Mafia - Minjoon


[6 months later]

A lot has changed in the past months. Namjoon and Jimin of course were closer and their relationship was strong, but they still haven’t had sex. They only made out. Jimin rarely left the house, Namjoon was very protective over him and Jimin doesn’t blame him. Also, Namjoon never let Yoongi or Hoseok or anyone that’s not in the gang, see Jimin. He was strict with that and people thought he was being too protective of Jimin, but really Jimin liked it that way. Sometimes Jungkook or John would come to the window he sits at and they talk, but they weren’t allowed to touch him.

Anyways, Jimin also has a new collar, which wasn’t as awful as the other one. It simply had a tracking bug in it and isn’t a thick metal collar, it’s a soft fabric. Jimin’s neck was scarred from the blades and it was sort of like a permanent collar. Jimin found it cool. Not many things has changed, Jimin’s body did change a lot. He lost a lot of weight of course; his bones were mostly visible. Jimin was weak and lost a lot of his muscles, it made him very vulnerable, which is why Namjoon kept him inside the house and away from anyone that could possibly hurt him. Namjoon has gotten stronger though, especially after Ryan got him beaten up. Namjoon worked out a lot. He also got better at fighting and aiming his guns. Namjoon has tried his best to focus on being stronger so that he can protect Jimin at all costs and also so that he can survive.


It’s morning, the sun is gleaming through the curtains and Namjoon is just waking up. He hums as he looks over at Jimin who was looking so adorable. Namjoon pulls him closer and hugs his warm little body close. Jimin wakes up at that and hums while putting a leg over Namjoon’s body. Namjoon brings a hand down and grabs Jimin’s butt, rubbing his thumb against the soft skin “kiss?” Jimin then asks as he opens his eyes and Namjoon doesn’t hesitate to bring his lips to Jimin’s. They start making out and Jimin quickly makes his way on top of Namjoon who puts his hands on his waist with a grip. Jimin arches his back a bit and grinds down on Namjoon as he starts to feel some heat between his legs which he usually doesn’t feel.

He pulls away from the kiss confused with the heat and looks down at Namjoon who quirks his eyebrow “is there something wrong?” He wonders and Jimin plops down next to Namjoon as he closes his legs, pressing his thighs tightly together as blush quickly spread across his face. So Namjoon mounts on top of him and starts kissing him again all while getting in between his legs. Jimin whimpers and lifts his hips, starting to get hard as Namjoon kisses him passionately. Namjoon grabs his hips and when he feels Jimin’s growing erection he stops and pulls away. He looks at Jimin who brings his arms over his face with a whine “you never get hard” Namjoon says and smiles before bringing a hand down to grope Jimin who covers his mouth with his hands to stop himself from moaning. This makes Namjoon get excited and think straight to sex.

“Would you say, you’re ready?” Namjoon then ask, seeing this as a sign, and slips his hand down Jimin’s little shorts and grabs his dick. Jimin closes his eyes and holds back his moans while trying to close his legs but Namjoon pushes them open “answer me baby” Namjoon says as he himself is getting hard from seeing Jimin like this. Jimin however stays still, embarrassed with himself as he got hard from just a kiss when they did much more sexual things and it didn’t bother him. Namjoon looks at him and sighs “if you stay quiet I’ll do whatever I want” Namjoon then says and Jimin gasps “w-wait” Jimin says and sits up making Namjoon chuckle. “You better chose quick baby” Namjoon says and Jimin bites his lip, not knowing how to answer. So instead he goes to crawl away, feeling scared, but Namjoon grabs onto his hips and pulls him back. Jimin lets out a sound of shock and Namjoon hovers over him as Jimin laid on his stomach. “Don’t try to escape baby, tell me, do you think you’re ready?” Namjoon asks while he lays his lower half on top of Jimin, his own erection on Jimin’s butt. Jimin’s heart was beating quickly and Jimin whines a bit as he bit his lip. “I-I don’t know” he whines more before hiding his face in the bed.

Namjoon doesn’t say anything to that and simply grinds down into Jimin’s butt, making him whine. Namjoon then brings his lips closer to Jimin’s ear and kisses it “let me just take care of you alright?” Namjoon says lowly and Jimin lays his head to the side, to which Namjoon kisses down his neck at. “I- o-ok” Jimin says and Namjoon smirks before propping up and looking down at Jimin’s butt. He brings his little hips up a bit only to pull down the little shorts. Namjoon felt very excited, Jimin usually makes a fuss about it when Namjoon tried to get more of him, but now he was calm and Namjoon feels as if this could be the day.

Jimin closes his eyes nervously as Namjoon kisses his lower back and cheeks, he didn’t know what to expect. Namjoon spits on his fingers and then slowly pushes them in. Jimin’s eyes shoot open with a gasp and he props up scared. Namjoon keeps pushing his fingers as deep as he could and Jimin tenses up with a whine of pain. At that Namjoon grabs Jimin’s arm and pulls him up and into his chest. Jimin whimpers in pain as he’s never had someone put their fingers or anything in him before. Namjoon wraps his free arm around Jimin and kisses the side of his neck “relax baby” Namjoon whispers and Jimin just starts crying. “I-It hurts” he says quietly in tears and Namjoon hums “It’ll feel good soon” Namjoon says and moves his fingers around a bit. Jimin whines and leans back into Namjoon in pain, wondering when the pleasure will kick in.

