Mafia - Minjoon


[next morning]

Jimin slowly wakes up from the cold floor he passed out on. He sits up while bringing a hand to his head as it was hurting. He looks around the room that had no furniture and just dust and spider webs. Jimin really didn’t like it and he starts wondering what his friends were doing. Wondering if Yoongi, Taehyung and Jungkook are searching for him. He badly wanted to leave. He sighs and then weakly stands up before walking to the door. Jimin tries to open it but finds out its locked from the outside. So, he knocks on it “hello?” He says and tries to open the door again.

But then he hears some footsteps, so he knocks on it again “ignore him” he then hears Namjoon say and he gasps a bit “let me out!” Jimin says in a panic and keeps knocking on the door while on the verge of tears. He keeps knocking and trying to open the door for the next 30 minutes, but nothing happens and he never gets out.


Jimin sat at the end of the room, leaning against the wall as he looked at the door with tears in his eyes. He wasn’t exactly crying though, but he felt sad and tears were rolling down his cheeks without control. He doesn’t know what time of day it was or if it was nighttime. There was no clock, window, or anything in the room other than him so he really didn’t know. Just then he hears the doorknob rattle and then the door opens. Jimin props up excitedly and looks at Namjoon who walked into the room shirtless with just some sweats on.

“How are you feeling?” Namjoon asks as he walks closer to Jimin “um, I-I don’t know” Jimin says quietly and Namjoon hums. “Stand up” Namjoon says and So Jimin stands up and Namjoon keeps walking towards him. Once close enough Namjoon grabs Jimin’s jaw and makes him look up “this must suck, to be in this room for so long” Namjoon says and Jimin nods as it was “how about I apologize to you” Namjoon says and brings his other hand down to Jimin’s hip, bringing Jimin closer to his body. Jimin puts his hands on Namjoon’s chest confused and looks up at him with big innocent eyes.

“O-Ok” Jimin says, expecting to get a verbal apology. “I’ll make you feel good” Namjoon says in a low voice and moves his hand from Jimin’s hip to his butt, groping him. Jimin gasps a bit and tries to push Namjoon away but Namjoon simply holds him close and tight. “Don’t be scared” Namjoon says and Jimin looks at him scared “h-how?” Jimin asks “you’ve never had someone touch you like this before?” Namjoon asks and Jimin shakes his head “oh really? I thought you had some experience” Namjoon says and Jimin shakes his head again.

“I never did anything like this” Jimin says and Namjoon hums “then, you wanna try it? It’ll be my apology to keeping you in this room for so long” Namjoon says and Jimin thinks a bit. He’s never really been curious on sexual things, but the more he thinks about it now the more curious he gets about it. He wants to know how it’ll feel with someone else’s hands on him. Plus, Jimin thought it was an apology. “Ok, yeah..” Jimin says “perfect” Namjoon says and smiles evilly, knowing exactly how amazing this will be.

[some time later]

Namjoon walks out of Jimin’s room extremely angry. They didn’t even do anything else other than make out and grind on each other. Jimin freaked out when Namjoon went to prep him. Namjoon wanted to do it even though Jimin was yelling at him to stop. However, once he looked into his sad eyes, he couldn’t bring himself to do it. And that’s why he’s angry, he’s angry because he couldn’t hurt Jimin like how he hurts everyone else. He’s angry because he felt empathy towards Jimin and felt as if Jimin shouldn’t be hurt that way. It really didn’t make sense to him as of why he just left the room.

Namjoon sits down on his bed in his room and thinks. Jimin is Yoongi’s closest friend, and that might bring Yoongi back to Namjoon and his gang. They used to be such good friends until a gang fight happened with Hoseok, his enemy. Yoongi then started being late too meetings, sometimes he would walk in late all sweaty and red. And then he just left a note in the kitchen saying he’s leaving and joining Hoseok’s gang. Namjoon never saw him again and it really hurt him. So maybe he could use Jimin as an attraction to bring Yoongi back, or to at least see him again.

But then as Namjoon thinks more, he realizes he could hurt Yoongi just as much as he hurt him by Killing Jimin. He could go kill Jimin right now, and if Yoongi ever comes by, he’ll show him Jimin’s rotting body in the room. Namjoon stands up and grabs his gun before walking out his room and to Jimin’s room. He slowly opens the door and looks inside, seeing Jimin who was shirtless laying on the floor sleeping already. He walks in and loads his gun, pointing it at Jimin as he got closer. Namjoon looks at Jimin’s pretty sleeping face, and he somehow feels his heartbeat faster with nervousness.

It confused him and Namjoon tries to pull the trigger, but Jimin lets out an exhale and opens his eyes. He looks at the gun and tears roll down the side of his face, thinking this was it, this was the end of him. Namjoon looks at him and presses his lips together as he tried to pull the trigger, but he really couldn’t bring himself to do it. So, he sighs and lowers the gun. Jimin lets out a little whine as he starts crying and Namjoon simply leaves the room.

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