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Stuck- Up /Taegguk/


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Flashback to 4 years ago

No one's POV

The sun was dazzling and shining, showering its brilliant rays upon the whole kingdom. Birds were singing their melodius tunes and trees swayed lightly in the breeze.

Anyone would be happy and smiling at the perfect weather. Everyone except Jeon Jeongguk, the heir to the throne. He was cold and vigilant. Stoic and stiff. Arrogant and rude. He was just all out stuck- up.

He was a handsome young boy with dark, sharp eyes and a button nose. Short, blonde hair and pink lips accentuated his features. A soft jawline and bunny teeth poking out of his thin lips. He hadn't hit puberty yet but he was still handsome and good looking.

No one wanted to be friends with him or hang out but it's not like he wanted to be friends with anyone either.

He was only open to his parents and brother. His family tried to change his ways and make him more lively and fun loving yet he just stayed the same.

He and his family were journeying to a neighboring kingdom for a treaty. The King of Daegu was known to be fun loving and kind but his son was much like Jeongguk if not worse.

The carriage jumped and leaned on the gravely road, hitting rocks and potholes. Jeongguk just grumbled under his breath as his family talked animatedly to each other about meaningless topics.

He didn't want to go to another kingdom and he definitely didn't want to socialize with others.

He was an introvert as you could say. He wasn't really shy, he just never found pleasure in talking with strangers or shouting or laughing in public. Only his family could bring out such behavior in him but only behind closed doors where servants or maids couldn't hear him.

The weather was slightly cold but still beautiful. Mountains filled Jeongguk's vision. The landscape was gorgeous and it left a faint smile on Jeongguk's lips.

He would love to paint this scenery. Fill his blank and empty canvases with shades of Auburn and forest green. Sky blues and dandelion yellows. Paint birds and trees. A field full of flowers. Or a forest full of wolves, like in the olden days.

A long time ago, the werewolf population wasn't as civilized or domestic as one would think. They lived in their wolf forms most of the time and scavenged for food. They lived in caves or the ones that liked to stay in their human form would make tents or huts out of branches, leaves, and animal skin. They lived in packs and clans. There were bad leaders who let their pack do anything they wanted and there were great leaders who kept organization and trust.

One day, one of the leaders thought to join human civilization. Not exactly with humans but their technology. The leader decided it would be best this way. Though a war broke out fue to this idea. Some of the leaders wanted to keep and gain power and would do anything to get it.

Fortunately, those leaders lost the war and all the clans chose a former pack leader as their king. The clans didn't want to live without rule as they lived with it for so long. So the kindest and bravest pack leader was chosen as their king and a kingdom was then built. Eventually, other wolves from different places started doing the same thing until domesticated werewolf civilization could be found everywhere. Of course, the humans didn't have any problems with it. In fact, they were happy that they could live along other wolves and learn about their culture and lifestyle.

Jeongguk breaks out of his daze of thinking about his kind's history when the carriage abruptly stops.

He hears the town crier there as well, signaling Jeongguk's family's presence.

Golden horns blew in a sharp tune. Claps and smiles greeted the royal family of Busan. Servants, maids, butlers, and cooks were lined up and bowing before the royals.

The royal family of Daegu stood in front of them with happy smiles and enthusiastic eyes. As soon as King Namjoon and Seokjin stepped out, the King and Queen of Daegu pulled them into tight hugs. After they pulled away, the royals pinched Jimin's soft, chubby cheek causing him to whine and pout.

They tried to go after Jeongguk but he stopped them in their tracks with a cold glare. King Namjoon laughed nervously at the scene.

An awkward silence filled the air.

Awkward and nervous smiles were passed to eachother before the King of Daegu decided to speak up.

"Come on in! We have lunch ready for you and your rooms made for you to rest after your long journey." The King smiles.

The royal family of Busan nod with three of them smiling.

Jeongguk enters the luxurious castle, unbeknownst of how his life will change with a single boxy smile.

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