Mafia - Minjoon


[some days later]

Jimin quickly runs out of Namjoon’s room and down the stairs “Come back here!!” Namjoon yells and runs after Jimin who jumped off the last couple of stairs and ran to do door. “Don’t you dare go outside!” Namjoon says as he stops in the middle of the stairs. Jimin breathes heavily and turns around to looks at Namjoon with fear, he made him angry again and he was terrified. He leans against the door, his hand on the handle. Jimin was ready to run. Namjoon slowly starts going down the stairs, a bit calmer. Jimin was pushing him away when all Namjoon wanted was to hug him, Jimin thought he was gonna try to do something sexual though.

They keep eye contact as Namjoon walks closer to Jimin and Jimin ever so slowly turns the doorknob. He swallows a large amount of spit before taking a deep breath in and opening the door. “Stop!!” Namjoon yells and starts running to Jimin who barely dodged his grasp. Jimin starts running outside in the field and Namjoon just watched him from the door. When Jimin realized Namjoon wasn’t running after him he stops and turns around. He looks at Namjoon who stood at the doorway and crossed his arms. Jimin catches his breath and takes some steps back a bit confused.

Jimin looks around and sees some of the members pointing at him and looking at him. He didn’t know what was gonna happen, but he still wanted to try to escape. That’s when Jimin remembers something. He looks down at his arm that had the tracker, and he stops. Namjoon nods at the doorway and Jimin bites his lip, realizing he can’t run away because Namjoon will know where he is. He sighs and starts walking back to Namjoon but then a group of the members show up in front of him. Jimin takes a step back and looks up at them scared.

One bends over and grabs the collar on Jimin’s neck with a finger “so you’re apart of the gang now” he says and Jimin pushes his hand away “so?” Jimin says with a pout. “So, that means we can have fun with you” he says, and the others grin with agreement. Jimin panics until he sees a tattoo familiar to the pendant on his collar. He looks down at the pendant and looks back up at the tattoos and realizes something. “No, you can’t have fun with me” Jimin says and crosses his arms. This is when Namjoon is close enough to hear the conversation. He was walking over to collect Jimin and kind of save him from the members.

“Who says?” Another guy asks “well, you guys have a tattoo to confirm that you are in this gang, but I have a collar. It’s different” Jimin explains “and? What does that have to do with what we want?” He asks “it means, I belong to the boss, and not the gang specifically. So, you can’t touch me” Jimin says and Namjoon was surprised. The other guys all look at each other confused and then Namjoon steps in “he’s right” he says and Jimin flinches back. Namjoon wraps his arm around Jimin who hesitantly let him, leaning away with fear. “Whatever” the guy mumbles and the others all mumble disagreements with the fact that they can’t touch Jimin. Namjoon looks down at Jimin who pushes him away and runs to the house. Namjoon chuckles and shakes his head before walking back to the house. He walks in and Jimin is at the top of the stairs.

“A-Are you angry?” He asks and Namjoon shakes his head “not anymore” Namjoon says and starts walking up the stairs “you got to stop trying to do things with me” Jimin mumbles and Namjoon hums “I just wanted to hug you, and you were pissing me off by pushing me away” Namjoon explains and Jimin blushes with a bit of embarrassment. Namjoon reaches the top of the stairs and lightly pinched Jimin’s pink cheek “t-then you should’ve said something!” Jimin whines with a pout as he pushes Namjoon’s hand away. Namjoon walks past him and back into his room, ignoring what he said.

Jimin pouts more and crosses his arms, never thinking he would be getting pissed at Namjoon. Jimin walks into the room to argue but stops as he doesn’t see Namjoon. Jimin looks around confused, but then the door closes. Namjoon clears his throat and Jimin turns around and crosses his arms. Namjoon simply gets closer to Jimin and brings him in a hug. “You’re so brave” he says and gently pet the back of Jimin’s head. Jimin uncrosses his arms and hugs Namjoon back a bit annoyed “how?” He mumbles “for speaking up to the members, I didn’t think you’d know the difference between collar and tattoo” Namjoon explains and Jimin hums. Namjoon squeezes him tighter before lifting Jimin off his feet and going to the bed. He lays him down and then lays down next to him before bringing the blanket over. “But I’m wide awake” Jimin says and Namjoon just pulls him into his arms “so? Doesn’t mean I don’t want to rest” Namjoon says and Jimin rolls his eyes “you’re annoying” he mumbles and Namjoon doesn’t reply. Jimin looks up at Namjoon who looked down at him “it’s either this or I fuck you” Namjoon says and Jimin’s eyes widened. He quickly lowers his head and snuggled closer to Namjoon who chuckles and hugs him closer.

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