Mafia - Minjoon


[Weeks later]

Jimin and Namjoon were making out on the couch when suddenly there is a loud banging knock on the door. Namjoon groans annoyed and gets off from on top of Jimin who sat up also annoyed. They were about to have fun again, Jimin was ready. Namjoon walks over to the door and opens it only to see Ryan standing there, pointing a gun to Namjoon’s face “hand me the boy” he says and As Jimin heard that, he instantly runs to go hide “sorry, but Jimin isn’t around anymore” Namjoon says and Ryan quirks his eyebrow “what do you mean?” He asks and lowers he gun.

At that Namjoon takes out his gun and shoves it in Ryan’s mouth before grabbing a handful of his hair and shoving him to the ground. Ryan falls down on his knees and starts freaking out. “How dare you, come back here” Namjoon says as he grits his teeth in anger “you signed your own death certificate by doing this” Namjoon adds before pulling the trigger, not even giving Ryan a chance. Ryan’s eyes roll back as the back of his head explodes open, blood and pieces of flesh flying out.

Namjoon takes his gun out Ryan’s mouth and lets him fall to the floor before kicking him outside. The backup that he brought over quickly start to shoot at Namjoon, but then Jungkook comes running with a gun and starts shooting them, all headshots.

It surprises Namjoon a bit but then more of his members came to fight the rest of them so Namjoon closes the door. He puts his gun away with a sigh and then turns around. He walks over to the couch and sits down guessing this will probably be over quick, only to have Jimin come out of his hiding spot and climb onto him, snuggling into his chests as the gunshots were loud and scary. Namjoon wraps his arms around Jimin and kisses him “no one can steal you away” Namjoon says “that was scary” Jimin then whispers as he lifts his head up to looks at Namjoon “I know, but now it’s all over, he’s dead” Namjoon says and Jimin nods.

“Now, shall we continue?” Namjoon says and lays Jimin down on the couch before going in between his legs “b-but they’re still, fighting” Jimin says, slightly flinching at every gun shot and putting his hands on Namjoon’s shoulders “so?” Namjoon says and goes to bring his lips to Jimin but Jimin grabs his head “what if, they hear me?” Jimin asks as blush rushed to his cheeks and Namjoon hums “they’ll probably think you sound heavenly” Namjoon says and before Jimin could say anything else, Namjoon kisses him. He whines a bit but still kisses Namjoon back. Namjoon’s hands sneak up Jimin’s shirt and his thumbs circle around his nipples, making Jimin hum and arch his back a bit. Namjoon slowly brings his lips down to Jimin’s neck, leaving more hickeys.

Jimin tries not to moan or be too loud, pressing his lips together and holding his breath to keep quiet. Namjoon brings a hand down and slips it in Jimin’s shorts, grabbing Jimin’s hip and griping it hard, making Jimin whimper quietly. Namjoon chuckles and kisses Jimin’s lips “don’t be shy baby, let those moans out” Namjoon says but then suddenly, the glass window shatters with a loud gun shot, Jimin jumping in shock. Namjoon furrows his brows and looks over, taking his hand out of Jimin’s shorts and standing up. Jimin whines and sits up, bringing his legs up to his chest scared. Namjoon looks outside but then someone jumps through the window and onto Namjoon who stumbles to the ground.

Jimin gasps and Namjoon groans as a knife gets placed on his neck by the guy. Namjoon grabs his arm, pulling it away all while the guy tries pushing the knife to try and cut his neck. Namjoon groans and tries to push the knife away, but the guy was strong and also on top of him, so he had more strength. Jimin quickly panics as he sees Namjoon struggling and he looks around before seeing a gun that was on the table. So he rushes to it, grabs it, then runs to Namjoon and the guy before smashing the gun against the guys head with a hesitant whine. His heart drops as he sees the guys head slit open and blood quickly drip out. The guy yells in pain and Namjoon pushes him off him before grabbing the knife and stabbing him between the eyes. Jimin looks away and the guy just cries out before dying.

