Mafia - Minjoon


[next day]

“I’m leaving, so there are a few rules I’m gonna put down” Namjoon says as he walks over to a blank wall in the living room with a marker, Jimin right behind him. “I’m writing them down here so that you can remember” Namjoon says and puts the number 1. “First, no going outside” Namjoon says and writes it down in surprisingly nice handwriting. Jimin crosses his arms and pouts. “Second, no communication with others” Namjoon says as he writes it down. “Thirdly, no tv or electronic device” Namjoon says and Jimin gasps “but, what would I do?” Jimin whines and Namjoon ignored him and just keeps writing. “Fourthly, do not try and escape, and last but not least, listen to your master which is me” Namjoon says and writes everything down on the wall.

“Master? Since when are you my master” Jimin says and Namjoon turns around while stepping closer to Jimin before grabbing the collar and pulling Jimin closer, making him whimper “since you’re wearing this” Namjoon says sternly and then let’s go. Jimin holds his neck as it hurt from the tug and regretted saying what he said. “This should be clear and easy to follow. More rules might be added too, it depends how far our relationship goes” Namjoon says and Jimin couldn’t believe it “but I don’t like rules, I’ve been living with them for my whole life” Jimin whines and Namjoon ruffled his hair.

“That’s too bad isn’t it? Because now you live under my control” Namjoon says and Jimin wants to cry “why don’t you just kill me” Jimin mumbles and Namjoon was taken back “isn’t that what you wanted? Yoongi told me that’s all you do. Why aren’t you killing me? Why are you keeping me? What’s so special about me?” Jimin asks confused and Namjoon looks down at him seriously.

He honestly was confused himself too, he didn’t know why he decided to keep Jimin and get a collar made just for him. He never did this; he’s never kept a victim longer than a day or two. Was it love? Namjoon doesn’t want it to be that. He, like every other gang member or boss, tells himself love isn’t worth it, it’s a weak spot that can easily hurt you badly. When you love, you get hurt. It’s the first thing enemies search for, a loved one, so that they can hurt the person they want to hurt, no matter what the loved one did. Of course, his response to Jimin is a slap right on his mouth, and a hard one. Jimin holds his mouth and starts crying. Namjoon sighs and walks away, hating that he hit Jimin even though he used to beat him and hurt him even more before. He hates it that he’s getting softer for Jimin and he doesn’t have the feeling or want to hurt him anymore. Jimin stays in the living room and goes down on his knees as he keeps crying. Namjoon hasn’t hit him since he came back. Although he did hurt him in other ways, there weren’t any direct hits. Namjoon slips on his shoes and doesn’t say anything. He only leaves.

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