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Rising Moon

Rising Moon

“Hey thanks Seth for bringing her home safely” I said as quietly as I could.

“It’s no Problem really Bella Jake usually would but he’s not feeling well” Seth said quietly as he handed me my sleeping daughter

“Well tell him I said get better soon” I said as I smiled down at my daughter.

“I will thanks Bella” Seth shouted playfully running back towards his car.

I quietly shut the door behind me and made my way back towards the sports room

It was a sports day in the Cullen household Charlie and the Cullen’s were flocked around the television. And Edward was out in Seattle running a few errands for me and Renesmee.

Charlie and Edward had seemed to be getting along ever since Edward had brought him the chair that he had wanted for the game.

And especially because Edward was the father of my child and his granddaughter. And Charlie finally forgave him after what had happened last September after the Cullen’s left.

Charlie now considered Edward as family and I knew that meant the world to my husband.

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