Mafia - Minjoon


[1 month later]

Jimin and Namjoon have gotten closer and touchier with each other. Namjoon is less physical when he is angry, and Jimin is really starting to depend on Namjoon about almost everything. If he’s hungry, he goes to Namjoon, if he’s tired, he goes to Namjoon, if he literally needs anything, he’ll go to Namjoon. However, Yoongi and Hoseok don’t know that. They think that Jimin is miserable and getting hurt, or almost killed by Namjoon. And right now, they are on their way to save Jimin, get him back. They’ve recovered from the little car crash, and Yoongi is desperate on having Jimin back with him.

Hoseok picklocks Namjoon front door, Yoongi right behind him looking around to make sure that no one spots them with his gun out. Even though it is 2 in the morning, people are still awake and doing things. “Got it” Hoseok says and slowly opens the door, him and Yoongi quickly slipping into the house. They both held guns and wore dark clothing, with no chains or anything that could make noise. “I’ll do the top floor and you stay down here” Yoongi whispers and Hoseok nods. Yoongi makes his way up the stairs while Hoseok goes in the living room. Yoongi stays low and immediately goes to Namjoon’s room just to make sure.

He slowly opens the door and looks inside the room, Namjoon snoring and Jimin slowly sitting up. He wasn’t a deep sleeper like Namjoon, and he heard the footsteps that woke him up. Yoongi opens the door more and shows himself and Jimin rubs his eyes before gasping. Yoongi puts a finger over his lips and Jimin covers his mouth. Yoongi then gestures to Jimin to come over to him so Jimin carefully places Namjoon’s arm that was on his lap aside before getting out of bed and rushing to Yoongi. Jimin immediately hugs him tightly and Yoongi closes the door before hugging Jimin back “oh my gosh I missed you” Yoongi says and hugs Jimin extremely tightly making Jimin quietly giggle “I missed you too” Jimin says.

“Follow me now” Yoongi says not really noticing the collar on Jimin, too desperate on getting Jimin out of Namjoon’s house. They go down the stairs and Hoseok rushes to them “you got hi- what’s that?” He says and points at Jimin’s neck. Yoongi then looks down and grabs the pendant on the collar, his eyes widening as he recognized the symbol.

Yoongi then grabs the collar on Jimin’s neck and looks at it to see if he can get rid of it, and as he did that, he sees the scabs of the wounds on Jimin’s neck from the blades. “Jimin, what is this?” Yoongi asks worriedly “i-it’s a special collar” Jimin says and Yoongi looks back at Hoseok who looks at him with just as much shock.

“Those scabs on your neck, what are they from?” Yoongi asks and Jimin bites his lip “well, um, I was angry at Namjoon and he pushed a button which made knifes go in my neck so I can stop being angry at him” Jimin explains and looks up at Yoongi who looks down at him shocked. “We need to get this off you” Hoseok says and Jimin gasps “no, you can’t” Jimin says and backs away while grabbing the collar “Then lets just leave and bring you back home” Yoongi says “n-no, you can’t do that either” Jimin says and the boys were confused “what do you mean we can’t?” Yoongi asks and Jimin looks away a big shyly.

“Well, you see, the collar also has a tracker and, um, if pass the invisible gate, it’s gonna shock me to sleep” Jimin says and plays with his fingers before looking back up at the boys. “H-how are you letting Namjoon- what?” Yoongi says confused and then suddenly, they hear someone clear their throat. They all look up at the top of the stairs and sees Namjoon just standing there. Jimin rushes up the stairs and to Namjoon who ruffles his hair “go back to bed ok baby” Namjoon says and Jimin nods before going back in the room.

Namjoon then chuckles as he looks at Hoseok and Yoongi, Yoongi rushing to Hoseok’s side. “Look at you guys, trying to steal my Jimin” Namjoon says and shakes his head in disbelief while going down the stairs. “I thought it would be clear that he belongs to me now” Namjoon says and sighs while stepping closer to the boys. “You guys just look like idiots” Namjoon says and laughs out. Jimin steps out of the bedroom and goes over to the railing, looking down into the lobby a bit scared and curious on what’s gonna happen. “We have guns, don’t try anything Namjoon” Hoseok says and steps up “and you’re in my territory, in my house, full of weapons” Namjoon says and Hoseok huffs “you guys should stop trying, and instead of breaking into my house, tell me if you want to see my boy” Namjoon says and Yoongi gets mad at that.

