Mafia - Minjoon


[next day, night]

Jimin laid on the bed half asleep, wanting Namjoon to come hold him and fall asleep since it was late. However, Namjoon was in his closet, looking for some clothes Jimin could wear. He didn’t really want to give him some clothes he kept from all the people he killed, but everything in his closet is too big for him. He contemplates forcing Jimin to stay naked but knows Jimin won’t like it and get annoyed. So Namjoon just searched more until he finds something Jimin can wear.

“Hurry up~” Jimin whined from the bed “yes yes, I will” Namjoon says and just decides to grab some clothes from the people he killed. They are washed. He pulls out a little shirt and some basic soft fabric shorts. Namjoon walks out the closet and Jimin brings his arms out for Namjoon. “We’re taking a shower” Namjoon then says and Jimin looks at him confused as he puts his arms down “what? Together?” Jimin wonders and Namjoon ignores him as he walks out the room. Jimin slowly sits up with a whine and Namjoon comes back into the room only to pick him up and bring him to the bathroom.

He sits Jimin down on the sink counter and grabs the end of the shirt before going to lift it up but Jimin stops him. Namjoon looks up at Jimin and sees his cheeks pink and his eyes big and innocent “I won’t do anything” Namjoon says and Jimin bites his lip. “B-but we’re both gonna be n-naked” Jimin says a bit shyly and Namjoon nods “we can’t take a shower wearing clothes” Namjoon says and tries to lift Jimin’s shirt again but Jimin stops him “b-but-” “if you don’t want me to look, I won’t” Namjoon says and Jimin blushes a bit more before nodding.

“Then you get undressed and I’ll do the same” Namjoon says and puts Jimin on the ground “back to back?” Jimin wonders and Namjoon nods. So, they both turn around, back to back, before starting to get undressed. Jimin hesitantly starts taking off the shirt and then pushing the skirt down his legs. He steps out of it and picks up the clothes before covering himself with it. He then hesitantly turns around and sees that Namjoon was already naked and turning on the shower.

As Namjoon did that, Jimin couldn’t help but look which led to him being shocked. He didn’t know it would be that big. Jimin quickly looks away and just blushes more, keeping the clothes over his naked body.

Namjoon turns and looks at Jimin who kept looking away “put the clothes down” Namjoon says and approached Jimin who shook his head and kept it down. “Jimin” Namjoon then says and grabs Jimin’s jaw, making him look up “you don’t have to be scared, I won’t do anything to you” Namjoon says and Jimin looks into his serious eyes before nodding and dropping the clothes. “Good job” Namjoon says and ruffles Jimin’s hair before grabbing his hand and bringing him to the shower. They both walk in and Namjoon closes the glass door before bringing Jimin closer to the water. Namjoon starts helping Jimin get washed and Jimin just looked up at him as he did so “I’m gonna wash you, and then I’ll wash myself ok?” Namjoon says and Jimin nods.

So that’s what Namjoon does, he grabs the shampoo and washes Jimin’s hair. Namjoon plans on using his manly soap and shampoo on Jimin so that everyone can smell him on Jimin and now that Jimin is his. Jimin just stands there as Namjoon washed his hair, closing his eyes as it felt good since it was technically a massage to the head. Namjoon rinses the shampoo out and then adds conditioner, Jimin keeping his eyes closed and even almost falling asleep since he was tired, and the head massage was everything. Anyways, Namjoon rinses out the conditioner and then grabs the soap and puts some on his hands before starting to wash Jimin’s body. Jimin didn’t mind at first until Namjoon started going lower. He opens his eyes and looks up at Namjoon who rubbed right above Jimin’s crotch. Namjoon doesn’t look at him and instead lifts Jimin’s leg up, making Jimin grab him to not fall. Namjoon starts rubbing the soap all over Jimin’s thighs and butt, Jimin closes his eyes again and bites his lip as it felt a bit good, but he doesn’t want to react too much to it.

Soon enough Namjoon finishes and rinses Jimin’s body. “There, all clean” Namjoon says and then he himself goes under the water, moving Jimin aside. As Namjoon washed his hair Jimin felt extremely sleepy, especially after getting washed. He a bit hesitantly leans on Namjoon before wrapping his arms around him. Namjoon looks down at him and just felt happy that Jimin hugged him, especially in the shower. He continues to wash himself and slowly Jimin falls asleep. After realizing, Namjoon quickly finishes and stops the water. He picks Jimin up which wakes him up a bit. Jimin wraps his arms around Namjoon’s neck and keeps his eyes closed while Namjoon walks out of the shower.

Namjoon grabs a towel and puts Jimin down before wrapping him in it. Jimin whines a bit while Namjoon starts drying himself, his eyes still closed but his lips pouting. Namjoon quickly gets dressed and then starts drying Jimin up. Jimin giggles a bit as his body gets tossed around and how Namjoon dried his hair. Then Namjoon helps Jimin get dressed in the soft little shorts and shirt that resembled a pyjama since they were similar light pink colours. Namjoon then picks Jimin up and gets out the bathroom, closing the lights. Jimin snuggles close to Namjoon, feeling warm and soft. Namjoon goes into their room and goes straight to the bed, laying down with Jimin who stayed clinging to him. He pulls the cover over them and kisses Jimin’s cute face before closing his eyes, Jimin already asleep.

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