Mafia - Minjoon


[couple hours later]

Namjoon sat on his bed in his room, thinking about Jimin and what he said. Jimin has never lashed out at him, and it hurt Namjoon. He never cared when he got yelled at, even when he was a kid. He just didn’t care. But when Jimin yelled at him he really didn’t like it. Especially when he yelled he hated him. That one hurt the most. Namjoon knows he is mean, and he knows he can come off as plain selfish, but he doesn’t want Jimin to think that. He couldn’t understand why Jimin was so angry too.

He sighs and stands up, hoping Jimin was calmer now since it’s been a couple hours. He walks into the room and looks at Jimin who sat criss-crossed in a corner, his head down. Namjoon walks closer and then sits down in front of Jimin. “Jimin” Namjoon simply says and Jimin slowly lifts his head up with a cute pout and tears in his eyes, dried blood on his neck and shirt “come here” Namjoon says and pats his lap but Jimin crosses his arms and shakes his head “no, I’m not going near you, until, until you promise you won’t do w-what you did last night again” Jimin explains and Namjoon sighs.

“Why does it bother you so much?” Namjoon asks and Jimin pouts more “because y-you wouldn’t like it if I just, pushed you off the bed w-while another guy touched me right?” Jimin explains and Namjoon nods because he wouldn’t like it if another guy were to touch Jimin in any other way. “I-I know, I don’t let you do things to me, b-but that’s doesn’t mean I-I don’t like you” Jimin says and Namjoon looks at Jimin as his heart skipped a beat. “You like me?” Namjoon wonders and Jimin huffs “yeah, so? You’re the only guy that treats me differently than everyone else and, and I guess I like that...” Jimin mumbles shyly and Namjoon starts feeling warm inside. He starts to feel as if this is such an extraordinary thing. His heart even starts to beat faster, and he thinks and wonders, does he like Jimin too? Jimin looks up and at Namjoon who just looked back at him without expression “d-do you like me?” Jimin asks a bit hesitantly and Namjoon looks down “I- well, I mean I guess I do” Namjoon struggles to say and Jimin smiles with a little laugh which makes Namjoon smile.

Of course, this surprised Jimin because Namjoon never smiles. It felt relieving in a way. Namjoon then sighs and nods before looking back at Jimin “do you promise now t-that you won’t do w-what you did last night again?” Jimin then asks and Namjoon hums “I promise, I won’t do that again” Namjoon says and Jimin nods “pinky promise?” He asks and sticks out his pinky. Namjoon nods and wraps his pinky around Jimin’s, making him very happy. After that Jimin jumps onto Namjoon who falls back into the floor. Jimin snuggles into his chest and Namjoon chuckles as he wraps his arms around Jimin.

“I should also say...sorry” Namjoon then whispers and Jimin props up a bit shocked “I’m sorry that, I’m so selfish, and that it seems like I don’t care” Namjoon says and Looks into Jimin’s glistening eyes “I won’t hurt you again, I’ll try my best to be better, to treat you better and to make sure you’re happy” Namjoon explains and Jimin blushes. “Really?” He wonders and Namjoon nods. Jimin lays his head back down on his chest and sniffles, Namjoon wrapping his arms around Jimin tightly. “Thank you” he whispers and Namjoon hums before kissing the top of his head.

[next day, noon]

“It hurts~” Jimin whined as Namjoon pulls the tracker out of Jimin’s arm “I know I know” Namjoon says and keeps slowly pulling it out. Jimin whined and cried in pain, not liking it at all. Once it was out Namjoon puts a bandage over the wound and Jimin quickly pulls his arm away. Now that Jimin has the collar that had a tracker on it, he doesn’t need the tracker on his arm. Namjoon stands up from the floor and Jimin just pouts with a sniffle, looking at where the tracker was and how red it was around it. Namjoon puts the tracker in the garbage and then goes into the kitchen before grabbing a cookie. He walks back to Jimin and hands him the cookie “oh, thank you” Jimin says as he grabs it.

While Jimin starts eating Namjoon sits down on the couch and pulls out his phone, opening the app the collar has. Namjoon starts putting what you can call an invisible gate to where Jimin can’t pass, and if he does, the collar will shock him. After finishing the cookie Jimin climbs on the couch and lays down over Namjoon’s lap on his back “what’re you doing?” Jimin asks “I’m setting up the invisible gate” Namjoon says “what?” Jimin says confused “if you walk past a certain amount of distance, the collar will shock you” Namjoon simply says and Jimin hums “ok” he mumbles. It doesn’t take long till Namjoon finishes and puts his phone down before looking down at Jimin. “Will I ever be able to leave?” Jimin asks and Namjoon hums and sneaks his hand under Jimin’s shirt “I don’t know, depends” Namjoon says and Jimin grabs Namjoon’s hand that’s under his shirt.

