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Mafia - Minjoon


Jimin is too naïve to see the danger he's getting himself into which leads to bad things

Adventure / Thriller
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“Jimin you’re finally 19 you can drink!” Taehyung says as he barges into Jimin’s room “yeah, so?” Jimin asks as he looks up from his phone “that means we’re going out tonight!!” Taehyung says excitedly and rushes to Jimin’s closet. “But I don’t want too” Jimin says as he sat up “too bad, you can’t be an innocent little boy anymore Jimin, you got to get out there” Taehyung says and takes out some shorts and a small tank top. “Woah I am not wearing that” Jimin says and Taehyung rolls his eyes “you’ll get all the boys over you if you wear this” Taehyung says and Jimin sighs “but I don’t want to have boys all over me, or go out to drink” Jimin says and goes to lay back down but Taehyung stops him.

“Jimin, this is like once in a lifetime thing, you don’t know if you’ll like clubbing or not” Taehyung says and then goes back to Jimin’s closet “here, you can wear these jeans and this shirt, it’s less attention seeking” Taehyung says and hands Jimin some tight dark blue jeans and a grey shirt. “Fine, but only once” Jimin mumbles and Taehyung start walking out his room “we’ll be leaving in 15 minutes” he says with a big smile and Jimin rolls his eyes. Taehyung closes the door, and he starts getting undressed and then dressed up in what Taehyung took out for him.

Then he adds some perfume and a bit of makeup before grabbing his things and walking out of his room. “You look stunning!” Taehyung says and grabs Jimin’s hand before rushing to the front door of their house, where Jungkook and Yoongi were waiting also dressed up. “This is going to be fun!” Jungkook says and opens the door while Jimin slipped on his shoes, still unsure about the clubbing. He wasn’t used to being around party people, or even places that mentioned partying or clubbing. Moving out was a big change in Jimin’s life. They all head to the Uber waiting for them and hop in the car. Jimin goes on his phone to ease his nervousness while the others started talking about hooking up and how drunk they’ll get along with how much fun it would be. Jimin really didn’t feel comfortable, and he blames it on himself for not wanting to know or learn anything else other than schoolwork.

Anyways, the drive wasn’t that long, so they arrive pretty quickly. They hop out and stand in line, all pulling their ID’s out as they waited their turn to enter. Jimin looks at the long line and felt more nervous. So many girls and boys already drunk and horny, it was intimidating. “You look so tense Jiminie, ease up, it’s going to be fun, I promise” Yoongi says and Jimin nods “I just, never thought I’d be doing this” Jimin says and Yoongi hum “I Know, but you have to experience some things to know if you’ll like them or not” Yoongi says and Jimin agrees. “Y’know, I think I might know a drink you would like; I’ll buy it for you” Yoongi says and winks, making Jimin lightly smile. “Thank you Yoongi” he mumbles and Yoongi pats his head.

As time passed by they can finally enter the club. Everyone shows their ID’s and then the guard lets them all in. Jimin walks in and looks around a bit shocked. So many people dancing and so many lights, the music was extremely loud too. The boys bring him to the bar and as Yoongi said, he buys Jimin a drink he thinks he might like while the others asks for shots. When Jimin’s drink was ready, he takes a sip of it and makes a face as it was extremely strong, and he never had real alcohol before, so it was weird. But then the after taste came and it tasted like candied strawberries which Jimin somewhat liked.

Yoongi gives him a smile and after Taehyung and Jungkook take their shots, they all head to the dance floor and start dancing. Jimin shyly holds his drink and moves his body a bit, looking around uncertainly and not really feeling the music. After a while it becomes too much and Jimin secretly runs off panicking, trying to search for the bathroom to calm down. When he finds it, he walks in only to hear people having sex, he whines a bit disgusted and walks out on the edge of tears.

He knew what sex was, he had sex ed of course. But did he ever try it? No. Did he ever watch a video? No. Did he ever think about it? No, never. Jimin wasn’t that type of guy, plus, he found himself more attracted to men. And although he doesn’t know how he can have sexual intercourse with a male, he can still want to hug and kiss one. And he also focused more on school than social life.

