Mafia - Minjoon


[couple days later]

Namjoon walked through the territory holding a gun after hearing there was a spy that snuck in. He wasn’t too happy about it. Jimin was in the house looking outside as usual, a couple members around to protect him just in case something bad happens. He looks around and starts to wonder where he could be, until he hears shushing come from one of the campers. He stops and looks at the camper, realizing it was Jungkook’s camper. Confused on why Jungkook wouldn’t be out to help search for the spy, he goes up to the door and knocks on it “kid, why are you in here?” Namjoon asks “oh- I- boss!” Jungkook stutters as he ran to the door, opening it with a sheepish smile, blush on his cheeks, and what looked like hickeys on his neck. “What are you- whatever, get out here and help search for the spy” Namjoon demands and Jungkook gulps as he looks back into his camper and then back at Namjoon “s-spy? I never heard of a, um, spy” Jungkook says and Namjoon quirks his eyebrow before letting himself inside the camper “you’re horrible at lying” Namjoon says and Jungkook steps back scared.

Namjoon looks over at the bed and sees the supposed spy shirtless and covering himself with the blanket, only to recognize him as Jimin’s other friend, the one that was so annoying it made him smash his head. “What the fuck” Namjoon says and turns to Jungkook who looked away while biting his lip nervously. “Are you apart of a gang?” Namjoon then asks as he turns around and points his gun to Taehyung who panicked a bit “y-yeah, b-but not really” he says nervously and Namjoon grits his teeth “which one?” He asks and Taehyung looks at him terrified. “If I tell you you’ll kill me” Taehyung then says and Namjoon nods “yeah so? You’re the one who risked your life by coming here” Namjoon says and Taehyung gulps. “Please don’t kill him” Jungkook then says and Namjoon turns to him and goes to yell at him but then sees in his eyes filled sadness and fear. Usually that doesn’t bother him, but it did this time. He looks back at Taehyung and he looks back at him with a gulp. Maybe it’s because they’re Jimin’s friends?

Namjoon sighs and lowers his gun “which gang are you apart of?” He asks a bit more calmly “y-you won’t-” “just tell me!” Namjoon yells out impatiently and Taehyung flinches back “Hoseok’s gang” Taehyung then says and Namjoon grits his teeth “what the fuck, are you doing here then?” Namjoon asks pissed and Taehyung looks at Jungkook before looking back at Namjoon, blushing a bit.

“Me, and Jungkook, um, hooked up” He says and Namjoon sighs annoyed as he brings a hand to his forehead “is that the only reason why your dumbass is here?” Namjoon asks and Taehyung nods “yes” he mumbles and Namjoon looks back at Jungkook who looked away quickly. “You know not to bring anyone from another gang here” Namjoon says and Jungkook nods “I-I didn’t think we would get caught” Jungkook says “yeah, no shit” Namjoon says and shakes his head “next time, if you want to hook up with someone from another gang, go over to their place or cabin or whatever, not here” Namjoon explains and Jungkook nods.

“I’m sorry, it won’t happen again” Jungkook says and Namjoon nods “better not, I’ll find out if it does” Namjoon says and then turns to Taehyung “and you, get out of here before I change my mind on Killing you” Namjoon says and Taehyung nods quickly “yes sir” he says. Namjoon looks at both of them before walking out the camper. He felt annoyed. Namjoon walks back to the house and up to a member near Jimin’s window “tell everyone to not worry about the spy, it’s taken care of” he says and the never nods before jogging away to spread the news. Namjoon then walks up to Jimin who smiles. “Who was it?” Jimin asks and Namjoon kisses his forehead “no one dangerous” Namjoon says and Jimin nods. Namjoon didn’t want Jimin to know one of his friends were here, he didn’t want Taehyung to see Jimin either.

[1 week later]

Namjoon is just coming back from meetings and its midnight. He’s been gone all day. Many gangs are trying to form alliances or even want to fight with him, but Namjoon doesn’t want any of those so he has to make it clear. It’s very tiring, Namjoon is over it and all he wants to do is sleep with Jimin in his arms. After parking his car, Namjoon quickly gets out and runs into the house. He isn’t expecting Jimin to come running to him as it was midnight and he could be sleeping. He takes off his shoes and puts his things down before looking into the living room. He smiles as he sees Jimin sitting at his window, his head laying in his arms that rested on the window sill while he slept. Namjoon walks over to him and gently brushes hair out of Jimin’s face. Namjoon looks at Jimin for a bit as he was so pretty in the moonlight. Sleeping like a beautiful prince. But of course he can’t just stand there and stare are Jimin forever, so Namjoon gently and carefully picks Jimin’s little body up before making his way up to the bedroom. Jimin mumbles a couple words as that happened, griping onto Namjoon’s shirt and snuggling into him. It was so cute. In the bedroom Namjoon lays Jimin down on the bed and brings the blanket over him immediately. Jimin mumbles more words but then lets out an exhale as he fell back asleep. Namjoon chuckles and then gets out of his suit before slipping on some sweats and getting in bed.

He wraps his arms around Jimin and pulls him closer to which Jimin makes his way on top of Namjoon at, snuggling into his chest. Namjoon gently rubs his back and Jimin hums before mumbling again. Namjoon hums and Jimin lifts his head up “I missed you” he says and Namjoon runs a hand through Jimin’s hair as he laid his head back down “I missed you too my love” Namjoon says and Jimin smiles. Jimin falls back asleep and Namjoon closes his eyes. He felt so lucky to have Jimin in his life, to had spared his life and keep him alive. He doesn’t know what would have happened today if he didn’t have Jimin or if he died when Namjoon poisoned him, or beat him up.

Anyways, Namjoon falls asleep smiling because of the fact that he has such a special boy in his life.

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