Mafia - Minjoon


[Next morning]

Namjoon wakes up to some crying that made him feel very emotional for some reason. Last nights events start playing in his head and he sighs as he remembers the look on Jimin’s face. Namjoon sits up and walks out of his room before making his way to Jimin’s. He wants to walk in and apologize, but then he realizes that he never apologizes, especially to his victims. And now that he thinks of it, Jimin shouldn’t be an exception for him to finally apologizing to someone. He sighs and walks away, making his way down to the kitchen and grabbing a apple. He starts eating it and then there is a knock at the door. Namjoon checks the time and it’s around 11:30am. So, it must be one of his members since usually people come visit after noon.

Namjoon puts his apple down and grabs a gun from a drawer just in case. He walks over to the door and opens it, only to see Yoongi with his arms crossed. He tries not to smile or show happiness or even excitement since he hasn’t seen him in a whole year. “What are you doing here hmm?” Namjoon asks “Where is he?” Yoongi asks pissed “who?” Namjoon asks “you know who, Jimin” Yoongi says and Namjoon hums. “Bold of you to assume I have him” Namjoon says and Yoongi grits his teeth “where is he!?” Yoongi yells out obviously angry and Namjoon sighs as he shakes his head “he’s locked up of course” Namjoon says “where?” Yoongi asks “I’m not telling you, he’s mine now” Namjoon says and Yoongi just gets even more angry.

“Then why did you kidnap him?” Yoongi asks “because he bumped into me at the club and I found him cute. So, I brought him home with me. Then, I found out he was your friend” Namjoon says and smirks to which Yoongi sighs “that was his first time at a damn club!” Yoongi says “that might be why it was so easy to kidnap him” Namjoon says. “Let him go” Yoongi says and Namjoon shakes his head “I told you, he’s mine now” Namjoon says and Yoongi starts freaking out “I’ll tell Hoseok about this and he’ll help me get Jimin out of here!” Yoongi says and Namjoon chuckles “oh dear, I’m so scared” he says in sarcasm.

“Yoongi, we both know I’m stronger than him and that it’ll just be useless” Namjoon says with a little laugh “plus, if Hoseok gets involved, Jimin will die” Namjoon adds and Yoongi’s eyes widened. “I swear if you kill him, I’ll kill you” Yoongi threatens as he starts walking away, not wanting to argue more. Namjoon sighs and looks at Yoongi “it was nice seeing you Yoongi” Namjoon says and Yoongi looks back at Namjoon who lightly smiled. Yoongi sighs and looks away “yeah whatever” he says and walks away. Namjoon closes the door and heads back to the kitchen. He grabs his apple and keeps eating it, somewhat glad that he saw Yoongi again.

As Yoongi walked out of the territory, he thinks back to all the fun times him and Namjoon had together. They were such good friends. But friendships have to end sometimes.

[Later on, in the day]

Jimin punches on the door, trying to break it open so that he could escape and leave before he actually gets killed. He was still shirtless with just his jeans on and one sock. He punches the door harder and harder, both of his hands hurting and his knuckles bruising along with splitting open. But he didn’t care, and he just kept punching the door, badly wanting to escape. However, as time passed by, his hands were numb and weak. So Jimin starts hitting his head against the door, which worked better. He felt the door dent more and more until it finally cracks open.

Jimin smiles with excitement and uses his hands to rip the door open into a bigger hole. Then when the hole was big enough, Jimin starts climbing through it. Once half his body was out, Jimin looks down both sides of the hallway and noticed that it was extremely quiet and empty, but that it was also evening, the sun setting. Jimin keeps going through the hole and once fully out he stands up and stretched his limb. However, he knew he had to be quick, so Jimin starts walking down the hall and then down the stairs. He carefully looks around to make sure no one was around, and he also tries his best to stay quiet.

When arrived at the front entrance Jimin slips on some shoes that were way too big for him and then opens the door. He immediately starts running out and tries to head to what looks like an exit to a gravel road. But then suddenly he gets tackled to the ground. Jimin screams out and looks up only to see one of the gang members. “Who are you huh?” he says with alcohol breath and Jimin pokes him in the eyes. The man groans out and Jimin slips out from under him but gets grabbed by Namjoon. “What do you think you’re doing?” He asks and Jimin looks up in shock “no! Let me go!” Jimin says in a panic but Namjoon picks him up and puts him over his shoulder. Jimin starts screaming at the top of his lungs and trying to escape Namjoon, making everyone around look.

He kicks his feet around, making the shoes he’s wearing fly off into the air. Jimin wiggles his body and it was actually hard for Namjoon to hold him still. So Namjoon rushes inside the house and tosses Jimin to the floor. He closes and locks the door behind him and Jimin quickly stands up before running to Namjoon and going to hit him. But Namjoon grab his wrist before he could and looks at Jimin’s bloody and purple knuckles. “What happened to your hands?” He asks and grabs the other hand before looking at Jimin. Jimin pouts and looks away “I punched the door open, so what!” Jimin says and Namjoon sighs.

“You can’t do that Jimin” Namjoon says sternly and Jimin pouts more “yes I can! I want to leave!!” Jimin yells out which just leads to Namjoon slapping him across the face “you don’t yell at me” he says pissed off and Jimin lets out a sob as he starts crying. “You’re so mean” Jimin says in tears and Namjoon sighs “let me take care of your hands” Namjoon says and Jimin pouts. Namjoon brings him over to the bathroom and sits Jimin down on the toilet. He takes out the first aid kit and starts cleaning Jimin’s knuckles. Jimin just looked away. Once Namjoon cleaned them, he adds some healing cream and wrapped them with a bandage.

Namjoon then gently caresses Jimin’s hands with his and brings them closer to his face only to kiss them. “I’ll protect you” he whispers and Jimin looks up at him with a bit of blush “from what?” Jimin whispers back confused “from the outside, I might be mean, but the boys outside are meaner” Namjoon says and Jimin bites his lip. “Don’t go running outside” Namjoon says and keeps kissing Jimin’s hands “I’ll let you be able to roam around the house, you won’t be locked up anymore” Namjoon says and Jimin looks at him shocked and surprised “really?” He asks and Namjoon nods “but if you try and escape, it won’t end well” Namjoon says and Jimin nods.

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