Mafia - Minjoon


[next morning]

Namjoon wakes up first with just his hand on Jimin’s stomach. He lifts his head up and looks at Jimin who laid on his back, his limbs spread open as he slept. It makes Namjoon laugh a bit and he scoots closer to Jimin before bringing his hand up the shirt. Jimin lets out a little exhale and Namjoon starts kissing his warm little body. Jimin then wakes up and looks down at Namjoon, bringing his hand down to his head and also turning his body to the side so Namjoon can have more to kiss. Namjoon hums and kisses his way up to Jimin’s lips “good morning” Namjoon says and Jimin just climbs on top of Namjoon and snuggles into him with a hum. Namjoon hugs him close and smiles a bit as Jimin smelled so much like him. After a while of just laying there Jimin props his head up with half open eyes and kisses Namjoon. Namjoon pulls Jimin up more and kisses his lips only to have Jimin push his lips against his harder. Namjoon chuckles and they starts slowly making out. Jimin lets out little moans and then pulls away “morning” he mumbles and Namjoon just smiles at his cuteness, feeling lucky. Hopefully, nothing bad will happen.

[a week or so later]

Jimin is sitting next to the window, looking out bored as Namjoon was gone somewhere. He watches members get into fights, some giving each other drugs and even doing drugs. It was kind of entertainment and sometimes made Jimin laugh, but it was still boring. Anyways, as the sun starts to set Namjoon comes speeding into the territory. Jimin didn’t think much about it until other cars come speeding into the territory. Namjoon quickly hops out and runs inside the house, Jimin doesn’t even get the chance to say anything as a gun was shot at the window he sat at making him scream in shock.

Namjoon grabs Jimin who wasn’t wounded and simply runs down to the basement as fast as he can. Jimin sees the chains and metal collar he used to wear but then Namjoon goes over to the boxes at the end of the room and moves them around. Banging was heard upstairs along with gunshots which was terrifying to Jimin. After Namjoon pushes the box aside, a little door was seen “there’s a room behind there” Namjoon says as he puts Jimin down “go inside, stay still, don’t make a sound and I’ll be right back” Namjoon says and Jimin nods before opening the little door, bending down a little bit and going in. Namjoon closes the door and places the box back to hide the door before rushing away. Jimin looks around the tiny room which had a pillow and blanket inside of it. He lays down curled up in a ball and listens, he listens at all the banging, glass breaking, gun shots, screams and other traumatizing sounds.

He starts crying with fear but tries not to make too much noise out of it. He hopes Namjoon will be ok, he doesn’t know what he’ll do if Namjoon died or got too hurt. Just then he hears footsteps go down the stairs, and many of them “the boy has too be somewhere in the house” he hears someone say “search everywhere” the guy says again and Jimin puts his hand over his mouth, closing his eyes.

He hears shuffling around and people really close to the little door “hey there’s a little d-” the guy gets cut off by a gunshot. Jimin hears a thud against the door and two more gunshots follows along with yelling. Jimin curls up more and hears someone walking closer to the door only to drag the supposed dead body away and cover the door with more boxes. Seconds later whoever it was which Jimin hoped was Namjoon, goes back up the stairs and continues shooting. Jimin continues to cry and wraps himself in the blanket, scared to death.


Couple hours have past and Jimin was still in the little room. He heard multiple footsteps above him, along with stuff getting dragged and muffled talking. Jimin didn’t know what was going on, and he really just wanted to hug Namjoon and have him say everything was alright. He cuddled up with the blanket more and kept listening, trying to hear out for Namjoon’s voice. It was also starting to get cold in the little room.


Namjoon simply laughs as he gets another punch to the stomach, blood spilling out of his mouth from being beaten “last chance, where is he?” The man asks and Namjoon licks his bloody lips with a cocky smile “who wants you to do this to me? I’ve never, ever bothered you before Ryan” Namjoon says as it was true, he’s never bothered this gang before, they kept their distance. “That doesn’t matter, I want him” Ryan says and Namjoon nods “well, Jimin won’t want you” Namjoon says only to get punched in the face again. “Tell me where he is!!” Ryan yells and Namjoon groans “I’m not telling you” Namjoon says and gets punched once more which makes him go unconscious. “Do we kill him?” A guy asks “No, we don’t, we have to keep him alive. Send some more men to his house and let them search around until they find the boy. Tell them that they can’t come back until they have the boy” Ryan says and his members nod.

Ryan looks back at Namjoon’s unconscious and beaten up body, pinned against the wall with metal cuffs and chains. He sighs and leaves the room, everyone else doing the same.


Jimin listens closely to the many many footsteps above him. He didn’t know if it was a group of people or just a couple. He also didn’t know if it was bad or good guys. Of course, after a while there are footsteps going down the stairs “my oh my” a guy says, “he killed Jerry!!??” One then exclaimed sadly and Jimin just gets scared as he hears the boxes getting moved “whatever, Jerry was annoying, lets just find the boy” the guy says and then chuckles. Jimin looks at the little door, his heart beating incredibly fast. He didn’t want to get taken. But then, the little door opens “Ah ha! Found him!” He says and grabs Jimin’s ankle, pulling him out making Jimin cry out.

“No! Let me go!!” Jimin says as he gets picked up. Jimin starts trying to punch the guy, but he gets put over his shoulder. Jimin starts screaming as loud as he can, wanting to be annoying, but that only caused the other bad guys to come down. “Look at how small he is!” One says and then he gets taken off the guys shoulder and in front of another man that smiled at him. “Get away from me!” Jimin then yells which shocks the guy until he realized he was one of the bad guys. “Take him with you alright Jackson?” The other says and Jackson nods. The others leave and Jackson stays behind a bit “p-please, let me go!” Jimin cries and Jackson just pulls him into his chest “I’m a good guy” he simply whispers and Jimin looks up at him confused.

Jackson’s smile fades and he goes serious so Jimin looks away and for some dumb reason he lets him carry him out the basement. Maybe it’s because he was gentle? Sweet? Smiling? Jimin doesn’t know. Once out the basement Jimin looks at all the other boys that snickers and give him dirty looks in the dark house. But that’s not the only thing Jimin noticed. Everything in the house was flipped around, all the windows broken, every plate and cup or bowl was smashed and there were also holes in the floor and walls. Jimin sniffles as he starts to cry but then cries more as Jackson walks outside into the dark night and he sees dead bodies of the members everywhere. What makes him really start to cry was seeing John, a member he got closer with, try to stand up to save him, Jimin gently waves at him with tears in his eyes and John shakes his head, blood dripping down his forehead.

However, he couldn’t do anything as Jackson gets in a car with other men and they start driving. Jimin continues to cry, the car silent with just his little sobs. Jackson gently hugs Jimin closer and starts feeling the soft shirt between his fingers. Jimin felt a bit uncomfortable but was to scared and sad to even think about it. The drive was pretty long too, so Jimin just dreaded it more. He didn’t know where he was going or what was gonna happen, he just hoped that Namjoon was ok and that nothing too bad will happen.

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