Mafia - Minjoon


[after the car ride]

Jimin gets tossed inside the room Namjoon was chained up in. Once seeing Namjoon Jimin instantly stands up and runs to him, cupping his bruised and bloody face in his little hands gently while going on his tippy toes. Namjoon slowly opens his eyes and looks down at Jimin and tries to say something but Jimin stops him before going to say something but he gets pulled back. He cries out and then some rather rough men add a leash to his collar along with tie his hands together. They then sit Jimin down on a chair next to Namjoon and then Ryan walks in “would you look at that” he says and walks over to Jimin with a smirk. Jimin looks at him with fear until he grabs the leash and pulls him closer “so cute” he says and Jimin spits in his face.

Namjoon laughs at that and Jimin smiles “feisty too, I like it” Ryan then says and wipes off the spit off his face before letting go of Jimin’s leash and walking towards Namjoon. “The collar on his neck, why is it made out of metal?” Ryan asks “none of your business” Namjoon says weakly “it is Namjoon, tell me or else I’ll ask him” Ryan says and points at Jimin. Namjoon looks over at Jimin who subtly nodded at him with his big doe eyes and he sighs “it has a remote.... that’s all I’m saying” Namjoon says and Ryan chuckles. “Then it must be this little remote we found with your keys” Ryan walks over to a table that had everything Namjoon had on him. He picks up the remote before walking over to Jimin.

“Let’s see” he says and presses the first button, making the blades cut Jimin’s neck. Jimin cries out and blood starts dripping down making Ryan laugh out surprised. The blades retract and Jimin looks up at Ryan with pleading eyes “what else does this do?” He wonders and presses the other button, which shocked Jimin. Jimin cries out again as his body jolts with the electricity. Ryan smiles widely and presses the next button, making the collar vibrate strongly, but it wasn’t as painful as the others “that one sucks” he says and presses the button for the blades again. Jimin cries out and brings his tied-up hands to his neck, gulping and trying not to freak out too much.

“This is nice Namjoon” Ryan says and gets closer to Jimin “I’m gonna use this a lot” he says and smirks at Jimin who gave him a disgusting look. “I’m gonna ask you some questions, and if you lie, I’ll use the collar” He says and Jimin looks over at Namjoon who just looked at him, tears in his own eyes. Jimin looks back at Ryan and nods “perfect, let’s start easy, what’s your name?” Ryan asks “Jimin” Jimin says “age?” Ryan wonders “19” Jimin says and Ryan nods “that’s pretty young” Ryan adds a bit shocked “shut up” Jimin mumbles but Ryan hears and laughs before pressing the button. Jimin groans as the blades go in the same bloody wounds, it hurt a lot. “No insulting your new master baby boy” Ryan says and Jimin sniffles “sorry” he mumbles and Ryan nods “next questions, how do you like your sex” he asks and Jimin’s eyes widened “he’s a virgin fucker” Namjoon then says as he knows Jimin doesn’t like talking about sex but he just gets punched in the face by another boy in the room which makes Jimin gasp.

“You talk when I ask you to” Ryan says and looks at Jimin’s shocked and wide eyes “tell me, how do you like your sex?” He asks and Jimin blushes as he gulps “I-I don’t l-like sex” he says but then cries out as Ryan presses the button. “Bullshit, I know you and Namjoon probably fucked everyday!” Ryan exclaims and Jimin shakes his head as he lets out a broken sob. Ryan groans out and puts the remote down before grabbing the leash and pulling Jimin off the chair and into his arms. Jimin wants to push away but his hands are tied together, he felt helpless and weak with the wounds around his neck and the blood loss “Don’t touch him!” Namjoon exclaims but gets punched in the face again.

“You’re telling me, Namjoon, that you stopped yourself from wrecking this cute little doll?” Ryan wonders and Namjoon spits out blood “yes, because he doesn’t like it” Namjoon says sternly and Ryan chuckles before bringing his hands down and groping Jimin’s butt. Jimin whimpers and turns his head to the side. Namjoon watched through his bruised eyes with anger, he didn’t like how Ryan touched Jimin. “S-Stop” Jimin says and takes a step back, and Ryan moves his hands away from his butt but brings one to the front, groping his dick. Jimin takes another step back but Ryan pulls Jimin closer before pushing him up against the wall and gropes his more. Jimin shakes his head and starts hitting Ryan’s chest with his tied-up hands. “Stop!” Jimin cried and Ryan stops “you really don’t like this huh” he says and Jimin shakes his head.

“Well that’s to bad” he says and grabs Jimin’s jaw and squished his cheeks. However, before he could say anything the door opens “we need you” a guy says and Ryan groans. The guy closes the door and Ryan lets go of Jimin’s jaw before stepping back, making him fall down to his knees. “I’ll be right back, don’t move” he says and leaves the room along with the other guy that punched Namjoon. Once the door closed Jimin instantly stands up and runs to Namjoon. “Are you ok?” He asks and cups his face “couldn’t be better” Namjoon says weakly and smiles a bit making Jimin want to cry.

They both look at each other dearly and Jimin goes on his tippy toes and stretched his neck to kiss Namjoon’s nose. Namjoon smiles and Jimin gently caresses him. “Stay strong for me, ok?” Namjoon says weakly and Jimin nods “don’t die on me” Jimin says and Namjoon hums “I’ll try my best baby boy” Namjoon says and Jimin pecks the tip of his nose again.

