Mafia - Minjoon


[the next day]

Namjoon and Jimin are just chilling outside since they can’t be inside while the members work on the house. Jimin sat in the green grass between Namjoon’s legs as he sat down on a chair. It was also a warm and sunny day, amazing weather. Jimin played with the grass until Jungkook walks up, making Jimin gasp and smile “Jungkook-” “no” Namjoon stops Jimin from standing up and he glares at Jungkook who cleared his throat “um, I just thought I should say hi” he says and Namjoon clenches his jaw “why did you want to join?” Namjoon simply asks. “I just, I-I failed my classes, lost all my money, and, I just-” Jungkook sighs and looks away “I wanted to try something new I guess” Jungkook says and Jimin feels bad for Jungkook, he knows how important the classes he was taking were for him. He spent all of his money and time on getting good grades.

“Why to my gang specifically? Wouldn’t you want to be in Hoseok’s shitty one?” Namjoon wonders and Jungkook looks at Jimin before looking at Namjoon who quirks his eyebrow “they wouldn’t let me join, and also, y-you’re cooler” Jungkook says and scratches behind his head, looking away shyly. “How old are you?” Namjoon asks “20" Jungkook replies “you’re older than Jimin?” Namjoon says a bit shocked and Jungkook nods. “Well, am I in? Or do I have to leave?” Jungkook wonders and Namjoon leans back into his chair and brings a hand to his mouth as he thought.

“Let me think about it” he says and Jungkook nods before walking away. Jimin looks up at Namjoon who looked down at him “are you?” Jimin wonders and Namjoon sighs “I just don’t want you guys to get close since you’re already friends” Namjoon says and Jimin nods “I’ll always be yours” Jimin says hugs Namjoon’s leg while leaning his head against his knees. Namjoon ruffles Jimin hair and nods “you won’t let him touch you too right?” Namjoon wonders and Jimin nods “only you can touch me” Jimin says and Namjoon smirks as he feels proud of Jimin “such a good baby” Namjoon says and leans over to kiss Jimin. Jimin smiles and blushes.

Jungkook from afar sat with some of his new friends, looking at Jimin being so dependent of Namjoon. Jimin used to be so independent, he loved to do things on his own and be alone most of the time just to study. Now he’s all over a psychopath that Jungkook himself didn’t know if he liked or not. Anyways, he thinks back to Taehyung who is now alone at the house, probably drunk. Last time he talked to him they had a big argument about him leaving. He just felt so bad and stressed. He feels as if Taehyung will probably quit everything and try to join Hoseok’s gang, which will make them enemies. Jungkook doesn’t really want that, but then again he doesn’t think Namjoon would let him stay in his gang with what happened when they first came to visit. At least he wasn’t as annoying as Taehyung and Namjoon didn’t get too angry at him.

[later, at night]

Jimin and Namjoon laid in bed, Namjoon gently played with Jimin’s hair that has gotten a bit long. Jimin enjoyed the warmness of Namjoon’s body, feeling the sleep take over him until there was a gun shot making him jump with a shock. Namjoon groans and sits up “I’ll be right back” he says which was followed by another gun shot. Namjoon grabs his gun and a bunch of bullets out of his nightstand before rushing out the room, closing the door after him. Jimin sits up and rubs his eyes, feeling a bit scared. Namjoon was recovered thankfully, but Jimin was still scared since he could still be weak. He gets out of bed and walks over to the window, looking out only to hear another gun shot.

Then suddenly multiple gunshots were heard, Jimin watched as some men fell down in the dark along with cries of pain. Jimin didn’t like seeing it and so he goes back to the bed and hides under the blankets. More gunshots are heard for a little while until everything falls silent. Jimin stays hidden in the blankets and then soon heard some footsteps approaching the door. The bedroom door opens and Jimin peeks out the blankets “fucking bastards” Namjoon mumbles and closes the door.

“W-what happened?” Jimin asks and sits up. Namjoon sighs and puts his gun down before laying down and pulling Jimin into his arms “some dumb little gang tried to raid us” Namjoon says and Jimin snuggles into Namjoon “a-and you just, killed them?” He asks and Namjoon hums “not all of them, Jungkook and others helped” Namjoon says and kisses Jimin’s forehead. For some reason, Jimin felt a bit shocked that Namjoon just went and killed without thinking twice. But the more he thinks about it, the more he starts to think that Namjoon is so brave and cool to be able to do such an act. But then he thinks about Jungkook and how he killed some of the guys. “So, is Jungkook apart of the gang?” Jimin asks and Namjoon hums “Yeah, he’s in. He’s got good aim” Namjoon says and runs a hand through Jimin’s hair to which Jimin closes his eyes at with a hum. Namjoon keeps gently petting him and kissing his forehead. Jimin soon falls asleep at the soft and gentle gestures, feeling safe.

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