“Fucking hell” Namjoon mumbles and then picks up the guy before tossing him out the window. Jimin stays turned around and Namjoon pulls him into a hug “thank you baby, you’re so brave” Namjoon says and Jimin turns around to hug him back. “I-I, I smashed his head” Jimin says shocked and Namjoon hums “yes, and that was so amazing of you to do” Namjoon says and Jimin looks up at him “really?” He asks. “Of course, he was a bad-” Namjoon gets cut off by a rather loud gunshot and some guys hopping into the house by the window. Jimin’s eyes widen and Namjoon turns around alert. He then grabs the gun in Jimin’s hands and go to shoot but they quickly run into the house to hide.

“Boss!” Jungkook then yells out from the window “what the fuck is going on!!?” Namjoon yells at him “another gang, I don’t know who!” Jungkook simply says before someone jumps at him. Jimin can’t help but start crying, hiding his face in Namjoon as he clinged to him.

“Jimin, go hide in the bedroom” Namjoon demands “but-” “now Jimin!” Namjoon exclaims and Jimin nods before rushing away. He starts going up the stairs and then the front door gets busted open. Jimin looks back with a gasp and makes eye contact with one of them. Fear rises up more and Jimin quickly runs up the rest of the stairs, the guy chasing after him. Namjoon quickly runs to the kitchen and opens a drawer before grabbing another gun. Then guys start showing up and Namjoon shoots them all and fights them all. Jimin runs inside the bedroom and closes the door on the guy, but the guy opens the door and Jimin didn’t know what to do. “Hey there little boy” he says in a rather soft tone as he slowly walks into the room, putting his gun away and closing the door behind him. Jimin breathes heavily and keeps crying, sniffling and slowly backing away as the guy keeps stepping forward.

“I’m not gonna hurt you, just come to me” the guy says and Jimin shakes his head with a sob “it’s gonna be ok, we’re saving you” the guy says as he hands out his hand and Jimin sniffles “w-who are you?” Jimin asks “we’re undercover police, you can trust me” the guy says and Jimin’s eyes widened. “No, no” Jimin says as he shakes his head and the guy goes to grab Jimin but he moves aside “get away from me!” Jimin yells and the guy starts trying to grab Jimin who just ran away. There wasn’t anywhere else to go, so Jimin runs out of the room and down the hall to another room.

The guy follows him and Jimin again slams the door before the guy could get in. Then he runs to the back of the room, trying to look for a weapon Namjoon could have hidden. But the door opens and now two guys walk in and Jimin starts really freaking out, tears streaming down his face. “P-please, no!” Jimin says and grabs whatever before throwing it to the guys. But that doesn’t stop them. Jimin gets cornered and can’t stop crying. Namjoon punches and shoots another guy in the face. He breathes heavily as he looks around at all the dead bodies before going to the lobby where more men get in “fuck, who the fuck are you guys!!?” Namjoon yells at them as he brings his guns up “we can’t tell you that” one says and Namjoon just shoots him.

The others then rush to Namjoon who takes them all on, shocked with himself that he can fight this well. The training he did is really paying off. Namjoon keeps shooting, punching, kicking, kneeing and even stomping. Blood, sweat and tears getting splattered everywhere. He did get hit a couple times, but really he kicked everyone’s ass. That’s until he hears Jimin screaming, his heart stops and worry kicks in which leads to him losing focus and getting punched to the floor. Namjoon lifts his gun up and shoots the last couple guys before standing up and running to the stairs. Jimin screams again and then Namjoon sees him getting forced out of a room by two guys. Anger rises at the view of someone else touching and hurting Jimin so he quickly goes and attacks them, pulling Jimin aside before shooting them both in the head. Jimin falls to the ground as he cried hard, his chest hurting and his eyes blurry. Fear was the only thing he could focus on.

When the guys fall dead, Namjoon breathes heavily and turns around to look at Jimin, his heart hurt and he holds back tears. He almost lost Jimin. Gun shots were still heard outside, it was terrifying. Namjoon crouches down next to Jimin, and then sits down next to him. Jimin cries even harder and leans onto Namjoon who brings him into his arms. Jimin grabs onto his shirt and keeps crying, feeling so traumatized by the guys grabbing onto him and dragging him. Namjoon gently rubs Jimin’s back, hugging him tightly and kissing the side of his head. Footsteps are heard going up the stairs and Namjoon looks over and sees some of his gang members looking at them. “Are they gone?” Namjoon wonders “all dead” one says and Namjoon nods before looking back down at Jimin.

