Mafia - Minjoon


[couple days later]

It’s another late night, Jimin was tired so he was in bed trying to fall asleep. However usually Namjoon hugs him when they go to sleep and somehow he can’t fall asleep because Namjoon isn’t there to hug him. Jimin sits up and crosses with his legs, not liking that he was alone in such a big house. He also didn’t like how Namjoon was leaving a lot and staying out late. He wondered what he was doing, but when he asked him a while back, he just got angry and slapped him. Sometimes Namjoon slaps him so hard that his ear rings for an hour after, or a little bruise is left. He didn’t like getting slapped at all.

As Jimin thinks about Namjoon, he brings his knees up to his chest and sighs. Wishing Namjoon could just be gentle all the time, and not snappy or just psycho. But then again, that’s what makes him special. Then suddenly the door swings opens and bangs on the wall. Jimin jumps in shock and looks up only to see Namjoon and a girl making out and getting each other naked. Jimin was shocked frozen so when they hit the bed, Namjoon pushes him off without care. “Who’s that?” The girl asks out of breath “no one, just my pet” Namjoon replies in a distasteful tone and Jimin looks at him in disbelief. He slowly stands up and looks at Namjoon kissing and roughly marking the girl’s skin in bruises and scratches. Jimin felt his heart hurt and he couldn’t help but start crying.

He rushes out of the room and makes his way to the couch in the living room, tears rushing down his face along with broken sobs coming out. He doesn’t know why it hurt him so much that Namjoon was pleasuring a girl. He doesn’t have a thing for Namjoon, and he doesn’t want to have sexual intercourse with him, so why did he feel so jealous and hurt. Suddenly loud moans and cries from the girl is heard and Jimin just cries more. He blocks his ears so he wouldn’t hear but he could still hear the damn noises. It hurt, it hurt a lot, and Jimin didn’t like that it hurt. He didn’t want it to hurt. There is no point of his heart hurting so much because of this.

Jimin replays what he saw and replays how Namjoon pushed him off the bed in his head. He replayed it over and over as he listened to the moans and cries from the girl. He never thought he’d experience such a thing. After a while it becomes too much and although it was a rule, Jimin makes his way to the front door, slips on some shoes, and leaves. Then a big cold wind blows up his skirt and he whimpers as he pushes it down and starts walking away. He knows it’s dangerous and that no matter where he went, Namjoon will know because of the tracker in his arm. But he still wants to leave.

Jimin walks towards the supposed entrance that looked like it lead to a gravel road. He keeps a hand over his skirt while the other stayed close to his chest. The wind was strong, cold, and It was very dark out, the moon hidden in the clouds. Jimin stumbles in the big shoes and tries his best to go as far away as he could. He knows he’s slow, but at least he’s going somewhere. Once Jimin arrives at the road, he looks back at Namjoon’s big house and territory. Then he continues his walk, silently crying as he thought back to some good times with Namjoon and how it was sad that he just pushed him away when he was with a girl.

As Jimin walks and thinks more, he realizes that maybe he is just a pet. Just a decoration of some sort. Something that Namjoon wants to keep and control. Not something he likes. Not something he loves. Just a pet. This makes Jimin cry harder and think more about it to the point where he is convinced that it’s the truth. Broken sobs leave his body as he shivered in the cold. Jimin has never felt sadder before, he’s never experienced such a shocking and traumatic scene.

Namjoon has been the only person he’s seen in the past month and a half that he had kidnapped him. Even though for a week Yoongi had Jimin, Jimin didn’t see anyone else and so Namjoon was someone he started to trust. The fact that he even started to trust such a man made Jimin feel even worse about thinking that Namjoon could ever be interested in him. Soon enough, Jimin feels too weak and cold to walk more. So, he looks around and realizes he’s quite far away. As he does so, the pendant on his collar jingles and Jimin just gets sadder.

Even though he might be a pet, he feels as if he’s better off just being forgotten and no one’s pet. Jimin grabs the collar and with force he breaks it off his neck. Jimin then looks back and throws the collar as far as he could, wanting Namjoon to see it and feel something from it when he comes to search for him. Jimin then looks into the trees and starts walking into them. He looks around and then finds somewhat of a clear and comfy spot. He settles down and wipes away some tears. Jimin smells the shirt and it smelled a lot like Namjoon which made him feel even worse.

He wants to take off the shirt, but it’s freezing cold and the middle of the night. Plus, he’s still in gang territory, and his collar is off, so anyone could take advantage of him and not stop when he says no. So Jimin deals with it and snuggles up against a tree before closing his eyes. He knows Namjoon will find him, or at least try to find him. But at least he isn’t listening to a girl getting pleasured by Namjoon.

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