Any who, Jimin walks around terrified and then a girl walk over to him “hey baby boy” she says and Jimin simply hands out his drink with a gulp as he looked up at her since he wasn’t going to drink it anyways “oh nice, thank you” she says and takes the drink before walking away in her high heels. Jimin sighs and then turns around to go the other direction but bumps into someone. “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry sir I-I” Jimin says as he backs away and looks up at a rather tall and scary male, Jimin couldn’t even see his face features in the dim lighting. He gulps and the man simply ruffles his hair “how old are you kid? You look pretty young” he says in a deep voice “I-I’m 19 sir” Jimin says and the man hums “first time in a club I’m guessing, you don’t seem drunk” the man says and Jimin nods.

“My friends wanted me to come so, I did” Jimin says and the man nods “where are your friends then?” He asks and Jimin looks over at the dance floor while biting his lip “somewhere in there” Jimin says and points at the big swarm of people. The man nods again and Jimin starts playing with his fingers “you don’t seem to be having much fun, want me to drive you home?” The man says and Jimin looks up surprised. “You’d do that?” He asks and the man nods “of course” he says and smiles, but Jimin could barely see it “ok, let me go tell them” Jimin says and goes to walk away but the man grabs his shoulder “you don’t need to” the man says “oh, ok” Jimin says, not thinking much of it and the man nods “let’s go” he says. Jimin lets the man hold his shoulder with a strong grip as they left the club. They walk across the street and towards a simple car, Jimin goes to the passenger seat while the man sat down in the drivers’ seat.

Now here’s the thing, not only was Jimin innocent as all hell, but he was also probably the naivest 19-year-old boy you’ll ever meet. He always followed his parent’s rules while growing up, even when he was a teen, and his parents never talked about stranger danger or sex trafficking because they didn’t think it was important to tell a boy that. Plus, he wasn’t friends with any girls, he didn’t even talk to girls because they made him so nervous and scared. So, Jimin never really learned about the dangers of the outside world. He never knew that someone who seems nice could be so evil.

“So, what’s your address?” The man asks and so Jimin tells him without thinking twice. The man was really shocked at how easy it was to get Jimin in his car, especially for a 19-year-old boy. He starts driving and Jimin leans back in his seat “so what’s your name?” He asks, “my name is Jimin” Jimin says and then looks over at the man “what’s your name sir?” Jimin asks. “My name is Namjoon” the man says and Jimin nods with a hum. Namjoon was surprised that Jimin didn’t know his name or him in general. Because Namjoon was pretty famous in the town, but not for being a model or a rapper, he’s famous for beings the boss of the biggest Mafia in town. He is known to be the most dangerous since no one could ever get him arrested because it would just cause too many deaths.

However, Namjoon was also known for having sex with people, and then killing them in their sleep. He would do it slow, and painfully, enjoying the screams of pain and agony.

“Do you have family here?” Namjoon then asks, wanting to know as much about Jimin before ruining him. “No, most of my family are across the state” Jimin says and Namjoon nods “that must be great, no rules to follow and you don’t have to go visit them all the time” Namjoon says and Jimin giggles a bit “yeah, it is nice, but I still miss them. It’s only been a month since I moved out” Jimin says and Namjoon hums “interesting, do you live with anyone?” He asks and Jimin nods “yeah, I live with my three friends” Jimin says. “Mind telling me their names? I might know them” Namjoon wonders “ok, well there is Jungkook, Taehyung and Yoongi” Jimin says and Namjoon tenses up at Yoongi’s name “you know Yoongi?” Namjoon asks and Jimin nods “yup, he’s like an older brother to me” Jimin says and Namjoon smiles evilly.

