1 year

After class

(Teacher) "Ok class that was it for today, have a nice break."

Me and my friends have lunch were we normally have, on the roof.

(Me) "Sh*t guys i forgot my lunch. I'm gonna buy something in the canteen you want something?"
(Ami) "I want Milk bread."
(Eliz) "Iced coffee."

I rushed down the stairs to the canteen and almost fell down. When i was at the canteen i saw there was 1 milk bread left, as i reached for the bread i touched hands with someone.

(Me) "I'm sorry but can i have it?"
(Katsuki) "No i was first."
(Me) "You want to fight about it?"
(Katsuki) "Why do you need it anyways you already have a lot."
(Me) "it's not for me but my friend."
(Katsuki) "Ok and?"
(Me) "Ok rock paper scissor."

On the roof.

(Me) "Hey... uhm the milk bread was out of stock."
(Ami) "Ok why do you say it like it's you fault?"
(Me) "No nothing."
(Eliz) "Thanks for the coffee! I love you."

(Me) "I have class duty i see you guys tomorrow."
(Eliz) "Alright bye Mai."
(Ami) "Don't stay to long."

I was almost done cleaning the classroom and someone walked in.

(Katsuki) "Hey i was asked to help you."
(Me) "No need i'm almost done."
(Katuki) "Ok well i'm going then."
(Me) "tch."
(Katsuki) "What do you want?!"
(Me) "Nothing did i say something then?"
(Katsuki) "I'l wait until you need me."
(Me) "I don't need you."

As Katsuki proceed to wait for me he kept staring at me and it made me feel uncomfortable. I finished my duty as soon as possible so i could go home.

(Me) "I'm done, Im going home now bye."

I leaved the classroom before he could say something. He awkwardly walked behind me, i was trying to walk faster he began to walk faster to. We walked the same direction and i felt very uneasy. Suddenly he grasp my arm and pulled me towards him.

(Me) "What are you doing?"
(Katsuki) "You almost got hit by a car dumbass."
(Me) "Don't call me dumbass!"
(Katsuki) "I call you that because you are!"

As we continued to argue Ami popped up.

(Ami) "I forgot to give you your notebook."
(Me) "Oh that's right. You want to stay over i ask Eliz to."
(Ami) "Yeah ok. Why are you walking with the new kid?"
(Me) "We happen to walk the same direction."

Ami gave a quick death stare to Katsuki and proceed to talk with me as we walked to my house. Katsuki was a little surprised and continued walking behind us.

To be continued...

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