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Romanized Lyrics for BTS's song Louder than Bombs from Map of The Soul 7

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Romanized Lyrics for Louder than Bombs

Ijen neomu seonmyeonghaejyeosseo
Jeo hwanho sogui natseon geurimja
Ama dasin mideul su eopseul
Joeun geonman bogo deutjan mal

Goyohan neoui seulpeumi
Nareul heundeureo
Joyonghan naui badae
Padoga ilgon hae

Louder than bombs I break
Ssodajineun apeumdeul
Nega jieotdeon geu pyojeongi
Geu pyojeongi aniran geol an geuttaebuteo
Louder than bombs I break

Baby I'm nothin'er than nothin'
Lighter than the light
Don't you want a thing from me
But you say I'm somethin'er than somethin'
Lighter than the light
Don't you give up your life
Here I stay, pray
Just for better days
Everyday's a maze
Wonder if this is my place

Where's my way?
Gyesok heundeullineun ground
Hollo muneojineun jung mute
Louder than bombs yeah
I want to tell you eodumeun mallya
Eodirado itdan geol duryeowo mara
Eotteon bami nal samkyeodo nan pogihajin ana
Neol wihan fight, we'll shine

Neowa nan da hamkke neukkyeo
Seulpeumgwa gotong
Uyeonhan ge jeoldae anya
Yeah we picked this game

Louder than bombs I say
Sesang ape malhalge
Neoreul oemyeonhaetdeon sigan
Jakku domangchyeotdeon nanal ije deoneun eopseo
Louder than bombs I say

Saramdeureun mwo uriga bureopdae
Naega gajin pain wiseonirago hae
No matter what I do ttongbate gureune
Uriga animyeon geurae
Nuga hal geonde?
Saramdeureun mwo uriga bureopdae
Naega gajin pain wiseonirago hae
No matter what I do ttongbate gureune
Uriga animyeon geurae
Nuga hal geonde?

Louder than bombs I sing
Neowa naege yaksokae
Eotteon padoga deopchyeodo
Urin kkeuteopsi neol hyanghae noraehal georago
Louder than bombs I sing
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