[an hour later]

Jimin sat next to Namjoon, leaning on his leg in the silent room. Jimin was scared that something bad would happen, he didn’t want Ryan to do anything sexual with him. He was also scared that Namjoon wasn’t gonna make it. It’s also been a while since Ryan was gone, so the tension and stress was real. The footsteps near the door also made both Namjoon and Jimin nervous, not wanting anything else to happen. Just then, the door slowly opens and Jimin shoots his head up. A head pops through the crack and Jackson was seen with a bright smile. “Good news” he whispers and walks into the room, closing the door behind him. Jimin clings tighter to Namjoon’s leg and looks at him with fear.

“I got the keys” he says and pulls out some keys “who are you?” Namjoon asks weakly “Jackson” Jackson says and walks over to Namjoon before starting to unlock him from the chains and cuffs on the wall. Jimin backs up a bit and then stands up, watching as Jackson got Namjoon free. Once Namjoon was out, Jimin quickly hugs him tightly and Namjoon hugs him back “not to hard baby” Namjoon says and Jimin giggles. “We have to hurry though; the boss won’t be distracted any longer” Jackson says and they both nods. Jackson walks back to the door and opens it, Jimin helps Namjoon stay balanced and up while following Jackson. They leave the room and Jackson looks around, making sure no one was around.

They start walking down the hallway, Jackson staying close to them. However, at the end of the hallway Namjoon starts loosing consciousness and Jimin panics. Jackson looks back at them and was quick to help, bringing Namjoon’s arm around his shoulders and an arm around his waist, helping him walk. Jimin held Namjoon’s hand gently as they quickly went through the empty living room and to the front door. Jimin opens the door and Jackson walks out with Namjoon and starts walking to a car not too far away, so Jimin closes the door quietly.

But then, he gets grabbed making him scream, both Namjoon and Jackson look back and sees a guy picking Jimin up. Just then the car door slams shut, and John starts running towards Jimin. Jackson rushes to the car and places Namjoon in the back seat before going to the passenger seat. Soon later, John comes running back to the car with Jimin in his arms. He opens the back-seat door and puts Jimin down on the seat before going to the driver’s seat and driving away as fast as possible. Jimin scoots over to Namjoon and gently lays him down onto his lap, brushing his hair out of his bloody face. “Can you hear me?” Jimin asks and Namjoon nods. Jimin grabs Namjoon’s hand and gently kisses it, bringing it up to his face, little tears falling. “The house is broken and men are still there, so we’re going to Hoseok’s since he’s the closest” Jackson explains and Jimin looks up at him “do they know what happened?” Jimin asks and Jackson scratched behind his neck with a sheepish smile “yes, um, they’re kind of the ones who made this happen” Jackson says and Jimin’s eyes widened.

“I’ll kill them” Namjoon weakly says and Jimin furrows his brows “w-what do you mean they’re the ones who made this happen?” Jimin asks “I’ll explain lat-” “no, explain now” Namjoon says with a bit more tone to his voice. “Alright, um, you see, we were all hanging out one night and we started talking about people we hate, and Yoongi said that he hated you, Namjoon, because you kidnapped Jimin” Jackson explains and Jimin wasn’t really that surprised. “And then Ryan got interested in you Jimin, and after Yoongi showed some pictures he wanted to have you and also give Namjoon some karma” Jackson adds and Jimin was shocked.

“I will kill them” Namjoon adds and Jimin didn’t feel the need to tell Namjoon that it wasn’t right to say that because he also felt a bit angry and somewhat betrayed. He pouts a bit and looks down at Namjoon who lets out a sigh and Jimin gently cups his face. Soon enough they pull up at Hoseok’s house, Jackson and John get out and go to the back seat to help Jimin and Namjoon. Once they were out and they start walking, Namjoon collapses onto Jimin who tried helping him walk. Jimin tries his best to hold Namjoon up, but he became less mobile and heavier. Jimin starts crying and starts getting scared “Namjoon, are you ok?” Jimin asks in tears as he slowly sits down and Namjoon groans, his eyes closed. Jackson and John quickly come rushing to them and picks Namjoon up and bring him away from Jimin who quickly stands up and follows them to the house.

Hoseok opens the door and they rush in with Namjoon, bringing him to the couch and laying him down. Jimin rushes inside the house and pushes away Yoongi who tries to hug him. He runs to Namjoon and falls to his knees next to him on the couch in tears. Namjoon was breathing rather heavily, Jimin grabs his hand gently and it was freezing cold which makes him more scared. Namjoon turns his head to look at him and Jimin just cries more. “Jimin, you’ll have to move” Jackson says as he has the medication and aid kid ready “no, I don’t want to” Jimin says with a sob and Yoongi grabs Jimin’s arm before picking him up and pulling him away. Jimin whines and cries loudly as he didn’t want to get separated from Namjoon. Yoongi holds him close into a hug and Jimin just cries while Jackson starts helping and treating Namjoon.

“Hey hey Jimin” Yoongi says and makes Jimin look at him “no!” Jimin whines and pushes Yoongi away and rushed to Namjoon, sitting next to Jackson who was on his knees treating Namjoon’s face. Jimin lays his head on Namjoon’s thigh and looks at him, crying and wishing that everything will be alright.

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