Mafia - Minjoon


[Yoongi and Hoseok]

Yoongi wakes up first and instantly looks in the back seat. When he doesn’t see Jimin he panics. But then he sees Hoseok and panics more. “Hoseok, babe” Yoongi says and shakes Hoseok who wakes up “fuck” he mumbles and Yoongi cups his face “you alright? You’re bleeding” Yoongi says and Hoseok just looks at Yoongi “are you ok?” He asks “yes I am, we need to get you to the hospital” Yoongi says and Hoseok shakes his head. “Is Jimin ok?” He asks and Yoongi can’t help but start crying “he’s gone” Yoongi says and Hoseok gently runs his hand through his hair. “Call one of the members to come and get us” Hoseok says and Yoongi nods before taking out his phone.


Yoongi gently wiped away the blood on Hoseok’s head and took care of the wound. He felt sad and heartbroken that Jimin was gone again. Hoseok knew that and he wraps his arm around his waist as he was sitting and Yoongi standing. “We’ll get him back” Hoseok says and Yoongi sighs “we won’t, god knows what Namjoon is doing to keep him hidden and away” Yoongi says and Hoseok nods “we can ask Jin for help” he says and Yoongi shakes his head again “Namjoon killed him for helping up” he says and Hoseok was shocked. “Damn, I didn’t know he was that psycho” Hoseok says and Yoongi chuckles “he’s quite the psychopath” Yoongi says and finishes caring for Hoseok’s wound.

Hoseok brings him closer and Yoongi wraps his arms around his head as they hugged. “I hope he’s ok” Yoongi whispers and Hoseok hugs his waist tighter “I hope so too, but we can only hope for the best” Hoseok says and Yoongi nods. They separate and then Hoseok stands up and cups Yoongi’s face “I love you” he says and Yoongi smiles “I love you too” he says, and they share a kiss.

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