Mafia - Minjoon


[days later]

A couple days have past, Namjoon was getting better, he was able to walk and started doing workouts to get stronger. Jimin however, wasn’t doing too well, mentally that is. He kept thinking about what would have happened if he did actually get killed the many times Namjoon beat him and hurt him back then. He just couldn’t stop telling himself that it was his fault that all of this happened. Jimin lost his appetite and got more distant to Namjoon, feeling like he’s gonna make him get hurt again. Namjoon noticed it, especially Jimin being more distant because he usually is always sticking to him, but now he sleeps on the other side of the bed completely away from his arms. Right now, Jimin was doing just that, laying on the other side of the bed with his back to Namjoon while Namjoon was on the other side trying to fall asleep.

“Baby” Namjoon whispers and reaches out to Jimin, gently rubbing his side. Jimin hums but doesn’t move “come closer” Namjoon says and Jimin just stays still, holding back his tears and want to be in Namjoon’s arms. Namjoon sighs and stretched out his arms and grabs Jimin before pulling him into his arms forcefully. Jimin stays quiet and still, Namjoon hugs him tightly and kisses the side of his face. “What’s wrong?” He whispers and Jimin bites his lip “nothing” he mumbles and Namjoon hums “doesn’t seem like nothing to me” he says and Jimin can’t help but start crying. He lets out a little sob and Namjoon lets Jimin turn around to cry into his chest. Namjoon gently strokes the back of his little head and holds Jimin close as he cried.

“Tell me baby” Namjoon whispers and Jimin sniffles “i-it’s just, it f-feels like my fault” Jimin says “what do you mean it feels like your fault?” Namjoon wonders “t-that this all h-happened because of m-me” Jimin cries and Namjoon just felt a wave of sadness go over him with the fact that Jimin felt guilty of being the cause of this whole thing. “No no, baby boy this isn’t your fault” Namjoon says and Jimin just cries more “b-but you got h-hurt because they w-wanted me” Jimin cries and Namjoon shakes his head “baby, I would let them kill me if it were to keep you safe and hidden” Namjoon says and Jimin shakes his head “d-don’t say that” he cries “but it’s true, none of this was your fault, it was those dickheads that have nothing else to do in life” Namjoon reassures and Jimin sniffles.

“B-but-” “no Jimin, it wasn’t your fault” Namjoon says and grabs Jimin’s jaw before making him look up. Jimin sobs and Namjoon kisses his nose “stay in my arms now” he says and Jimin nods as he snuggles more into Namjoon who hugged him tightly.

[next morning]

Jimin and Namjoon are on the couch, both with bowls of cereal as they looked at the TV. Jimin was snuggled up next to Namjoon, missing him since he hasn’t been snuggling up with him much before. Yoongi and Hoseok are in the kitchen with their own breakfast. Yoongi didn’t feel ok to have Jimin and such a dangerous man be together. He couldn’t believe Namjoon was so kind to Jimin yet he’s a total psychopath to everyone else. When Jimin wasn’t around, Namjoon was snappy, he didn’t yell, but he was angry around everyone else. When Jackson came to check up on him a while back and Jimin was in the room still sleeping, Namjoon was the meanest ever. Telling Jackson that he shouldn’t be here, that he’s gonna kill him when he can, forgetting that Jackson saved him. He didn’t even talk to Yoongi or Hoseok, he acted as if they weren’t even there.

Anyways, Jimin finishes his cereal and puts the bowl on the coffee table before snuggling back into Namjoon who put his bowl aside and held Jimin close. “Is your neck ok?” He asks and Jimin hums “stings a bit but is ok” he mumbles and Namjoon nods. “W-when do you think we’ll go back home?” Jimin asks and looks up at Namjoon who was a bit surprised that Jimin called his house home. “I don’t know baby, when I’m a bit better we can go back and see” Namjoon says and Jimin nods with a sigh, laying his head back down. “And thank you for talking to me last night” Namjoon says and kisses the top of Jimin’s head a couple times, making Jimin blush. “You’re so brave” he adds and Jimin just nuzzles his face into his chest with a whine. Namjoon chuckles and peppers Jimin with kisses with a smile.

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