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Rising Moon


(What I think happens next)... after the misunderstanding the Cullen’s are back in town and are once again put in danger after Jacob turns out not to be the kind person that they thought. And they leave Forks to try and protect Renesmee from the wolf pack

Action / Drama
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Book one (Bella)

Chapter 1. Years later

It’s been over 16 whole years since the sudden birth of Renesmee and the fight with the Volturi. And after many years away from Forks we all decided to now return home.

We were going back to the one place where it had all begun all those years ago.

Where mine and Edward’s love story begun. And it was the one place where Edward and I would continue to raise our daughter.

Charlie had just gotten remarried to Sue Clearwater after just 6 months of dating and had moved in together just last year.

Jacob on the other hand? well he practically searched each and every state trying to find us.

And Renesmee had just turned 9 which now meant that she was now 10 in both human/ vampire laws

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