“Do you know what he does for work?” Namjoon asks and Jimin nods “yeah, he sells food at a stand near the highway. I’m not allowed to go there, but he makes a lot of money out of it” Jimin says and Namjoon chuckles “that’s nice” he says and Jimin was confused. Yoongi used to be apart of Namjoon’s gang, but he left. Yoongi was his best drug seller, always bringing in loads of money and they were so close as friends. He now really wants to kill him, and finding out that Jimin was like his brother, he can just picture his face when he tosses Jimin’s dead body in front of him.

“Do you have friends sir Namjoon?” Jimin then asks “oh yeah, I have plenty of friends” Namjoon says “really? How many?” Jimin asks rather excitedly “around, 150-200" Namjoon says and Jimin’s eyes widened “woah, that’s a lot” he says and Namjoon nods. “How do you know so many people?” Jimin wonders “I just do, people love me” Namjoon says and Jimin giggles a bit. Namjoon looks over at him and they make slight eye contact. Namjoon then looks at his body and feels his heart start to beat faster, which doesn’t usually happen. But Maybe he was just more excited to do it with Jimin since he’s close to Yoongi. Anyways, they keep talking while Namjoon drove to his house which was kind of out of town, but mostly in the forest. When it falls silent, Jimin looks out the window and when he sees that they’re surrounded by trees he gets confused.

“Um, I don’t live near here” Jimin says “I know” Namjoon replies “then why are you driving this way?” Jimin asks even more confused “because you’re staying at my house” Namjoon answers in a sterner tone and Jimin was a bit taken back. “B-but why?” Jimin asks but Namjoon doesn’t answer and simply drives faster while keeping a straight face. Jimin bites his lip nervously and looks out at the trees. He then grabs his phone, wanting to tell someone that he is in trouble, but Namjoon sees his phone. “Oh cool, you have such a nice phone case” Namjoon says and Jimin flips his phone to look at the case “you think so?” He asks and Namjoon nods “yeah, can I look at it?” Namjoon asks and hands out his hand “sure” Jimin says and hands Namjoon his phone.

Namjoon looks at the case and then rolled his window down before tossing the phone out. Jimin gasps and looks back before looking back at Namjoon who rolled his window back up. “What was that for?” Jimin whined and Namjoon sighs “I’m not letting you text anyone or someone finding out where you are” Namjoon simply says and Jimin was shocked. “But I payed for that phone myself! You can’t just throw someone’s phone out the window” Jimin complained and Namjoon looks over at him and was about to threaten him, but when he saw his big doe eyes filled with sorrow, he couldn’t help but feel bad. He furrows his brows as he couldn’t believe himself and then takes out his gun before pointing it at Jimin who gasped. “Shut up and deal with it” he says and Jimin looks at the gun shocked and then turns his body away, only too look out the window and try not to cry. Namjoon puts the gun away and keeps driving, the car falling silent with just a couple sniffles from Jimin.


Namjoon pulls up to his territory. Jimin looked out at all the gang members drinking and messing around near fires. Everyone looked so big and dangerous, Jimin was really terrified. Once Namjoon parks his car in front of his house he gets out and walks over to Jimin’s side. He opens the door and Jimin crosses his arms with a pout as he didn’t want to get out of the car. Namjoon sighs and leans over Jimin before unbuckling his seat belt and then picking him up, putting him over his shoulder. Jimin whines and tries to resist but Namjoon was obviously stronger so it was no use. Namjoon brings Jimin inside the house and then tosses him on the floor just to be extra mean. Jimin can’t help but start crying as he sat up.

Namjoon closes and locks the door then walks over to Jimin only to grab his arm, lift him up and start walking towards the stairs. Jimin cries and whines at the strong grip on his arm, grabbing Namjoon’s hand while also tripping over his feet since Namjoon had longer legs and took big steps. While going up the stairs Jimin falls and trips but Namjoon keeps a very strong grip on his arm and keeps making his way up, leading to him dragging Jimin up the stairs. Once up the stairs Namjoon goes to a spare room and tosses Jimin to the floor. “Don’t try to escape or else you’re dead” Namjoon simply says before closing and locking the door. Jimin holds onto his arm in pain and continues to cry, wiping away tears constantly.

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