Mafia - Minjoon


[week later, at night]

Namjoon lays in bed hugging a pillow, wishing someone were there with him so that he didn’t feel so lonely. That’s when he remembers he has Jimin in his basement, so he lets go of the pillows and gets out of bed. He grabs some keys and then makes his way downstairs and to the basement. He finds Jimin sleeping soundly and like a princess, so gently he unlocks the metal collar around his neck and puts it asides Jimin hums as he wakes up and Namjoon just picks him up before starting to walk up to his bedroom. Jimin falls back asleep in his arms since Namjoon was warm and he doesn’t really think about what could happen.

Once in his room Namjoon lays Jimin down and lays next to him. He brings Jimin’s little body in his arms before taking a deep breath in and closing his eyes.

[next morning]

Jimin wakes up to Namjoon placing little kisses on his bare chest. He goes to push Namjoon away but can’t as Namjoon are holding them down above his head. Plus, they are tied together and broken. Jimin whimpers and Namjoon brings his lips up to Jimin’s nipples and starts biting and sucking it. Jimin didn’t know what the strange feeling was, and he didn’t know if he liked it or not. Namjoon’s other hand brings his body closer and starts leaving kisses all over Jimin’s chest. Jimin can’t help but let out little quiet moans and whines, even though he didn’t want to.

Soon enough, Namjoon mounts on top of Jimin and starts leaving open mouthed kisses on his neck. Jimin breathes heavily and starts feeling hot and Namjoon pulls away from his neck only to look down at his face. Blush spread across his cheeks and his eyes big and innocent. “Are you scared?” Namjoon asks and Jimin nods. “Do it when I kiss your body?” Namjoon asks and Jimin bites his lip as he looks away “I-I don’t know” Jimin whispers and Namjoon chuckles.

Namjoon grabs Jimin’s chin and makes him look up at him before bringing his lips down to his. They barely kissed the first time Namjoon tried, but now Namjoon wants to makes sure Jimin feels good. He slowly starts moving his lips and Jimin a bit hesitantly moved his lips back. Namjoon’s hand let go of Jimin’s hands and went down to his waist. He grabs onto it tightly and Jimin whimpers in slight pain as he starts to feel uncomfortable.

Jimin didn’t know what to do, he’s too scared to say no and stop Namjoon as he doesn’t want to get hurt anymore. But he still wants everything to stop. Anyways, the kiss becomes more and more heated as time passes by. Namjoon gropes Jimin who moaned but didn’t like it and wanted to stop. Jimin tried to deal with it but it becomes hard to stay relaxed. However, the kiss then starts getting more aggressive and Jimin starts to hate it a lot more. He couldn’t breathe and he couldn’t keep up with Namjoon. Of course, he starts to panic and cry, trying to turn his head away so that it could stop, hoping that he won’t get hurt by Namjoon.

Namjoon didn’t notice and just grabbed Jimin’s jaw harshly before continuing to kiss him. That just leads to Jimin starting to cry more and start to move his body around to get Namjoon off. That’s when Namjoon notices and he stops. He looks down at Jimin and into his teary eyes, feeling a bit bad but also annoyed that Jimin wasn’t into having intercourse with him. “What’s wrong with you?” Namjoon says annoyed and Jimin just cries more “you never let me do anything!” Namjoon yells and Jimin closes his eyes as he turns his head to the side. Namjoon groans and gets off of Jimin then off the bed “you’re so useless!!” Namjoon yells as he gets angrier and then walks back to Jimin on the bed before grabbing his hands. He gets rid of the thick leather ribbon around his wrists and turns Jimin onto his stomach aggressively, making Jimin cry out.

He then starts whipping the leather on Jimin’s back, making Jimin cry out loud and almost scream. It hurt a lot. Jimin then tries to crawl away even with his broken hands, but Namjoon pulls him back and turns him back onto his back which made Jimin hiss since it was sore. Namjoon then wraps the ribbon around Jimin’s neck and starts choking Jimin with it, angry and just wanting to hurt Jimin. Jimin gasps out for air and tries to stop Namjoon, feeling so weak. That’s when Jimin lifts his foot up and kicks Namjoon in the stomach as hard as he could.

Namjoon stumbles back and lets go of Jimin while holding his stomach. Jimin then hops of the bed and brings his arms to his chest as he starts running away. He goes down the stairs and then hears Namjoon yell out loudly with immense anger. Jimin knows he’s in big, big trouble now and he’ll probably die. However, that doesn’t stop him from going to the door and attempting to opening it. As he tries to turn the handle, Namjoon comes running down the stairs with his hands in tight fists.

It just makes Jimin cry more and he tries to run away but Namjoon grabs him before he could. Jimin screams and cries out for help as Namjoon pinned him against the wall. He didn’t know what was gonna happen, and he was terrified. Just then Namjoon punches him in the face, Jimin goes silent with chock and lets out a sob as blood starts dripping out of his mouth. Namjoon punches Jimin again and this time in the stomach, making more blood spew out of his mouth. Namjoon lets go of Jimin who falls down onto his knees and then to his side, blood just running out of his mouth. Namjoon looks at him, his little body slowly going up at down as Jimin tried to breath and stay alive.

That’s when Namjoon realizes that he did this just because Jimin doesn’t want to be intimate with him. He realizes that Jimin is just a waste of his time. But he also realizes that Jimin is hurting him, for not wanting to be with him. He gets angry and hurts Jimin for not wanting to be intimate, because it hurts him that someone so sweet and gentle doesn’t want to be with him. Namjoon hates it. He hates it. A lot. So, he picks Jimin up, opens the door and tosses him outside. All his gang members look at him confused and one comes rushing to Jimin “don’t let anyone else touch him, and when he’s fully healed, bring him back to me” Namjoon says and the man nods.

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