Mafia - Minjoon


[2 weeks passed]

Jimin laid on the rug in the living room, looking outside and at the stars all alone and sad. Namjoon went out for a meeting a while back and so Jimin was just being a good boy. He hums and sings a song he remembers hearing, wanting to have at least some noise in the big quiet house. He played with his soft collar and kept singing, trying to remember the beat and the words. It’s been a while since Jimin hasn’t seen or talked to anybody other than Namjoon, and he started getting used to it. He does miss Yoongi and other people, but he barely thinks about them other than when something bad happens and he thinks back to times where he wasn’t with Namjoon.

Namjoon also has improved a lot with his actions. He still hit Jimin and try to pressure him into sex, but less than before. He also doesn’t choke or hit Jimin unconscious anymore, it made him feel too bad. Just then he hears the door unlock and opens. Jimin sits up and looks over at the entrance only to see Namjoon and other men enter. Jimin crosses his legs and looks at them confused but was surprised that Namjoon was still the biggest and tallest out of all of them. They all start walking to the living room talking loudly and with deep voices. Jimin just scooted away in the corner and wondered if one of them, even Namjoon, would notice him. But no, they just started talking about protection and Jimin was confused.

The men sit down while Namjoon left to go get something. Jimin looked at all of them and made quick eye contact with a couple of them. He wanted to say something but was too scared to even say something, plus he didn’t know what to say. Namjoon then comes back with a briefcase and opens it in front of the supposed leader. Jimin’s eyes widened as he saw a large amount of money, or at least what looks like money. Namjoon was pretty good at tricking people. “Perfect, let’s discuss a couple more things before” the man says and Namjoon nods before taking a seat in a chair. “All my men have special additions to the collar you want, I’ll let them explain” the man says and looks over at one of the men on the couch. He smiles and stands up before bowing “my addition to the collar is a electric shock, and this can be used in many different ways. It can shock your pet when they do something bad, or you can set a limit of land they can walk or run in, but if they pass that they’ll get shocked until they return to the said land” the man explains and Jimin gulps and looks over at Namjoon who nods “next?” He says and Jimin didn’t know what was happening.

The next man stands up and bows too “my addition is similar to the shock, except it’s a strong vibration. However, you can only use it when your animal is doing something bad, you can’t limit a land space” the man says and bows again before sitting down. Namjoon hums and looks at the next man. He stands up and bows “my addition is simple. It makes the metal around the animal neck tighten around its blood vessels so the brain or more, so head doesn’t get blood. This leads to the animal passing out, and they can stay down from 30 seconds to at least an hour” The man says and Namjoon nods “next” he says, and the last man stands up with a bow.

“I think you will like this addition Sir, since it’s dangerous. In the collar we can instal little micro blades and with a remote you can cut or gently scrape the animal’s neck” the man explains with a wide smile and Namjoon himself smiles before nodding and looking at Jimin from the side of his eyes. Jimin gulps and grabs his own neck nervously.

“So, what do you think?” The main man asks and Namjoon leans back in his chair “I love it, add in all the features except for the one which makes my dog pass out” Namjoon says and Jimin’s heart drops with fear. “Absolutely, we just need a design and measurements, so if you can bring your pet dog or whatever out for measurements” the main man says and since they were a foreign company that only specified in animals, Namjoon of course wasn’t allowed to say that Jimin was his said animal.

“Come here” Namjoon says as he looked over at Jimin and Jimin gulps as he stands up before walking over “my dog isn’t available, but my cute friend here has a similar neck and would know what my dog would like as a new collar” Namjoon says and brings his hand up to Jimin’s face before squeezing his cheeks. Jimin gently grabbed his arms and looked down at Namjoon who gave him a serious look, so Jimin had a feeling he’ll have to lie about some things or play tricks. Namjoon has taught a couple word tricks and manipulation moves to him.

Namjoon then pulls Jimin onto his lap rather aggressively and Jimin sticks out his tongue at him for being aggressive. Namjoon taps his thigh and the men look at each other weirdly. “What’s you name kid?” The main man asks “kid? I’m 19 and my name is-” Namjoon pinches Jimin’s back before he could say his real name “Jacob, my name is Jacob” Jimin says and smiles. “Alright, what’s your favourite colour?” The man asks and Jimin gives him a confused look “I like green, but the dog likes light pink since she’s a girl” Jimin says and Namjoon rubs his back and felt kind of proud that even though he looked terrified about the collar, he is still lying for Namjoon.

