Mafia - Minjoon


[couple days later]

It’s a new day, Jimin is simply walking around the living room and supposed lobby in front of the entrance and next to the stairs. Namjoon hasn’t been treating him the nicest lately, and Jimin doesn’t really know what to do about it. If he tries to stand up for himself, Namjoon will just snap and hurt him. Just then Namjoon walks down the stairs in a suit and looking like if he’s going somewhere important. Jimin looks at him as he stood in the lobby and Namjoon looks back at him.

He doesn’t say anything and simply walks over to Jimin who didn’t know if he should run or stay still. Once close enough, Namjoon brings Jimin in a hug and starts petting his head. Of course, Jimin was confused and he a bit hesitantly hugged back “I’m leaving for a meeting, I left a chocolate bar in the kitchen for you” Namjoon whispers and Then grabs Jimin’s face only to kiss Jimin’s forehead. Namjoon leaves and Jimin looks at him even more confused. He was so confused on how he switches from abusive to caring so quickly. Jimin however walks over to the kitchen and as Namjoon said he left a chocolate bar for him.

It wasn’t big, nor was it small, it was just a perfect sized milk chocolate bar. Jimin picks it up and unwraps it before starting to eat it, not thinking much of it and just enjoying the chocolate. He hasn’t eaten anything since he arrived. Jimin finished the bar in no time but then starts to feel a bit iffy. He thinks it’s just because he hasn’t eaten anything else and chocolate isn’t as healthy. So, he just starts walking out of the kitchen. Once he steps in the lobby, Jimin gets a big wave a nausea. He was a bit shocked and stops walking to gather himself. Jimin starts to feel a burning sensation go from in his mouth and down to his stomach. He whimpers a bit as the burner gets more strong and painful.

But then, he falls. He tries to breathe but it felt as if his life was escaping his body as he laid on his side. He felt a cold wave rush through his body and his vision got blurry and dark. Jimin was confused and before he could think of what was happening, he lets out his last breath...

[Namjoon and Yoongi]

“Are you sure he’s ok?” Yoongi asks as him and Namjoon walks towards his house from after the meeting they had. The meeting was to let Jimin go and get back to his normal life. But Namjoon didn’t want that, and since he couldn’t bring himself to hurt Jimin with his own hands, he put some drugs in the chocolate he told Jimin he left in the kitchen. It has a 50/50 percent chance that either Jimin will die, or live. This was to hurt Yoongi, and to also prove how powerful he is. “Of course, he is” Namjoon lies and Yoongi nods. They head to the front door and Namjoon opens it, letting Yoongi walk in first. However, he immediately sees Jimin laying supposedly dead on the floor.

Yoongi gasps and rushes to him, gently picking him up and holding him close, his little body freezing. “I thought you said he was ok!!” Yoongi says and looks over at Namjoon that just closes the door. “There must’ve been something in that chocolate then” Namjoon says with a smile and Yoongi looks back down at Jimin only to feel himself start to tear up. He gently cups his cold little face and Namjoon can’t help but start laughing. “You’re such a psychopath” Yoongi says and lays Jimin back down before standing up “how could you poison such an innocent boy? He didn’t do anything wrong” Yoongi asks with tears in his eyes “look at how sad you are” Namjoon simply says and smiles to which Yoongi furrowed his brows at.

“It hurts to see someone go doesn’t it” Namjoon says and Yoongi’s eyes widened a bit “so sad” Namjoon says and shakes his head “is this because I left for Hoseok?” Yoongi asks and Namjoon nods “I was going to kill you, but I thought this was better” Namjoon says and Yoongi couldn’t believe it. “You’re the worst! I- I- can’t believe you did this” Yoongi says as he feels his whole life go down. His vision going blurry with tears and his heart beating in his ears as if it were breaking into millions of pieces. Yoongi looks back at Jimin and then looks at Namjoon who smiled evilly.

“You just left, after all we’ve been through, you just leave” Namjoon says and Yoongi doesn’t know what to do or say, it just felt so overwhelming. “Now, it’s your turn to feel sad and go in deep sorrow” Namjoon says and Yoongi walks up to him before going to punch Namjoon. However, Namjoon stops him and simply wraps his hand around his neck as hard as he could “I hope you regret doing what you did” Namjoon whispers in a distasteful tone and then tosses Yoongi aside. “Now leave” Namjoon says and Yoongi doesn’t even think twice before leaving, holding onto his throat in pain. And once he leave, Namjoon walks over to Jimin.

He picks him up and brings him downstairs only to wrap a metal collar around his neck that had a chain attached to it and the wall. Namjoon lays Jimin back down and bites his lip as he starts to feel regret.

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