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Jackson has just finished bandaging Namjoon up. He’s shirtless with a blanket over him, eyes closed and body still in the dark living room. Everyone was gone and both Yoongi and Hoseok were in their room. Jimin can’t help but start to tear up as he gently laid over him and Namjoon slowly brings an arm over him “don’t cry” he whispers and Jimin sniffles “I’m scared” he whispers back “why baby?” Namjoon asks and Jimin closes his eyes as he laid his head on Namjoon’s chest “I-I don’t want you to die” Jimin whispers and lets out a sob.

“Baby, look at me” Namjoon says and Jimin lifts his head up and looks into Namjoon’s slightly opened eyes “I won’t die, and even if I do, I’ll always stay with you” he struggles to say and Jimin sniffles with a nod “do you know why?” Namjoon wonders and Jimin shakes his head “because I love you” Namjoon says and Jimin’s eyes widened. Namjoon closes his eyes and a tear falls down the side of his face, Jimin sniffles and hugs Namjoon close “I love you too” he says before continuing to cry.

[next day]

Jimin and Namjoon are moved to a spare room. Jimin couldn’t stop crying, Namjoon hasn’t said anything else since last night and Jimin doesn’t really mind because at least it was wonderful words. He gently held him close and played with his hair, sniffling and wanting to make sure Namjoon was ok. Namjoon then let’s out a big sigh and weakly brings an arm over Jimin “why are you crying baby?” Namjoon asks in a soft voice and Jimin sniffles “b-because you’re hurt” Jimin says and Namjoon hums “how’s your neck?” Namjoon asks as Jimin didn’t let Jackson take care of it since Namjoon was more important to him. “I-It’s fine, how are you?” Jimin asks and Namjoon shakes his head “you should, get your neck checked out” Namjoon says and Jimin shakes his head “is something hurting? Are you hungry?” Jimin asks and Namjoon looks at Jimin through his bruised eyes with seriousness “go find one of the dickheads and tell them to take care of your neck” he demands more sternly and Jimin sniffles.

“But-” “no, Jimin go, I don’t want the wounds to get infected” Namjoon says and Jimin sits up “o-ok, but is there anything you need?” Jimin asks and Namjoon shakes his head “I’ll be right back” Jimin says and gets out of bed before going over to the door. He looks at Namjoon one more time while opening the door and Namjoon gives him a smile. Jimin wipes away his tears and leaves the room. He looks around the house for one of the boys and then sees Yoongi in the kitchen.

“Hey Jiminie” Yoongi says when he spots him and Jimin just keeps wiping his tears “J-Joonie wants you to take care of my neck” Jimin mumbles and as he looks down and Yoongi nods “ok, let’s go to the bathroom” Yoongi says and Jimin nods. They go to the bathroom and Jimin sits down on the toilet sniffling and still wiping away tears. Yoongi takes out the things to treat Jimin’s neck and then turns to him “it might sting a bit” Yoongi says while grabbing the rubbing alcohol and a cloth. Jimin nods and Yoongi puts some of the alcohol on the cloth before bringing it to Jimin’s neck and pressing on it.

Jimin stays still and just thinks about Namjoon, feeling impatient with being away from him. He felt like something could go wrong and he would lose Namjoon. Yoongi keeps cleaning Jimin’s neck but it was a bit hard because of the collar. Once he finishes he takes out a cream and adds the cream to the wound carefully then wraps a bandage around it. Jimin doesn’t move and just lets Yoongi do his thing. Then when he finished, Jimin shoots up and runs back to the spare bedroom. He rushes in and goes to the bed, jumping on it and to Namjoon who lets out a little chuckle. Jimin snuggles up next to him and brings the blankets over, hugging Namjoon’s arm closes and tightly.

“Show me your neck baby” Namjoon says and Jimin props up a bit to let Namjoon see “good job” he says and Jimin blushes before snuggling back with Namjoon. Namjoon smiles and just feels better now that Jimin was taken care of, it has been worrying him a lot and even though he was more injured, he still wants Jimin to get taken care of.


It’s the afternoon, Jimin fell asleep to Namjoon softly telling stories. Namjoon looks up at the ceiling with his bruised eyes and listens to Jimin’s quiet little breaths and talking coming from downstairs. He felt scared, not for himself, but for Jimin. Namjoon didn’t want to lose Jimin like how Jimin didn’t want to lose him. He never knew he would be apart of this sort of thing. If he didn’t have Jimin, he would have just killed himself.

Namjoon doesn’t know what he’s gonna have to do with Ryan, but he knows he’ll probably kill him the next time he tries to steal his Jimin. The attack was very unexpected too, Namjoon was just driving back home when suddenly he heard gunshots and cars speeding up behind him. He then got a text message from Ryan saying he sent his members to come and steal Jimin from him. It was probably the most terrifying thing that has ever happened to Namjoon. If they were trying to steal money, he wouldn’t care as much, but the fact that it was Jimin they wanted to steal, it meant a lot.

He sighs and looks down at Jimin, he could barely see him, but it was still worth looking at his pretty face. Namjoon felt so in love, it was strange but also amazing. Just then there is a knock on the door and Hoseok pops his head in. Namjoon looks over and Hoseok clears his throat as he walks in “um, we’re ordering some food, would you like anything?” Hoseok asks as he scratches behind his head. Namjoon looks down at Jimin again and knows he would want something, so he nods and signs Hoseok to come over. He walks closer to the bed and Namjoon leans closer to him “get Jimin a milkshake and, a large fry for us to share” he says and Hoseok nods “got it” he says and leaves the room.

Right when Hoseok closes the door, Jimin stirs around a bit as he woke up. He props up and looks down at Namjoon as he rubs an eye “hey sleepy head” Namjoon says and Jimin giggles. “What time is it?” Jimin asks and Namjoon lifts his shoulders “I don’t know baby, but Hoseok said he’s getting some food” Namjoon says and Jimin nods “what kind of food?” He asks. “I’m not telling you, it’s a surprise” Namjoon says and smiles a bit which makes Jimin smile and kiss his cheek “how are you feeling?” Jimin asks and Namjoon exhales “better, of course” Namjoon says and Jimin hums and starts gently brushing hair out of Namjoon’s face. “What do you think...will happen after this?” Jimin wonders with a mumble “I don’t know, hopefully some of the members are repairing the house” Namjoon says and Jimin nods “has this ever happen before?” Jimin asks and Namjoon shakes his head which makes Jimin start to wonder.

He lays his head back down and starts to think that this thing might have all happened because of him. Ryan did say he wanted to have him to himself, and that’s why he had Namjoon beaten up. To him it seems like it was his fault now that he thinks about it. Couple minutes later there is a knock at the door and Hoseok walks in holding a large milkshake and fries. Jimin props up and then gasps as he sees the milkshake “here you guys go” Hoseok says and hands Jimin the food as he sits up.

“A milkshake!” He says excitedly and Namjoon smiles as he sits up slowly. Hoseok leaves and Jimin hands Namjoon the fries while he takes a sip of the milkshake, smiling as it was yummy. Namjoon eats some of the fries and Jimin offers him the milkshake but Namjoon denies “sugar won’t help” he says and Jimin nods “then you can have the fries” Jimin says and Namjoon nods. It falls silent and Jimin just sips on the milkshake, thinking back to the thought that it was his fault, and that he was the cause of this whole mess. If Jimin didn’t get so attached to Namjoon, then maybe he wouldn’t have. Or maybe if Namjoon did shoot Jimin the night he was supposed to, none of this would happen. Jimin scoots closer to Namjoon and then leans on him, wanting to cry as he felt like he hurt Namjoon for being his boy.

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