Mafia - Minjoon


[2 weeks later]

“Does Jimin know you’re still a psychopath?” Yoongi asks out of breath after Namjoon punched him “I don’t know Yoongi, does he know that you don’t want him as a friend anymore?” Namjoon asks pissed and Yoongi glares at him. It’s midnight and Jimin is sleeping in bed. Namjoon is all healed and just a bit sore at some places. “You should have never taken him that night at the club” Yoongi says and Namjoon grits his teeth “well he shouldn’t have let me!” Namjoon exclaims and shoves Yoongi against the wall. Yoongi groans in pain and then charges at Namjoon with a fist. Namjoon grabs his arm and stops Yoongi from punching him only to knee him in the stomach.

Yoongi groans in pain and drop to the floor on his knees, holding his stomach. “Weak ass bitch, know your place” Namjoon spits out and then kicks Yoongi in the side. Yoongi cries out and falls over in pain “we’re leaving tomorrow morning, you’re never seeing Jimin again” Namjoon says sternly and then heads to the stairs. He runs a hand through his hair with a sigh and he goes up the stairs, trying to calm himself before going back to the bedroom. Yoongi seemed to just want to argue. Namjoon was minding his business drinking water in the kitchen and he just came up to him with a mouthful of insults.

Anyways, Namjoon reaches the bedroom and walks in. He looks at Jimin sleeping soundly on the bed, holding a pillow. He closes the door behind him and grabs a bag before starting to pack their things. Jimin wakes up and that and he sits up with a yawn “what are you doing?” Jimin asks sleepily and Namjoon puts the bag aside before going over to the bed “we’re leaving” he simply says and Jimin looks at him confused “why?” He asks and Namjoon just ruffles his hair “got anything you want to bring?” He asks and Jimin looks around before shaking his head.

“Are you still tired? We can wait till morning” Namjoon then says and sits down on the bed “I wanna cuddle” Jimin mumbles and pushes the pillow he was holding away before leaning towards Namjoon “of course baby” Namjoon says and brings Jimin into his arms as he laid down. Jimin hums and snuggles into Namjoon while he held him tightly.

[next morning]

It’s early morning, Jimin is half asleep on Namjoon’s back while he walked outside and to the car where John, one of his gang members, came to pick him up. “It’s cold” Jimin mumbles and Namjoon quickly opens the back-seat door. Jimin hops off Namjoon’s back and lets him pick him up and get him in the car before getting in himself. “Drive, now” Namjoon demands and John steps on the gas pedal and starts driving as fast as he can. Jimin snuggles to Namjoon as he shivered from the cold, he was just wearing little shorts and a t-shirt. Namjoon wraps his arms around him and keeps him close “we’ll be home soon” he says and Jimin nods.

“Hey boss, we’ve already started working on restoring the house” John then says “really?” Namjoon wonders a bit shocked “yeah, everyone misses you and Jimin. They can’t wait to see you guys again” John says and Namjoon smiles a bit with a nod “that’s surprising” he says “well, we all look up to you boss, there’s even this new little kid who said he thought you were so cool that he wanted to join the gang” John explains and Namjoon scoffs “as if” he says. “It’s true, he has been doing the most work and even says he’s Jimin’s friend” John says and Jimin lifts his head up at that “what’s his name?” Jimin wonders “I think it’s Jungkook” John says and Jimin’s eyes widened.

“Is that one of your idiot friends that came over that one time?” Namjoon asks and Jimin nods, a bit shocked that Jungkook would want to be apart of such a dangerous thing. “Well that’s a surprise” Namjoon says and Jimin lays his head back down on Namjoon’s chest with a nod. “Anyways, the house is almost done. We just need to get some new windows in and a couple new floor tiles” John says and Namjoon nods “perfect” he says. Soon enough they arrive at Namjoon’s house which Jimin gets excited at. John parks the car and Namjoon opens the door before hopping out. Jimin scoots to the end and Namjoon picks him up, keeping him in his arms as he grabs their bag of things and start walking to the house.

They walk in and Namjoon puts Jimin down “wow, they really did a good job” Jimin says as he looks around and Namjoon nods “yeah, it’s pretty cool” he says and starts walking to the stairs. Jimin follows him and they both go to the bedroom. Jimin jumps on the bed and Namjoon chuckles as he puts the bag down. “It feels good to be back” Jimin says with a sigh and Namjoon lays down next to him “it sure does” he says. Namjoon was sick and tired of being in Hoseok’s house with Yoongi. When he starts hating someone, it’s hard for him to stop hating them.

Namjoon doesn’t want to get angry though, so he stops thinking about it and just puts his hands on Jimin only to start feeling him up. Jimin blushes and grabs his hands “we just arrived” he mumbles and Namjoon hums before pulling Jimin closer and attaching his lips to his. Jimin lets him and kisses him back, letting go of his hands to gently hold his face. Namjoon brings a hand down and grabs one of Jimin’s butt cheeks, squishing it rather harshly. Jimin whines a bit and Namjoon pulls him impossibly closer. Jimin blushes more and keeps kissing Namjoon who starts to massage the cheek.

It was a bit overwhelming since they haven’t done any of this while at Hoseok’s house, so it has been a while. Namjoon then starts mounting on top of Jimin, going between his legs and Jimin puts his little hands on his shoulders only to pull away to breathe. However, this doesn’t stop Namjoon and he just starts kissing down his neck. Jimin closes his eyes and lets out a couple moans “I missed, doing this” Namjoon then says and Jimin whimpers a bit as the pressure against his neck hurt since he wasn’t completely healed. “I-it hurts” Jimin says as he grips Namjoon’s shoulders.

Without saying anything Namjoon brings his lips back up and kisses Jimin’s lips. Jimin hums and Namjoon pushes his tongue in making Jimin hum again. Jimin adds his tongue too and they start kissing a bit more aggressively. Namjoon’s hands grab Jimin’s hips and he wants to pull his little shorts down and just fuck him, but he knows he can’t. Not wanting to get too excited Namjoon pulls away and looks down at Jimin who breathed heavily and looked back up at him with half open eyes. “I’ll stop now” Namjoon says and Jimin giggles a bit.

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