1 year

The new guy

(Me) "I'm off to school!"

(Mom) "Have a safe trip! And don't forget your lunch!"

Hi i'm Kiyoko Mai, my friends call me Mai-chan. I'm second year of hihgschool and i have 2 friends. I'm not that good in making friends but i love my friends and don't want to change anything.

(Eliz) "Uhg i hate school i'm so tired i can't even keep my eyes open,"

(Ami) "ohh shut up i had to finish my homework at 2am."

(Me) That's your own fault ya'll be to lazy.


(Teacher) "Everybody sit down were having a new student today. Introduce yourself."

(boy) "Hello i am Bakugou Katsuki, and i'm 15 years old. Nice to meet you all." (He sounded like he was forced to say it.)

Wait what! Bakugou! Why does his name sound familair?

To be continued...

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