Namjoon then starts to move his fingers in and out and Jimin cries even more, grabbing Namjoon’s arm that wrapped around him, tears streaming down his face, breathing heavily through his teeth. Namjoon keeps placing kisses up and down his neck as he did so, slowly going faster as he felt Jimin loosen. After a while, Jimin feels the pain go away and the pleasure kick which really surprised him. His cries turned more into moans and sounds of pleasure which Namjoon enjoyed. Namjoon goes a bit faster and Jimin pushes his bum back into Namjoon for more as the pleasure was really kicking in. It made him feel tingly in a way, his only thought being that it felt so good and he wants more.

“Does it feel good now?” Namjoon then asks and Jimin quickly nods “how good?” Namjoon asks and goes faster, Jimin’s entrance becoming slick and wet “r-really good” Jimin moans out and breathes heavily, his dick throbbing from the pleasure. Namjoon chuckles and licks Jimin’s ear before taking out his fingers making Jimin whine. But then Jimin gasps as he feels Namjoon’s hard cock glide against his cheeks as he took it out. He looks back at Namjoon who brings his free hand down to Jimin’s little stomach. He pushes on it while slowly pushing his dick in Jimin.

Jimin grabs Namjoon’s arm as his mouth opened wide, shocked from the strange feeling and how he was getting stretched open. His breath quickens and Jimin lets out a couple cut short cries. It felt so strange to him, to feel like if he’s getting filled up or something. Then Namjoon hums as he feels Jimin’s stomach expand a bit on his hand while he keeps pushing in, going as deep as he could. Jimin’s legs start shaking and he starts to feel a strange sensation in his dick. Once Namjoon was fully sat he brings his other hand to Jimin’s dick, grabbing it only to have Jimin cry out as cum shot out.

Jimin starts freaking out, his breath becoming unsteady and his whole body starting to shake. Namjoon hums as he looks down at Jimin’s pink dick and the cum on his hand and bed sheets “you already came” Namjoon says and Jimin lets out a little sob, shocked from everything “I-I’m sorry” he cries and Namjoon shakes his head. “Don’t be sorry, it is your first time” Namjoon says and Jimin leans back into him more. “Now let me pleasure you more” Namjoon whispers and slowly pulls out before pushing back in. Jimin moans out and grabs Namjoon’s arms before Namjoon starts fucking him at a normal pace. Broken moans come out of Jimin as he felt the pleasure run through his body, making him feel hazy and his skin buzz with heat. Namjoon groans and his own breath quickens as he enjoyed the feeling, the wonderful feeling of fucking someone. Having Jimin’s warm insides clench around his dick was something he always dreamt of feeling. He has held off having sex just for Jimin, and he never did that in his whole entire life. He never held bad for sex ever.

Anyways, after a while of simple fucking, not to slow or too fast, Namjoon stops and pulls out. Jimin sniffles and whines as the pleasure left but then was taken back when Namjoon pushed him onto his back, pinning him down. Jimin looks up at Namjoon who just pushed himself back into him before grabbing his waist and starting to fuck him again. Jimin brings his arms over his face, but then Namjoon grabs them and pins them next to his head before thrusting into him extra hard, feeling needy himself.

As he brings his lips down to Jimin’s neck, Jimin turns his head to the side as he moaned more, moaning after every thrust in, wrapping his shivering legs around Namjoon weakly, to which they didn’t even stay up at. Namjoon keeps going faster and faster, hitting deep inside Jimin who couldn’t even think straight and just got hard once more. Namjoon pulls away from Jimin’s neck and catches his lips only to start making out with him. It was sloppy, but it still feel good. Jimin’s moans were muffled by Namjoon who groans as he enjoyed it so much.

Jimin then turns his head away to breathe before cumming once more, a loud cry coming out of him and his body shaking even more. He quickly starts crying from the overstimulation and Namjoon knows he’ll have to finish soon even if he doesn’t want too or else he might hurt Jimin. Namjoon props up, letting go of Jimin’s little arms before grabbing his hips and starting to slam his little body onto his dick as he thrusted in, chasing his own orgasm. Jimin grabs the blankets and cries out more, his body going up and down and the pleasure becoming too much for him to handle. It felt so overwhelming, he was sweaty and hot everywhere.

But it doesn’t take long until Namjoon finishes and cums deep inside of Jimin who whimpers as he felt the hot liquid being placed in him. Namjoon breathes heavily and licks his lips while pulling out. the cum soon starting to drip out. Jimin also breathes heavily, his legs shaking uncontrollably and his face wet with tears. Namjoon looks down at Jimin’s wrecked body before laying down next to him and pulling Jimin on top of him. Jimin whines a bit but then hums as Namjoon starts gently rubbing his lower back. Namjoon takes a deep breath in and kisses the top of Jimin’s head “how was that baby?” Namjoon asks and Jimin props his head up “I love you” he said quietly, taking Namjoon off guard. They’ve only ever said they loved each other when Namjoon was about to die. “Oh baby, I love you too” Namjoon says and cups Jimin’s little face in his hand. Jimin leans his head into his hand and smiles, looking absolutely adorable as he blushed. They both look at each other dearly, falling more in love.

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