“He’s not your boy!” He exclaims and Namjoon scoffs and crosses his arms “if I’m correct, he has a collar with my symbol and said he didn’t want to leave with you” Namjoon explains “no, he said he couldn’t leave because of you!” Yoongi says and steps forward. Jimin bites his lip as he doesn’t want to leave Namjoon and he does want to be his only boy. Jimin however sees Namjoon’s hands turn into fist and has a bad feeling. So, he rushes down the stairs and hugs Namjoon from the side “no fighting” he mumbles and starts pulling Namjoon back “no Jimin, let me deal with them” Namjoon says and turns around before lightly pushing Jimin aside.

“Jimin, come here” Yoongi then says and Jimin freezes as he looks up at Namjoon who looked back at him “b-but” he simply says and looks at both boys “guys, don’t make him chose” Hoseok then says and Namjoon looks at him pissed “fuck off, we will make Jimin chose. He will chose who he wants to be with” Namjoon says and Hoseok glares at him. “So if he choses to come with us, you’ll take the collar off him?” Yoongi then wonders and Jimin looks up at Namjoon who looked down into his big doe eyes. He sighs and nods “yes, if Jimin choses you I’ll take the collar off” Namjoon says and Yoongi looks over at Jimin who was shocked.

Jimin starts walking to the middle of both boys and Namjoon watched him with hopeful eyes. It was hard for Jimin to pick of course, he never knew he’d had to pick between two of his favourite persons. “Umm” Jimin says and looks at Namjoon then at Yoongi. It would be nice to go with Yoongi, have some nice food, get rid of the metal collar and just be free. But Jimin also wants to stay with Namjoon, get to feel good, sleep in the same bed with someone warm and strong. Get protected and grow with him to be a better person. He also liked how he was Namjoon’s boy, he was his Jimin, no one else’s. Something about being so special to Namjoon that he calls him his, is what makes Jimin feel so warm inside and want to stay with him.

With Yoongi, he’ll just go back to the old, tiny house they share with Taehyung and Jungkook, go back to school and have to do things he doesn’t want to do. Even though here with Namjoon there are things he doesn’t want to do, there isn’t any school, there isn’t annoying roommates, it’s just a calm big house that Jimin most of the time liked. He whines a bit as he keeps looking from Namjoon to Yoongi, biting his lip and trying to decide which one he should go with. Jimin then looks over at Yoongi and bites his lip, Yoongi smiles and opens his arms for Jimin, thinking he was going to go to him, but then Jimin turns and runs to Namjoon.

Both Yoongi and Hoseok were in shock and Namjoon hugs Jimin tightly and kisses the side of his head while bending down, Jimin smiling and putting his hands on Namjoon’s shoulders. “Jimin, why!?” Yoongi then says shocked and Jimin turns his head to look over at him, only one eye open as Namjoon kept kissing him happily. “B-because I like Namjoon” Jimin says and Yoongi feels betrayed “why? He’s a psychopath” Yoongi says and Jimin wraps his arms around Namjoon’s neck as he bends over more to kiss his neck “he doesn’t hurt me anymore Yoongi, I’m his special boy” Jimin says and then Namjoon wraps his arms around his waist only to pick him up.

Yoongi couldn’t believe it, and he’s never seen Namjoon act such a way with someone else and felt even sadder “b-but Jimin, you- I- your family! What about your friends? Me?” Yoongi says heartbrokenly as he steps forward and Jimin whines a bit as Namjoon keeps kissing his cheek and neck. “I’m sorry, b-but I like it better here” Jimin says and Namjoon hums “yes now end of discussion” Namjoon says and starts walking towards the stairs “you guys better leave before I kill you” Namjoon then says and Jimin hits his shoulder. Yoongi tears up as he sees Jimin getting brought back up the stairs with Namjoon. Jimin waves at them and Hoseok grabs Yoongi’s hand before walking to the door “I’m sorry about him Yoonie baby” Hoseok says and Yoongi just starts crying.

“I don’t want him to stay with him” Yoongi cries and Hoseok closes the door “I know you don’t, but it was his choice” Hoseok says and pulls Yoongi closer. Inside the house Namjoon brings Jimin back to the room and lays him down in bed before continuing to kiss him. Jimin giggles and puts his hands on Namjoon’s shoulders, letting him kiss him. Then after a while Namjoon pulls away and looks down at Jimin who smiled “I’m so glad you chose me, you don’t know how much that would’ve made me mad if you left” Namjoon says and Jimin grabs Namjoon’s face before biting his lip “I know, you would’ve been really mad and I would’ve been really sad after a day of not seeing you” Jimin says and Namjoon can’t help but let himself smile at that. Jimin smiles even more and pushes his thumbs into Namjoon’s dimples “lets go to sleep now, and tomorrow we can make some food” Namjoon says and Jimin nods. Namjoon lays down next to Jimin and brings him back into his arms, kissing the top of his head and rubbing his back.

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