“Your hands are cold” Jimin says and Namjoon nods before placing a finger over a nipple. Jimin gasps and pushes Namjoon’s hand away “when will you let me pleasure you?” Namjoon asks and Jimin looks up at him with a bit of blush. “Um, I-I don’t know” Jimin says and Namjoon nods “how about, now?” Namjoon says and brings his face closer to Jimin’s who bit his lip “b-but” Jimin whispers and Namjoon cups his face “I’m not gonna do anything bad bad, I just want to make you feel good” Namjoon says and Jimin blushes more. “W-what are you gonna do?” He asks and Namjoon smirks “if you let me do what I want to do you’ll find out” Namjoon says and Jimin doesn’t know if he should say yes or no. He felt curious on what was gonna happen and what Namjoon wanted to do, but he also feared that he won’t like it and get hurt.

“I- ok yes” Jimin says quickly and closes his eyes. Namjoon then lays Jimin down on the couch and hovers on top of him before kissing his nose. Jimin opens one eyes and Namjoon winks at him, making him whine a bit and bring his arms over his face shyly. Namjoon knows he has to take this slow and not get right into it, so he gets in between Jimin’s legs on his knees before lifting up the skirt and revealing Jimin’s private’s. He felt excited, not horny excited, but just happy excited that Jimin is letting him actually do something to him. Gently he grabs Jimin’s dick, making Jimin close his legs on Namjoon, pressing his thighs against his body with a whine. Namjoon looks up at his face and Jimin peeks out from his arms but instantly looks away at the eye contact. Namjoon looks back down and gently strokes Jimin’s dick.

Rather quickly Jimin starts to harden and leek a bit, Namjoon found it cute but also knew it was because Jimin never had someone, even himself, do this. Namjoon then brings his head down and takes Jimin in his mouth, making Jimin gasps and moan out in shock. He props up on his elbows shocked and looks down at Namjoon who just swirled his tongue around his dick. Jimin lets out a cry and sits up before grabbing Namjoon’s head with his hands, it felt so weird but good and Jimin didn’t know how to react.

Namjoon just starts pleasuring Jimin with his tongue, Jimin moaning and breathing out at the sensation and curling up in a ball around Namjoon’s head. At that Namjoon pushes Jimin back down on the couch and keeps a hand on his chest as he continued pleasuring Jimin. Jimin grabs Namjoon’s arms and bucks his hips as he starts feeling his orgasm already. “P-please stop! Stop!” Jimin says freaked out but Namjoon doesn’t stop and keeps his mouth on Jimin’s dick. Jimin cries out and presses his thighs against Namjoon’s head as he cums and his whole-body jolts.

Namjoon basically sucks every drop of cum out and Jimin starts crying from the overwhelming feeling. Namjoon swallows the cum before lifting his head up and looking at Jimin. He brings his head over Jimin’s and looks down at his teary eyes and pink cheeks. “How was that?” Namjoon asks and Jimin bites his lips “I-I don’t know” he says out of breath and Namjoon chuckles “did it feel good?” Namjoon asks and Jimin blushes more “I don’t know” Jimin says again and so Namjoon brings a hand down and grabs Jimin’s dick, making him flinch a bit as it was sensitive. “Then let me do it again” Namjoon says and Jimin gasps “no no! It’s ok it felt really really good” Jimin says in a panic and Namjoon chuckles and pulls Jimin’s skirt down before kissing his nose again “did you like it?” Namjoon wonders as he really wants to make sure that he can do this again.

“I-I guess yeah” Jimin says and Namjoon nods “perfect” he says and sits up, bringing Jimin with him and onto his lap. Jimin snuggled into Namjoon’s chest and wondered about the strange feeling he felt, it was so new, and it made him so curious. “Baby, let me tell you something ok?” Namjoon says and Jimin nods “because we’re closer and you mean a lot to me, people will find out about you and try to steal you” Namjoon says and Jimin looks up at Namjoon a bit scared “why?” Jimin asks “they want to hurt me, that’s why” Namjoon says and Jimin lays his head on Namjoon’s chest.

“Well, I promise I won’t let anyone take me away” Jimin says and Namjoon was a bit shocked by that response “really?” Namjoon says and Jimin nods “y-you mean a lot to me too” Jimin says a bit shyly and Namjoon hugs Jimin’s little body tighter. Jimin wraps his own arms around Namjoon’s neck and a bit weakly hugs him back, still feeling a bit weird from what Namjoon did. Namjoon sighs and couldn’t believe that even after all he did Jimin still wishes to stay with him. It means a lot to him, to finally have someone like Jimin that wants to be with him. He usually doesn’t mind it when people don’t want to be with him because of how psychotic he can be, but at the same time, he wants someone to be with since it really does get lonely in this big, big house of his.

Yoongi would sometimes stay the night with him, but it wasn’t the same as it was because he had to stay the night, not because he wanted to. There are many times that Yoongi was at his house but not actually wanting to be there. Namjoon kisses Jimin’s neck and then pulls away before kissing his nose “you really are something special” he says and Jimin smiles “just for you” he says and Namjoon can’t help but smile at that which makes Jimin giggle and grabs his face before poking his dimples.

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