Mafia - Minjoon


[some hours later]

Namjoon slowly grinded down on Jimin while also kissing his neck. Jimin cried and tried to get him off as he doesn’t want any sort sexual interaction. Namjoon however just keeps getting hornier and hornier, not caring. “Stop! Please stop!” Jimin cries out and tried to peel Namjoon’s hands off him, but of course he was weak and couldn’t do anything. Jimin cries louder and louder as Namjoon’s hands go lower and lower. Jimin then elbows Namjoon in his side as hard as he could. Namjoon groans out in pain and then rolls onto his back. Jimin takes this chance and sits up only to hit Namjoon in his stomach without even thinking of the consequences.

Namjoon quickly recovers and props up on his knees while Jimin backed up against the wall with his knees up to his chest. Namjoon didn’t look so happy and kept a going closer to Jimin with a very angry expression on his face. Jimin brings his arms up to cover himself as he curled more into a ball with fear. Namjoon grabs Jimin’s arms and pulls on them, making Jimin fall forward with a cry. Namjoon then starts smashing Jimin’s hands into the cold cement floor. The dirty and ripped bandages around his knuckles start falling off and Jimin starts crying harder and almost screaming in pain.

Namjoon then turns Jimin onto his back and wraps his hand around Jimin’s throat only to starts chocking him. With his other hand he pinches Jimin’s nose. Jimin tries his best to breathe but only cries and struggling sounds come out of him. When he doesn’t pass out as quick as Namjoon wants, he brings Jimin’s head up and bangs it against the floor as hard as he could. Of course, this makes Jimin pass out and Namjoon lets go of him. He breathes heavily and then looks at Jimin’s weak and broken body. “That’s what you get” Namjoon mumbles and then stands up before walking over to the brown boxers in the back of the room. He pulls out a thick and wide leather string before walking back to Jimin.

Namjoon starts tying Jimin’s hands together because he doesn’t want Jimin to hit him again. He really doesn’t like that. He makes sure it’s tight around his wrists and then leaves.

[later on, in the day]

Jimin wakes up to an amazing and yummy smell. He opens his eyes as his head starts to pang with pain. He hums and blinks a couple times before looking at Namjoon that sat in front of him with a plate of food. The plates contains some meat, rice, and some cucumber slices. Jimin goes to reach out for the food since he’s extremely hungry, but the chain wasn’t long enough, and he falls right back down since his hands were tied. Jimin looks up with a pout and Namjoon hums “pathetic” he says and Jimin pouts more before trying his best to sit up. Once sat up he scoot back until he hits the wall and leans on the wall. He closes his eyes and Namjoon just gets closer to Jimin.

“Let me help you” Namjoon says and grabs the fork before picking up a piece of meat and bringing it closer to Jimin’s mouth. Jimin looks at it and then at Namjoon “it’s just...meat right?” Jimin asks as he doesn’t want to be poisoned again. “Just meat” Namjoon says and brings the fork closer. So Jimin a bit hesitantly opened his mouth and let Namjoon bring the piece in his mouth. Jimin takes the meat and starts eating. It was really delicious, but he didn’t want to show that. He simply keeps a straight face on and keeps eating.

“Do you like it? My friend made it for me, but I wanted to give it to you” Namjoon says and Jimin didn’t know what to say “i-it’s good, but why g-give it to me?” Jimin asks and now Namjoon didn’t know what to say “well, you haven’t eaten anything since you arrived other than the chocolate” Namjoon says and Jimin nods. Namjoon brings the fork back with some rice and Jimin lets Namjoon out it in his mouth now knowing that it was his supposed friend that made the meal. Namjoon keeps feeding Jimin the whole plate and once everything was done Namjoon brings the blanket and pillow over.

He puts the blanket over Jimin and gives him the pillow, but Jimin couldn’t grab it since his hands were broken, numb, and tied up. Jimin looks at Namjoon who looked back at him with an emotionless face like always. Jimin sighs and Namjoon pats his head. Then Namjoon grabs the plate and fork and leaves. Jimin tries making himself comfortable but only ended up crying because of how hurt he was. His hands were literally broken, his knuckles shattered.

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