1 year


2 days later


(Teacher) " That was it for now have a nice break."

(Eliz) "You guys going to the canteen?"

(Ami) "Yes lets go."

(Me) "But i don't have money today."

(Eliz) "I can pa-."

(Sero) "I'll pay for you!"

(Me) "No need i have my lunch box."

(Sero) "Oh ok."

(Eliz) "Are you also going to this school? How come i never saw you around?"

(Sero) "I was transferred here last week."

(Ami) "Ah just like bakugou."

(Sero) "Yes we transferred together."

They continued talking as they walked to the canteen. I walked a little behind. Suddenly i felt someone grabbing my arm.

(Katsuki) "Here, milk bread and i bought you milk to."

(Me) "Why?"

(Katsuki) "I felt bad about that time i stole your milk bread."

(Me) "You didn't steal it silly, you won it. How did you know i liked milk?"

(Katsuki) "I didn't, but it may help you get taller."

(Me) "You know if you make a joke you are supposed to smile but you look like you are going to murder someone."

(Katsuki) "Shut up that was my first time!"

(Me) "You're really weird. Do you want to lunch with us?"

(Katsuki) "Yeah..."

We lunched together with the boys we basically became a whole group of friends.

A few hours later

(Me) "I'm home."

(Dad) "Welcome back."

(Me) "Wow dad you're back. Why didn't you tell me?"

(Dad) "I wanted to surprise you. What do you want for your birthday?"

That's right it is almost my birthday i'm turning 15 i almost forgot.

(Me) "I want strawberry shortcake from the old lady's shop.

(Dad) "That's it? Do you want more?"

(Me) "No that's it. Can i invite some people?"

(Mom) "Did she really ask if she could invite people?!"

(Dad) "I think so. Did you make new friends honey?"

(Me) "I guess, i don't know but i really like them."

(Mom) "How many friends are coming?"

(Me) "As always Ami and Eliz. And 3 boys."

(Dad) "BOYS!! No not allowed."

(Mom) "Let her be she's almost 15."

To be continued...

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