“Yes ok, we already have the pendant design and the name of the dog, but do you think the dog would like some designs on the collar?” The man asks and Jimin thinks a bit. “Maybe like a line that goes all around, but it’s indented in the collar. Oh! And also, flowers” Jimin says and the man nods and writes everything down in his notebook. Once he finished that, he puts everything away and looks at Jimin who forced himself to look like a happy boy “tell me Jacob, what’s that on your neck? Looks like a collar to me” the man says and Jimin nods “I know right, it’s cool! But it’s a necklace” Jimin says and the man looks closer at Jimin “the pendant is similar to the one on this new collar” the man says and Jimin nods.

“Yeah, mister boss here created his own signal for his family and friends. So, I added it to my necklace, and we’ll add it to our dog” Jimin says and Namjoon nods, loving how Jimin was so good at lying. “Oh, that’s interesting” the man says. “Well, is there anything else you guys want to discuss?” Namjoon then asks and stands up, making Jimin slide off him. So Jimin goes to walk away but Namjoon grabs his arm and brings him back “I don’t think so, unless you want to talk about other things?” The man wonders and Namjoon shakes his head “we’re good, and you can take the money right now” Namjoon says and smiled. “Thank you” the man says and stands up along with his other man. Namjoon hands him the briefcase and then lets go of Jimin to say goodbye to them. Jimin sits down on the chair Namjoon sat at and brings his hands over his face and his knees up to his chest only to start crying.

Once all the men were gone Namjoon walks back into the living room and to Jimin. “Why you crying baby?” Namjoon asks and Jimin sniffles “I-I’m scared, wh-why that s-scary collar? I’m ok with dis one” Jimin says and Namjoon hums before picking him up and hugging him. “Because, I want to have more power over you” Namjoon simply says and Jimin pulls away before squishing his cheeks with his little hands “power hungry” he mumbles and Namjoon pushes Jimin’s hands away “and also so you stay here with me” Namjoon says and Jimin huffs.

“You still think I’m gonna escape?” Jimin asks and Namjoon nods. He’s never been able to keep someone like Jimin, so of course he wants to make sure he doesn’t leave and that he also listens to him. “But it’s so scary” Jimin says and tears rolls down his cheeks. Namjoon wipes away a tear and Jimin huffs “at least it’s gonna look pretty” Namjoon says and Jimin hides his face in his chest “whatever, you still mean” Jimin mumbles and Namjoon pats his back. “Let’s go to bed now” Namjoon says and walks over to the stairs. Jimin wraps his arms around his neck and even though he didn’t like Namjoon that much, he still liked hugging him and cuddling with him since he was warm and big and strong.

“Do you have spare clothes?” Jimin asks as he was still wearing the clothes Yoongi put him in and they were pretty stinky and dirty. “Yeah, I do, but you have to wear what I put you in” Namjoon says “fine” Jimin mumbles and guesses that he was gonna be put in some revealing clothing. Once in the room Namjoon puts Jimin down on the bed and walks over to his closet. He takes out a basket and starts looking through what looks like a bunch of clothes. Jimin looked confused and then Namjoon tosses him something. Jimin grabs it and looks at it only to see that it was fancy lace underwear.

“Ew! No!” Jimin says and tosses it back to Namjoon. So Namjoon puts it back in the basket and throws Jimin another piece of clothing. Jimin looks at it and it was a little soft black skirt. Jimin looks up at Namjoon who then tosses one of his white T-shirts that smelled a lot like him. “Wear that” Namjoon says and Jimin looks at the skirt a bit uncertain. “B-but I won’t have underwear under” Jimin says shyly “so? No one else but me will see” Namjoon says and Jimin huffs “fine” he mumbles and stands up. He looks at Namjoon who looked at his body “turn around” Jimin says and Namjoon looks at him a bit confused “no, I’d like to see my baby” Namjoon says and Jimin walks over to him and turns his body around himself.

Jimin then starts getting undressed and Namjoon was surprised that he wasn’t looking and that he respected Jimin’s want of him to stay turned. Jimin slips on the skirt and then the shirt, which was way too big, hanging off his shoulder and covering the skirt. “Um, you can look now” Jimin says and Namjoon turns around and looks. Jimin looked away shyly and Namjoon felt content with it “perfect, go settle down and I’ll be right back” Namjoon says and Jimin nods before rushing to the bed and bringing the blankets over. Namjoon leaves the room and Jimin didn’t know how he felt about the skirt, it was weird.

Soon Namjoon comes back wearing just some pants. He walks to the bed and settles down next to Jimin who had his back to him, pulling him close and bringing a hand up the skirt. Jimin pushes it away but Namjoon just brings it back and rests it on Jimin’s hip. Jimin pouts and tries scoring away but Namjoon pulls him back close making Jimin pout even more.

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