“Stay on guard, kill whoever trespasses” Namjoon demands and they nod before making their way out the house. Namjoon hugs Jimin tighter and starts gently rocking side to side. Jimin starts calming down, breathing more steadily and less panicking.


The house was all clean now, Jimin and Namjoon were in bed since it was night. Jimin couldn’t sleep tho, he felt guilty again about everything being his fault. Brings him back to what happened a couple months ago with Ryan. As he thinks more, he remembers hearing the guy say that they’re undercover police. He thinks back to Ryan, how randomly he showed up after months. He knew he was gonna get killed. Maybe, he was there to help with the police? A distraction? Jimin doesn’t know but it seems all connected in a way. He sighs and looks up at Namjoon who slept soundly, feeling even more guilty for having him have to deal with all of this because he has him. Jimin turns around and scoots away from Namjoon and on the cold side of the bed. He pouts and thinks more.

Why would the police get involved? Did his family want to get him back? Yoongi? Taehyung? Jimin wants to know, he felt confused. They were at peace until this happened. Jimin then sits up and looks back at Namjoon, he doesn’t know what to do with his mind racing with questions of why this attack happened so suddenly. He stands up a bit weakly and walks out of the room, going down the stairs and into the living room. He sits down next to the window he always sits at which was broken once more.

He sighs as the cold night wind blows in his face, making him feel cold but also sadder in a way. Jimin lays his head on his crossed arms which were on the window sill. He looks outside and then up at the sky, looking at all the stars and the big bright moon. Jimin then starts thinking about how he smashed a guys head with a gun. He never hit anyone before nor did he ever hurt someone in such a way, but he was scared for Namjoon. The sound and image replays in his head and he starts to feel uncomfortable with himself. He whines a bit and makes a face of disgust as he thinks about it. Noting down that he’ll for sure not do that again unless he really, desperately has too.

Anyways, as time passes by, his mind starts going clear as the wind keeps blowing on him and Jimin starts falling asleep. He felt calmer, but cold and wanting Namjoon’s warmth. Jimin doesn’t know if he should go back to Namjoon or not. But then suddenly, he feels two warm hands get placed on him and he hums. Namjoon sits down next to him and brings Jimin into his arms as he kissed the top of his head. Namjoon leans against the wall and looks out the window and up at the stars, Jimin doing the same as he leaned back into Namjoon’s chest. “What are you doing down here baby?” Namjoon whispers, grabbing Jimin’s little hand in his and gently rubbing his thumb against it. “Just, thinking” Jimin whispers back and looks down at his and Namjoon’s hand “thinking about what?” Namjoon wonders and Jimin bites his lip “a-bout what happened, today” Jimin mumbles and Namjoon hums.

It falls silent and Namjoon just keeps gently rubbing his thumb against Jimin’s hand before interlocking his fingers with him. Jimin looks at their hands, how small his was and how big Namjoon’s was. Jimin then sighs and Namjoon puts his arm around his waist “the, the guy, he said they were undercover police” Jimin then says and Namjoon furrows his brows, wondering why there would be a whole gang of undercover police attacking him when the police department was always scared of him and what he’s capable of. “What else did he say?” Namjoon wonders “he said that he was gonna take me, save me” Jimin says and Namjoon scoffs at that. “I wonder who made them do that” Namjoon says and Jimin agrees. Jimin then turns his body around and wraps his arms around Namjoon’s neck. Namjoon wraps his arms around Jimin’s little body and kisses the side of his head “I’m sorry” Jimin then mumbles “for what?” Namjoon asks and Jimin pulls away “for making this attack happen” Jimin says and Namjoon sighs “baby, it wasn’t your fault” Namjoon says and Jimin looks up at Namjoon with big doe eyes.

“B-But, they wanted to take me” Jimin says and Namjoon cups Jimin’s face “and? that’s because I took you” Namjoon says and Jimin leans in his hand a bit as he looked down “it’s not your fault, if there is anyone to blame it would be me” Namjoon says and Jimin looks back up at him “don’t feel guilty baby” Namjoon says and Jimin nods. Namjoon then pulls Jimin closer and kisses his lips. Jimin puts his hand over Namjoon’s on his cheek and kisses him back. They pull away and Namjoon puts his forehead against Jimin’s “I love you” he says and Jimin blushes “I love you too” he replies and Namjoon subtly smiles “let’s go back to bed alright?” He says and Jimin nods.

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