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I started to freak out. Is he really the guy from my dream? But how it's only a dream. Am i supposed to fall in love with him? But won't he end up leaving me?

(Ami) "Mai-chan are you ok? It looks like you'r arguing with yourself."

(Me) "Yes i'm fine. Stop asking i'm not a baby anymore."

(Ami) "I'm just worried about you, don't act like a child."

(Eliz) "Why are you guys fighting, it's supposed to be a fun trip."

(Me) "I'm sorry."

We walked to the hotel and the boys were walking with us. I walked between Eliz and Katsuki to avoid the guy from my dream. Ami was talking to her crush and Eliz while i walking in silent next to Katsuki.

(Me) "Do you hate me?"

(Katsuki) "No why?"

(Me) "It's just you always act mean towards me."

(Sero) "Don't worry he is always like that, he just don't know how to talk too cute girls."

I laughed awkwardly and while Sero and Katsuki were arguing.

(Ami) "We are here! Mai-chan can you bring my stuff upstairs?"

(Me) "Yes."

(Ami) "Thank you honey."

I walked up the stairs with 2 bags and suddenly someone grabbed Ami's bag.

(Sero) "Let me help you sweetheart."

(Me) "Thank you."

He is so kind i even blushed. I know why my dream self fell for him. Katsuki rushed up and grabbed my hand.

(Katsuki) "Let me help you to."

(Me) "Uhm but i'm fine tho."

He grabbed my bag en walked in front of us. Sero started laughing and i looked very confused.

(Sero) "He is just jealous because i was helping a cute girl." He whispered.

I giggled with my hand covered my mouth. Once we reached our rooms they handed the bags over and waited for the others. Once the others arrived Ami told me to hurry up and change into nice clothes. I didn't know why because i thought we were going to the hot spring. When i was done changing Eliz putted make-up on me, i hated make-up but i letted it slide because i had no clue what was going on. Once we were done the boys were waiting for us outside.

(Me) "What is going on?" I whispered to Eliz.

(Eliz) "Ami has a date but she was to scared to go alone so we have to support her."

(Me) "Oh ok. but isn't it then just friends having dinner together?"

(Eliz) "Yes but your date is Bakugou. Bacause you guys know each other."

I didn't really like it but i didn't complain because Ami looked so happy about this. We ate delicious food and we did some fun things and it became dark we were chilling at the beach and I got hungry.

(Me) "I'm going to 7-eleven do you guys want something?"

(Ami) "Just some snacks."

(Sero) "Wait i'll go with you."

(Ami) "No let Bakugou go Eliz is your date."

(Sero) "Oh yes i'm very sorry."

Katsuki got up and we walked quietly to the store. I was kinda used to the awkward silent but i was trying to come up with a conversation.

(Katsuki) "Is it uncomfortable with me?"

(Me) "Yeah it is." I giggled

(Katsuki) "Wel i'm sorry about that!" He said mad.

(Me) "Don't get mad. I was just joking."

It remained silent for a few minutes.

(Katsuki) "Do you like Sero?"

(Me) "Yes why."

(Katsuki) "Ohw ok. No reason just wanted to know."

He looked kinda sad i kept looking down at his feets.

(Me) "Don't you like Sero then? He is your friend why don't you like him?"

(Katsuki) "I do like him but not in the way you like him."

(Me) "Oh you think i like him in that way. Nooo i like him because he is kind. Why do you think i like him in that way?"

(Katsuki) "Because you blush when he calls you cute."

(Me) "Hahaha i blush because i never get compliments and i don't know how to deal with it.

Bakugou was a little happy.

(Me) "No offense but why do you always look mad?"

(Katsuki) "Because i am."

(Me) "It looks intimidating."

(Katsuki) "Isn't that the hole reason of looking mad?"

(Me) "So you look mad because you want to look intimidating?"

(Katsuki) "Yes." He said with no emotion.

(Me) "You are so weird." I giggled a little.

Bakugou smiled a little without me noticing and we arrived at the store.

To be continued...

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