Mafia - Minjoon


[the next day at night]

Jimin sat at the window half asleep waiting for Namjoon to come back from this meeting he went too a while back. Jimin sighs and swings his foot off the bench back and forth, laying his head on the window sill. He was in desperate need of hugs and kisses, Jimin missed Namjoon too much and was also stressed out from picking who he wants to stay with between Yoongi and Namjoon. He knows it’s better for his health to be with Yoongi, but Jimin just feels so connected to Namjoon and in need of his attention all the time, he knows he couldn’t have went a day without him.

Jimin pouts as he keeps looking outside at the empty parking spot Namjoon always parks his car at. He felt so impatient and needy. Just then, Jimin sees Namjoon’s car from afar roll over to the house. He hums and since he was too sleepy to actually be excited, he simply gets off the bench next to the window and starts walking to the front door. Namjoon hops out his car and rushes to the front door, ready to hug and feel Jimin’s little body in his arms. He’s been arguing with other gang’s, trying to stop fights from happening, and he needs to relax.

He opens the door and walks in, seeing Jimin sleepily walk over to him. Namjoon closes the door and walks over to Jimin, picking his little self up into his arms and hugging him tightly. Jimin hugs him back just as tightly and feels the warmness surround his body. Jimin feels content and better now in Namjoon’s arms. Namjoon felt himself destress while hugging Jimin and having him hug him back. He never actually enjoyed being with someone else more than this. Usually when he wants to destress he goes into his room alone and stays alone. But now it feels as if he needs Jimin to destress. Anyways, Namjoon goes up to the bedroom and lays Jimin down on the bed before starting to take off his tie and shirt. Jimin makes himself comfortable and waited patiently for Namjoon to get ready.

Once he was in sweats, Namjoon slips under the blankets and brings Jimin closer. He kisses him all over his face and Jimin lightly giggles while clinging onto him. Namjoon hugs him tighter and then closes his eyes, so does Jimin. They both fall asleep with each other’s warmness.

[next morning]

Jimin wakes up to Namjoon kissing his lower neck while also rubbing inside his thigh. Jimin hums and grabs Namjoon’s hand to push it aside but instead he decides to give Namjoon a chance. Namjoon brings his hand higher and squeezes Jimin’s thigh, making him sleepily moan out. Namjoon mounts on top of Jimin and kisses his nose “you’re letting me?” He wonders and Jimin opens his eyes before nodding “can I do whatever I want?” Namjoon asks and Jimin shakes his head with a little bratty smile. “Oh” Namjoon says and quirks his eyebrow “then what would you like me to do?” Namjoon asks and Jimin blushes before pointing at his lips “just a kiss?” Namjoon asks “l-long kiss” Jimin says quietly and shyly and Namjoon chuckles before bringing his lips down.

Jimin closes his eyes and they start slowly making out. Namjoon brings his hands up and holds Jimin’s waist while Jimin tiredly brought his arms up and around Namjoon’s neck, trying his best to make out. Then Namjoon slips his tongue in and Jimin lets out a high-pitched whine and opens his eyes with shock. Jimin whimpers as he blushed immensely and closes his eyes once more. Namjoon keeps his tongue in Jimin’s mouth and Jimin a bit hesitantly pushes his tongue in Namjoon’s.

He whimpers and tries to get used to kissing with tongue, it felt strange to have another tongue gliding against his own. Namjoon found it cute how Jimin was kissing, it was shy but curious and Namjoon just loved it. They keep making out for a while before Namjoon pulls away and looks down at Jimin who was a blushing mess, his eyes half open and his lips parted and red from all the kissing. “How was that?” Namjoon asks and Jimin licks his lips “w-weird, b-but good” Jimin says and Namjoon kisses his nose.

“Want a cookie?” Namjoon wonders and Jimin’s eyes light up “uh huh” he says and so they get out of bed and walk over to the kitchen. In the kitchen Namjoon grabs the cookie jar and takes out two cookies “here, for being a good boy” Namjoon says and Jimin grabs the cookies with a smile. They then go over to the living room and Namjoon sits down on the couch, Jimin sitting down on his lap as he starts eating the cookies. Namjoon holds him closes and goes on his phone to check his messages and emails.

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