1 year


Ami and Eliz was over and we played video games the whole night and end up falling asleep on the floor in my room. I suddenly woke up from a nightmare. I haven't dreamed for a while now i wonder why i dreamed again. It's always the same dream about my lover leaving me. But every time i see his face i wonder if he is a real person. I walked downstairs and grab a class of water and saw that it was snowing outside, i went outside to a nearby park and saw someone standing looking up at the sky.

(Me) "Hello?"

The person didn't even look at me. I walked towards the person trying to see his face.

(Me) "What are you doing here?"

Still no reaction. I don't know why i wanted to talk to that person so badly, normal if i saw someone i would ignore them and proceed to do my own stuff but for some reason i wanted to know who he was. He turned around and suddenly everything got blurry and i passed out. The next morning i woke up in my room on the same place where i was, like nothing happend. Was that all a dream? I wonder, it felt so real.

(Mom) "Wake up! Come eat breakfast."

(Eliz) "Goodmorning."

(Ami) "Morning."

We walked down and ate breakfast.

(Ami) "Do you guys want to go on a trip?"

(Me) "Yes where are we going?"

(Eliz) "We can go to hot springs."

(Me) "Ok, pack your bags."

(Mom) "How long are you guys going? Do you want food on the way?"

(Me) "No were fine mom. We are just going for 1 night."

We were walking to the bus stop.

(Eliz) "The snow is so pretty."

(Ami) "Hey look there is yellow snow."

(Eliz) "Ew hahaha."

(Ami) "Mai-chan, are you ok?"

(Me) "Huh yeah why?"

(Ami) "You didn't laugh at my joke."

I Laughed super sarcastic and Ami punched me.

(Ami) "Stop you are annoying."

I giggled a little and we waited for the bus to come. I looked in the park on the place where i dreamed of last night. I still don't know why i dreamed of that i normally dream of my lover but this was different. It was a different person than normal in my dreams.

(Eliz) "Haa we are finally here. It feels so nice."

(Ami) "i know right. Ok lets hurry and go to the hotels first."

(Me) "Ami isn't that Ryu the boy you have a crush on?"

(Eliz) "Whoa that's right i wonder who he is with."

(Me) "Maybe his girlfriend hehe."

(Ami) "Stop you are so mean."

(Eliz) "Go talk to him!"

(Ami) "No you crazy!"

(Ryu) "Hey! What are you girls doing here?"

(Eliz) "Just enjoying some hot springs. You?"

(Ryu) "I'm here with the boys to enjoy some hot springs to."

The other 2 boys walks out of the bus. Wait isn't that the boy of my dreams!

To be continued...

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