Mafia - Minjoon


[next morning]

Namjoon wakes up with a bad gut feeling. He turns over to hug Jimin but when he feels cold boobs he opens his eyes confused. He sits up and looks down at the girl’s dead body before realizing what he didn’t. He hasn’t killed since Jimin arrived, and when he went to check up on a little party in the back of the territory before going home, he saw his last high school ex girlfriend that he wanted to fuck and kill. Of course, this put him in a mindset, and he went straight to work, forgetting about Jimin. Namjoon didn’t even murder or stab the girl, he just fucked her so hard and aggressively that it killed her.

So Namjoon gets out of bed and expects to find Jimin in the living room. Planning on cuddling up with him and hugging his small body close, Namjoon could just imagine how warm and soft and cuddly Jimin would feel like. He hurries down the stairs, walks into the living room but stops as he doesn’t see Jimin. “Jimin?” Namjoon says confused and then walks into the kitchen “Jimin?” Namjoon says again and starts searching around the house. Once he looked at every hiding spot he starts getting worried. “Jimin! Where are you? Come out now!” Namjoon yelled sternly and made his way in the lobby, looking around. He waited to hear Jimin’s little feet drag on the floor and him show up with a pout on his face, playing with his fingers and starting to apologize. But he never got that.

Namjoon grabs his phone and checks to where the tracker was to make sure Jimin was still in the house, but when he sees that the tracker wasn’t in the house he gets more worried and angrier. He rushes to the front door and starts remembering more about last night and how he pushed Jimin off the bed along with him rushing away crying. Namjoon puts on his shoes and then noticed that a pair of his shoes were gone. It makes him feel even more worried and Namjoon was confused with himself. He never feels worried, and why would he feel worried about Jimin being out of the house?

Namjoon pushes the worry aside and decides to just focus on getting Jimin back in his house and put down stricter rules. He looks at his phone and starts walking to the exit and towards where Jimin could be. He breathed heavily and tried to think of rules he can put down to stop Jimin from doing this again. That’s when he remembers that the custom collar he bought was gonna arrive sometime today. So that will be fun. Anyways, Namjoon starts walking down the gravel road and sees some marks in the road as if someone were dragging their feet. Namjoon then sees from afar something on the road and jogs to it.

When close enough, he recognizes it as Jimin’s collar, and a mixture of emotion was felt. He felt angry and sad that Jimin did such a thing, worried for if someone took him, and confused as of why he took off the collar. Namjoon picks it up and puts it in his pocket before looking at his phone and seeing he was getting close. So, he continues walking at a fast paste, wanting to get to Jimin as soon as possible. He walks and walks until he thinks he arrives, he looks around for Jimin, either sitting down or lying down. Namjoon was confused when he doesn’t see him, but then thought more about it and made his way into the trees.

As Namjoon puts his phone away, from afar he sees the little bit of white from Jimin’s shirt. He feels a sense of relief and rushes towards him. Namjoon crouched down next to Jimin and gently cupped his little cold face, his lips blue and his cheeks rose from the cold. “Jimin” he whispers and lightly shakes Jimin, but Jimin doesn’t wake up. So Namjoon picks him up and starts rushing his way back to his house. All Namjoon could say was fuck, this is bad.

[some hours later]

Jimin whines a bit as he slowly wakes up, feeling warm and nice. He opens his eyes and blinks a couple times before looking around and realizing he was in Namjoon’s room. What happened the night before plays in his head and Jimin sits up and wants to leave again, the frustration still in him. He doesn’t even hesitate, and he just gets out of bed, walks out the room, down the stairs and towards the front door. Namjoon who was in the kitchen trying to warm up soup and actually be kind, freaks out when he hears the front door open. He rushes out of the kitchen and into the lobby where the door was left open.

So Namjoon goes to the door and sees Jimin walking away “oh no” Namjoon mumbles as anger rises and he rushes his way to Jimin and quickly picks him up. Jimin gasp and looks back at Namjoon only to get angry too. “No! Let me go!” Jimin yells and starts wiggling around, but then he feels his head spin and hurt, and he has to stop. Namjoon walks in the house and closes the door before dropping Jimin down and slapping him across the face as hard as he could, it felt like a punch.

Jimin lets out a loud cry as he falls to the floor and holds his face in pain. Jimin just felt as if that was the proof that he was just a pet, nothing special. “What do you think you’re doing!?” Namjoon yells and Jimin starts crying as he curls up in a ball on the floor “do you know how dangerous it is out there!!!??” Namjoon then yells even louder and Jimin flinches at every word, covering his head and face with his arms. His ear rang and Jimin just couldn’t concentrate on anything. Namjoon keeps yelling at him and Jimin just keeps crying, feeling more heartbroken than before.

“You should thank me for saving you!!” Namjoon yells and crouched down next to him. Jimin lets out a broken whimper and hides himself more in his tiny arms. Namjoon sighs as he feels regret and he gently grabs Jimin’s arm, but Jimin flinches away. “Jimin, baby” Namjoon says gently but Jimin lets out a sob and quickly stands up before running away and up the stairs. Namjoon stands up and watches as Jimin went into the first room he was ever locked in. Namjoon bites his lip and just couldn’t believe himself.

