Mafia - Minjoon


[next morning]

Jimin wakes up with a big headache. He sits up but immediately puke shoots out of him. Jimin leans over to the side and just puked over and over again. His eyes starts tearing up and it becomes difficult to breathe. But he just keeps on puking, stinking up the room and creating a disgusting puddle. Soon enough he stops and lays down on his back. He licks his lips and then noticed the chain on the wall that lead to him. He grabs the chain in front of him and then feels a tug on his neck, so Jimin touches his neck and feels the cold metal. Confused he looks around at his surroundings and realizes that he’s in some dusty room with brown boxes and broken walls. Jimin sits up and was confused because he thought he wasn’t gonna get locked up anymore. Of course, because of this he starts crying and feels betrayed in a way. Jimin cries and cries for at least an hour before he hears a door open and some footsteps going downstairs. He looks over and sees Namjoon walking over to him holding a glass of water.

He hands it to Jimin who weakly grabbed the cup. While Jimin slowly drank the water, Namjoon sits down next to him and starts gently running his hand through his hair. Namjoon admires Jimin’s pretty face and keeps gently petting him, making sure he was gentle. Once Jimin finishes drinking Namjoon scoots closer to him and wraps his arms around Jimin. Jimin let him do that and even though he was scared he makes his way onto Namjoon’s lap, he was warm unlike the cement floor. Namjoon holds him close and tight, slowly moving side to side. “Yoongi came by” Namjoon then whispers and Jimin looks up at him shocked “what?” Jimin says with wide eyes “he thinks you’re dead” Namjoon says and Jimin looks away from Namjoon as he starts to think. He remembers eating the chocolate and that’s the last thing he remembers.

“The, chocolate” Jimin whispers and Namjoon hums “poison” Namjoon says and Jimin looks back up at Namjoon with disbelief “why?” He asks while tears start to form in his eyes again “karma, Yoongi hurt me, so I hurt him” Namjoon simply says and Jimin starts crying. Namjoon gently rubs his back and Jimin didn’t know why he was letting such a psychopath caress him. But he also couldn’t believe that Yoongi thinks he’s dead, because then he’ll tell everyone the bad news and Jimin can’t even think of how heartbroken his friends and family will be. He starts crying hard and Namjoon just hugs him tighter while gently kissing the top of his head. “I know I said I wasn’t gonna lock you up no more, but since everyone thinks you’re dead, you’re staying down here now” Namjoon explains and Jimin lets out a broken sob “I can’t believe you’re capable of hurting so many people” Jimin says in a soft and weak voice.

“I don’t care about other people” Namjoon replies and Jimin looks up at him “then why are you hugging me? And why are you trying to soothe me?” Jimin asks with a sniffle and Namjoon just looks back at him with the scariest and most emotionless expression ever. He doesn’t answer of course, and he simply aggressively shoves Jimin off him. Jimin cries out with shock and Namjoon stands up only to kick Jimin in the stomach. Jimin cries out louder and curls up in a ball “I don’t care about you” He spits out distastefully and walks away. Jimin starts crying again and felt so confused and sad with everything that was happening.

[later that night]

Namjoon is laying in his bed thinking. Thinking about Jimin. Thinking about why he felt so bad for leaving him all alone. He never feels bad. Never. Especially for his victims. He’s a psychopath. He doesn’t feel empathy. Plus, Jimin would be dead by now, and not by poison. He would be dead by Namjoon’s hands. But Namjoon stopped himself from hurting Jimin and so he’s still alive. And even though he could have died from the chocolate, he didn’t, and for some reason, Namjoon was glad he didn’t.

Right now, it’s pretty late, around midnight. As Namjoon thought, he thinks back to how tiny and cute Jimin felt in his arms. He liked it. But he doesn’t want to like it. Why would he want to like it? Jimin shouldn’t be someone he wants to worry about. He doesn’t want to worry about him. He doesn’t want to think about him. However, his heart gets the best of him and he grabs a pillow and blanket before making his way to the basement. Once he arrives, he ignores the puke smell, and the lights were closed so it was dark. Namjoon still was able to find Jimin.

He places the pillow down and then lays down next to Jimin who was awake and terrified. Namjoon wraps his arms around Jimin and brings him closer, making sure his head was on the pillow. Then he brings the blanket over him and closes his eyes. Jimin’s eyes were wide open, his heart beating like a drum. Even though it felt a bit reassuring to have someone with him in the dark and cold basement, it was still scary since that someone was a total psychopath. He calms himself because Jimin knows he has to get used to Namjoon’s behaviours. So, he closes his eyes and tries to just appreciate that Namjoon was doing something caring again.

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