Mafia - Minjoon


[next day, early morning]

It’s early morning, Jimin is sleeping on the couch with a fluffy blanket over him. Namjoon stood next to the couch and just looked at Jimin, wondering what got into him to become so soft and gentle last night. Maybe it’s because he’s Yoongi’s friend, and even though he hates Yoongi, he might still have a soft spot in his heart for him. Or it might just be that Jimin is special. Namjoon however denies that Jimin is any sort of special. He’s just another victim that’ll get fucked and then murdered. But something in him just keeps making him think about how cute and special Jimin is.

He looks at Jimin’s cute little face before walking closer to the couch. He had just woken up and so he was still in just some sweats and no shirt. Namjoon lifts the blanket and lays down on top of Jimin who let out a little exhale. It makes Namjoon smile and he wraps his arms around Jimin’s waist only to hug him closer. Jimin wakes up at that and looks down confused. Namjoon simply closes his eyes and takes a big breath in, slowly falling back asleep. Jimin a bit hesitantly wrapped his arms around Namjoon’s head and then started playing with his hair. Jimin didn’t know what he was doing or why he was doing it, but he was, and it was somewhat soothing.

He closes his eyes and soon enough both of them fall asleep.

[couple hours later]

Jimin wakes up to some gentle kissing on his chest. He opens his eyes and looks down only to see Namjoon placing butterfly kisses on him. He blushes and his heartbeat quickens which Namjoon felt, so he looks up. Namjoon looks in Jimin’s eyes and Jimin blushes a bit. Namjoon then starts kissing up Jimin’s chest while also lifting himself up. Then when he reaches Jimin’s neck he starts kissing more roughly. It shocks Jimin and he puts his hands on Namjoon’s chest unsure about the feeling. It felt good but was overwhelming to Jimin since he hasn’t had anyone do that do him before, and Namjoon was almost twice his size and hovering over him, so it was also scary.

Suddenly Namjoon starts nibbling at the skin and Jimin gasps before starting to freak out. He starts pushing on Namjoon’s shoulders to get him off but Namjoon continues until he knew that there was some sort of mark. However, Jimin starts really freaking out, tears in his eyes and he tries pushing Namjoon away harder and harder. Then when Namjoon finally pulls away, Jimin slaps him as hard as he could. Namjoon was in shock, he brings a hand up and holds his stinging cheek while slowly turning his head to look at Jimin. Jimin breathes heavily and looks back at him slightly scared but also sad.

Anger fills up in Namjoon and he wraps both his hands around Jimin’s neck before starting to strangle him. Jimin gasps out for air and screams out while clawing at Namjoon’s forearms. Namjoon presses onto Jimin’s neck with force, watching as his face turns red. Then Namjoon starts banging Jimin’s head against the couch arm rest as hard as he could until Jimin fell unconscious. Namjoon breathes heavily with anger and then lets go of Jimin’s throat. He looks at his little face, eyes still slightly open and his lips parted. Namjoon sighs and gets off of Jimin before walking away, leaving Jimin on the couch unconscious.

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