He walks back into the kitchen and to the can of soup with a spoon sticking out from the middle, the metal top still on. In the room Jimin cries and cries, not being able to stop himself even if he wanted to. The cold and dusty room just reminded him of his first days here and the start of everything.


Namjoon walks over to the door that still had Jimin’s hole in the bottom of it. He knocks on it before opening it and looking inside. Inside Jimin was in the far-right corner, in a ball, shivering and crying still. “W-what do you w-want?” Jimin then asks as Namjoon closes the door. He looks down at the new collar in his hand and back at Jimin, having a feeling it will make things worse. “I got a present” Namjoon says in a soft tone and walks over to Jimin who turns to him as he wiped his tears away. “Wut?” He mumbles and Namjoon sits in front of him before showing him the pretty pink collar with the exact design Jimin wanted. Jimin lets out a little gasp but then realized that he shouldn’t be excited for such a collar.

“I don’t wan it” Jimin says and pushes it away which makes Namjoon feel sad “why? Baby what’s wrong? Why did you run away when I told you many times not to?” Namjoon says in a soft and caring tone while cupping Jimin’s face. Jimin pushes his hand away aggressively and shakes his head “that girl should have the collar” Jimin mumbles and Namjoon was taken back. He sighs and hangs his head low “did that bother you?” Namjoon wonders and looks up. Jimin looks back at him slightly shocked and now he’s the one that slaps him hard “bother me!? You think that pushing me off the bed when I was waiting for you to come hug me just to do whatever with a girl is a bother!?” Jimin exclaims, frustrated and in disbelief.

“You were waiting for me?” Namjoon wonders in a disinterested tone as he holds his face “yes!! I was!! You’re always gone and it’s so lonely in this house!!” Jimin yells and Namjoon nods as he bites his lip “now leave me alone, I don’t want to be your pet anymore” Jimin says and stands up before going to another corner and continuing to cry. Namjoon sighs and looks back at Jimin and felt his own anger rise up a bit. “I’m not leaving you alone” Namjoon says a bit sternly and stands up before walking over to Jimin. Jimin looks up at him and pouts as well as furrows his brows “stand up” he says and Jimin looks away and stays sitting. “Jimin, now, stand up” Namjoon says more sternly and Jimin groans and rolls his eyes as he stands up.

Namjoon opens the special collar made with metal and then goes to put it on Jimin’s neck but Jimin starts pushing his hands away with a whine. However, Namjoon pushes his little hands down and snaps the collar on Jimin’s neck, making Jimin whine and stomp his foot. “I Don’t Want This Collar!!” Jimin yells right in Namjoon’s face while grabbing onto it and Namjoon takes out the collar remote before pressing a button. Jimin then screams out as blades cut into his skin and he falls down to his knees. When the blades retract Jimin cries loudly in pain, holding his neck as he breathed heavily, he wasn’t expecting such a pain. “You don’t yell at me” Namjoon says and Jimin stands back up “I HATE YOU!” Jimin then yells as he pushes on Namjoon’s chest weakly and Namjoon presses the button again.

The blades stab into Jimin’s neck again and he cried out as he grabbed the collar. The blades retract and Jimin looks at Namjoon who looked back at him pissed. “Fuck you!!” Jimin yells and immediately Namjoon presses the button once more and Jimin cries out again as the blades went into the same little wounds. Blood starts dripping down his neck and onto the shirt but Jimin didn’t care, he was so angry and sad. “You better stop” Namjoon says as he sees the amount of blood “No!! I’ll yell at you until I die!!” Jimin yells out and Namjoon goes to press the button but then stops “die? You want to die?” Namjoon asks and Jimin nods.

“I thought we were starting to get closer! I started to trust you! But last night, you told that girl I was just a pet, just a dumb little pet” Jimin yells and tears start falling again. “You said I was no one” Jimin adds and Namjoon was caught way off guard. “And it just made sense, that I’m just a pet. You hit me and try to use me all the time. I like it when you hug me just because, or in the morning when you just hug me tighter. But that must’ve just been because I’m the only other person in the house” Jimin says and sniffles “I don’t want the collar, or anything to do with you, if I’m just a pet” Jimin says and Namjoon just looks at him with no expression.

Jimin sniffles and starts to feel weak from all the yelling and blood loss. He leans back into the wall and Namjoon keeps looking at him with no expression. Namjoon was shocked, he didn’t know Jimin felt that way. He didn’t even consider how Jimin felt most of the time. He starts feeling regret eat up inside of him and he lets out an exhale. “We’ll talk about this later when you’re calmer” Namjoon says and starts walking away. Jimin lets himself fall to the floor and he continues crying, holding his neck in pain, feeling the blood drip down. He felt so sick, so dizzy. He wants to run away again, but he just feels as if that’ll make things worse. He wants Namjoon to understand him, he wants him to understand that he doesn’t like how he’s getting treated and that he should think more about what he does.

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