just crosses his arms and pouts a bit.

The guys look at each other again and then they both reach out and grab a limb. Jimin whines and tries to push them away but instead they pull Jimin between them. “No!” Jimin exclaims and pushes them away as hard as he could. They both stumble off the bed but quickly look back at Jimin who’s heart dropped at the sight of anger in both of the guys’s eyes. “Why are you being difficult huh? Don’t you know why you’re in this room anyways?” The guy with the scar on his cheek says and Jimin shakes his head.

“I don’t know what’s going on idiots,” Jimin says and the guys were surprised by his attitude. “I was heading home and then some random guy just grabbed me and made me run like a block or two before shoving me in a car and now I’m here!” Jimin explains annoyed. “And I don’t want you guys’s filth on me,” Jimin adds, turning his head to the side with a pout. “What an attitude,” the one with fluffy curly black hair says and Jimin rolls his eyes.

“I don’t care, just leave me alone fucking morons,” Jimin adds before turning his back to the guys who really couldn’t believe it. The downstairs of Namjoon’s house was mostly used to keep kidnapped girls that anyone could just go and have fun with. These guys always headed down together to have fun with the same girl but when they heard that there was a boy in the dungeon they were up for a change. However now they didn’t know what to do with Jimin since he was being really difficult.

“What’s your name?” The one with the scar on his cheek asks. “Jimin, what is your name?” Jimin says. “I’m Jungkook,” he says and Jimin looks over at the one with fluffy curly black hair. “What’s your name?” Jimin asks while pointing his finger at him, “Taehyung,” he replies lowly. “Those are dumb names,” Jimin then says with a cocky smile. Taehyung scoffs and then walks towards the bed, he reaches out and aggressively grabs Jimin’s jaw, pulling his face closer while squishing his cheeks painfully hard. Jimin whines and grabs Taehyung’s arm as it hurt.

“I don’t like your attitude Jimin, you better change it,” Taehyung sternly says before shoving Jimin’s face away. Jimin brings a hand to his face and gently rubbed one of his cheeks that hurt. “I’m out of here,” Taehyung then says before leaving the room. Jimin looks over at Jungkook who felt a bit bad so he walks over and sits back on the bed. “Many of us are rough and mean, and when someone has an attitude like you they don’t like it at all,” Jungkook starts. Jimin just looks at him as he kept holding his face.

“You’re a special one, and if you keep up with that attitude you might just get let go,” Jungkook says and Jimin’s eyes light up. “Really?” He wonders and Jungkook nods. “But let go could also mean you’ll get killed,” Jungkook says which makes Jimin’s heart stops in fear. “I-I don’t want to die,” Jimin says and Jungkook nods, “no one does, so be careful,” Jungkook says and then stands up. He ruffles Jimin’s hair and leaves the room without saying anything else, closing and locking the door behind him.

[later that night]

Over 10 guys tried to have fun with Jimin, but all 10 left unsatisfied and pissed. Jimin however was left in bruises as they all got a chance to land fists on him. Right now he laid curled up on his creaking bed crying in pain. He told himself he wouldn’t cry but it was all to much to hold back. He felt so much pain and his whole body felt sore, but he still felt proud of himself for being able to dodge the creepy guys who wanted some of his ass. It’s close to midnight too, so it’s very dark and cold in the room. Jimin was shivering a lot while he cried, his toes felt frozen and he just overall felt cold.

Just then he hears the door open and he was quick to swallow down the sobs and tears and starts getting himself ready to get beaten up as well as act tough and difficult. His heart beat starts to get really fast and loud as whoever came in the room sat down the bed next to him. Jimin takes a deep breath in and closes his eyes tightly, expecting to feel something bad but instead, he feels a blanket getting put over him which brought warmness to his little body.

Jimin sits props up and looks at who it was only to see Namjoon. “You’re a tough one,” Namjoon says and Jimin just looks away. “Everyone complained about your attitude, and they all wanted me to go and fix you,” Namjoon adds and Jimin rolls his eyes to seem uninterested and annoyed. “Touch me and I’ll kill you,” Jimin threatens before laying back down. Namjoon’s eyes widened in shock as he didn’t think Jimin would dare say such a thing. He kinda liked it.

“Wow, I’m guessing you really don’t know what happens around here,” Namjoon says and Jimin huffs. “I don’t and I don’t care so you can shut your mouth,” Jimin says annoyed, but really he felt scared. Namjoon snickers and couldn’t believe it. “Jimin, darling you do know who you’re talking to right?” Namjoon wonders as he doesn’t recall anyone being brave enough to say such things to him. “Yeah you’re the boss or whatever,” Jimin says and Namjoon starts to feel himself getting angry with how Jimin wasn’t treating him with respect.

“Sit up,” Namjoon demands but Jimin stays laid down. “Sit up right now please,” Namjoon demands again, this time more strictly. “No I’m tired,” Jimin says. Namjoon sighs and then puts his hand on Jimin’s shoulder before forcefully lifting him up. “Hey!” Jimin exclaims and goes to push Namjoon’s hand away but Namjoon was quick and he grabs Jimin’s neck with our hand while the other one grabbed both of his wrists and holds the tightly.

Jimin whimpers and tries to get away from Namjoon but he was stronger and it was no use. “I’m not just a boss Jimin, I’m a murderer, robber, anything you can imagine, and I don’t like it when people like you disrespect me,” Namjoon angrily expressed and Jimin was really terrified but knew that if he kept the difficult attitude he might be let go, and he doesn’t want to risk submitting and then being stuck in the little room for the rest of his life.

“Am I supposed to be scared?” Jimin says and Namjoon groans angrily while tightening his grip on Jimin’s neck. “I know you are scared Jimin, I can see it in your eyes,” Namjoon says as he grits his teeth and so Jimin closes his eyes. Namjoon scoffs and pulls Jimin closer, “I’m guessing you’re afraid to admit it,” Namjoon says, “shut up,” Jimin struggles to say as it was getting hard to breath with Namjoon’s hand around his neck.

“This attitude won’t bring you anywhere, so drop the tough act and let things happen,” Namjoon says before letting go of Jimin who opens his eyes again and takes a deep breath in, bringing a hand to his neck while looking up at Namjoon who angrily looked at him. “I’ll come see you tomorrow morning and if your attitude isn’t change there will be a bullet between your eyes,” Namjoon threatens and Jimin’s eyes widened.

Namjoon then leaves the room, closing and locking the door. Jimin lays down on the bed and brings the blanket over his body before starting to think. He really didn’t want to die, but he is really scared of what will happen if he does drop the attitude. Jimin remembers what Jungkook told him and huffs, trying to think of a way that will prevent him of getting hurt as well as a way that he can escape.

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